America’s Court with Judge Ross: Renewed through 2016

americas court with judge rossIt’s another two season renewal for America’s Court with Judge Ross. The syndicated court show was renewed for two years back in 2012 and has now been renewed through its sixth year, the 2015-2016 season.

In a statement, Byron Allen (the founder, chairman and CEO of Entertainment Studios) said, “With the increasing success of our television court shows Justice for All with Cristina Perez featuring three-time Emmy-winner Cristina Perez, this season’s new series Supreme Justice with Judge Karen and next season’s Justice with Judge Mablean launching in fall 2014, we are incredibly proud to have our Emmy-nominated series America’s Court with Judge Ross enter its fifth and sixth seasons with 85% national clearance on this many prestigious station groups.”

What do you think? Do you like America’s Court? How does it compare to the other court shows?

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  1. says

    Love judge Ross……but stopped watching because it is way obvious they have ACTORS as litigates!!!! Corny show! Judge Ross deserves way better!! Give him a Ligit show!

  2. Maureen Ramsey says

    The decision on the go fund me case with the child with cancer was so right. That money belonged to the child. The defendant had no legal, moral or ethical right to give the money to anyone except the child via parent/guardian for his care. In any case, he did not sound at all credible anyway.

    It is disconcerting that the defendant did not get that he spent someone else’s money + took money under false pretenses = embezzlement & fraud. Charges should be made to put a stop to him before he does it again.

  3. Anonymous says

    I love Judge Ross. He is very knowledgeable about the law. He takes time to explain his decisions based on the law in the states where the complaintants are from. Unlike Judge Judy, he gives each side time to speak and explain their cases. Also, his cases are different and very interesting. Again unlike Judge Judy who does a lot of Landlord, tenant cases and dog cases. She is not good and she disrespects the complaintants by yelling at them and treating them like they are not intelligent. She is a Bully!

    • Anonymous says

      The problem is the litigates are actors! Fake fake! Judge ross deserves a ligitamate show!! I like HIM but the show is way fake.

  4. Arnold snailsburger says

    I love phineas and ferb it’s awesome my dad loves it too. If they canslede it that would suck. Please don’t cansle it.

  5. angel says

    Fair judge. Although some may not agree with his opinion’s; his rulings are law based with a touch of morality.

  6. says

    Judge Ross shame on you for the airing on 10/16/2014. When the yoga instructor was in appropriately touching those girls he refused to take lie detector but she did why would she put herself through that they came forward and that’s hard people like you are why we remain silent shame on you for not even speaking to the yoga instructor about his practices and not even telling the girls that they were brave for speaking up I hope your daughters were not watching I know some of these are actors but you could of used this format to let women need not be silent and that it’s not ok for any person to touch you in certain places and that a lot of men in a so called profession do this just to be close to females to exploit them why did you not say this was not right I was disgusted you just pushed a lot of women backwards once again they were made the victim for speaking up

  7. Linda Williams says

    I think Judge Ross is very fair. Sometimes his ruling’s surprise me, but even though I might sympathize with one of the people involved, I know he is following the law. I hope to see him on television again soon. I’m in the Los Angeles area.

    I’m so disappointed the channel 9 schedule does not include his show.

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