American Chopper: Cancelled TV Series Resurrected for Season Seven

American ChopperEarlier this year, the TLC series American Chopper was cancelled after six seasons on the air. The series reportedly came to an end as a result of tensions between Paul Teutul Sr. and his son, Paul Jr. The series finale aired on February 11th.

But now, there’s word that the show is coming back for a seventh season, with both father and son on-board. Junior has apparently opened a new shop of his own that’s near the original.

He hasn’t spoken to his father in over a year and told the NY Post, “I’m always hopeful for a reconciliation, but sometimes these things happen for a reason… Even though you never want dissension in any family, especially with your father, this has allowed me to break out and do things on my own.”

Paul Sr. wasn’t quite as philosophical and said, “Junior seems to say all the time he’d like to reconcile, but the thing of it is, he’s never come to me with that… I’m happy he’s making an attempt to go out on his own, but I don’t feel he’s ever really followed through with anything in his life. But this way, if he fails, he can’t say, ‘My dad made me fail.'”

The plan is to film both of the Teutul shops and include footage from both in each episode. Filming will begin next week and the new season is expected to debut in August.

What do you think? Are you happy to hear that American Chopper is coming back?

UPDATE: It was later revealed that the Teutuls were actually returning in a spin-off, American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Rick says

    I loved the show UNTILL the 2 started there argueing and seperated…..I had a trucking company and had all 4 of my boys and my daughter working working for me….started the company with 1 truck..a 1 ton truck…I worked hard to get it big enough to not have to work as hard…we were doing good untill i let 1 of the boys take part ownership and we didn’t see eye to eye in how things should go…..1 thing led to another and we parted about the same way with a law suit….but I decided I do not want to sue my son and see him fall…as a father it is my responsabilaty to help him succeed…so I dropped it all and let him have it…all the capital monies and customers….NO the company didn’t make it and he closed it up but I can look at myself and know without a dought that it was not my fault he did not succeed ….If it would have succeeded that would have been great…. LIKE I SAID PAUL AS A FATHER ITS YOUR RESPONSABILITY TO HELP YOUR SON NOT SUE HIM……I am on Pauls side. He started the business and showed his son how to build bikes BUT I draw the line when it comes to LAW SUITS against a son or daughter…..EAT SOME CROW PAUL AND YOU TWO WORK IT OUT BEFORE YOU RUIN A GOOD BUSINESS AND A GOOD SHOW……….

  2. says

    Surely you won’t cancel this show while there is still so much interest. The building contest with those two big egos – Sr. and Jessie – has given the program new life. Paul, Jr. is a wonderful bike builder.

  3. floyd randolph says

    I glad the show is coming back. But raised during the Sr era I side with him on Jr’s habits . But honestly in the real real world Jr would had been knocked on his ass with that talking back and coming to work when wanted. He was a dam good fabricator but still no respect for his his father regardless of his faults. His dam made him. Him beeing a drug user, brother a drinker all like there father but no respect . That was my really big big beef.

  4. Jim says

    Paul Sr has an Ego problem and it seems to be all about me, has no respect for others who made him millionaire. There’s a father who wants to give his family nothing but grief no praise

  5. Jim Carter says

    I am happy that the show is continuing. Paul jr is almost a perfect reflection os Sr. It would be interesting to have a good psychiatrist comment on the interplay between the two!

  6. Les Keefer says

    I enjoyed american chopper, but paul sr needs to talk to me about when i was a very, very angry father and how i got past it. I love all the guys at OCC and respect and admire what they do.
    I have been riding bikes since 1969 and plan to do so forever, God willing.
    I hope you both get back together and enjoy how it could be.
    Good luck with the new season my wife and I will be watching. Keefer

  7. Diane Harmon says

    Yes, We Definitely Want American Chopper to Stay on the Air. We All Want for TV to Stay in touch with the Teutul Family, to See How They ALL Are Doing!! Also the Fact that Paul Sr., & Paul Jr., need to Somehow come Together on some kind of Agreement. In Other Words, Somehow between Pau Sr., & Paul Jr., They just NEED to Agree to Disagree, & Keep on moving Forward. But in this process, TV Needs to keep up with them, so WE ALL will always know what is going on with what is going on, with the Matter AT Hand!! A bunch of Us ALL, would Always want to know how things are always going with The Teutul Family of American Chopper!! So, YES, American Chopper, Should Always Stay on the Air, because We ALL Like the Bikes That they Build. ALL of their Bikes that they build are So ECSTATIC. WE ALL LOVE ALL of These Bikes That They Build!! These Bikes Are just So Fantastically Wonderful & Beautiful!! So, American Chopper, PLEASE STAY ON THE AIR!! WE ALL LOVE YOU ALL!! PLEASE KEEP BUILDING YOUR FANTISTIC BIKES, & SHOWING US ALL HOW YOU BUILD THEM!!WE LOVE YOU AMERICAN CHOPPER!! PLEASE STAY ON THE AIR!! Sincerely Yours, Diane Harmon of Burleson, Texas.

  8. says

    I think paul sr should give jr his fair share and go on and keep making millions on both sides. They are on some little ***** ****. paul sr started the biz but they got big together. Sr paul needs to put his big giant ego to the side,drop the lawsuit,give jr his share and be proud of his son for doing something possitive by starting his own **** instead of trying to **** him over. Dude! thats your son. You have a great life and you should be able to share that with the ones you love. Your not getting any younger homes.

  9. nancy says

    I enjoy it because it shows even through conflict you can still do what you lve. one day maybe they will be together as a family, but until then i enjoy the show and the great bikes they create

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