America’s Funniest Home Videos: 25th Season Renewal, Last for Tom Bergeron

americas funniest home videos renewedABC has renewed America’s Funniest Home Videos for the 2014-15 season. It will be the venerable show’s 25th season and it will also be Tom Bergeron’s final season.

Bergeron announced his departure in March, noting that he’s been doing the job a long time and he just feels that 15 years on the show is time to step down.

He’s assured viewers that his departure isn’t part of any backstage drama and also says that he and producers have been discussing the possibility of him hosting a “live” spin-off of the show on ABC.

This could also end up being the last season for AFV. Though the series is very cheap to produce, the ratings have come down quite a bit over the years.

What do you think? Do you still enjoy this show? Will you miss Bergeron? Should he be replaced or or should the show be cancelled when he leaves?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Joseph says

    25 years is a wonderful milestone.
    The show is funny and it is good CLEAN comedy. With most of the shows today showing sex, violence and immorality, the show is a clean fresh part of television. It is probably one of the last shows that a family can sit down together and watch.

    The moral fabric of our country is in BAD shape. No religion or Church for a lot of people, couples living together, divorce is running wild and everything being SEX, SEX, SEX. Family life is just about gone. They do not eat together and talk and family members always running off in different directions.

    KEEP AFV because it is clean, funny and family orientated .

  2. says

    Tom is a huge part of the show and it being so funny! I will really miss him–it won’t be the same. It’s a fun show that is good for a real giggle when you need it. Please answer this: will Tom’s season finale last show be broadcast at any other times than May 17 at 6pm Central time?

  3. Lance says

    I still like to watch the show on occasion but it’s FAR too kid-oriented nowadays. I get that they’re Disney owned and all of that but the show is called America’s FUNNIEST Videos and 95% of the time the kid videos are just cute; NOT funny! Like a few weeks ago when they had the little girl crying about her baby brother walking for the first time…That was stupid (not to mention, likely staged). Scare pranks, people falling off trampolines, most all animal videos, people breaking things in rage, etc. are FUNNY. If AFV stops pandering to cute kids and has a better variety of Top 3 nominees, that will get my viewership back.

  4. Vickey DeHek says

    I can’t believe that one of the funniest, clean and genuinely modest men will be leaving not just AFV, but also DWTS. It’s very difficult to find anything on TV these days that is of good rapor. Now we have to say goodbye to Tom Bergeron the last of a dying breed. Thank you sir for all your wonderful years of service.

  5. says

    America’s Funniest Home Videos is one of the best and most refreshing shows on TV! It lifts the spirits of everyone who watches it, and there is far too little pure, unstaged comedy on the air. I ADORE Tom Bergeron. He is a true spontaneous comedian, and would be VERY difficult, if not impossible, to replace. I will miss him immensely!
    Carolyn Long

  6. Mr. Franklin T. McNally says

    I, Mr. Franklin Thomas Jeffrey Michael McNally, believe that Tom should be replaced. I could see Carrie Ann Inaba replace him. I’d also like to see either Dylan Lane or Bill Engvall replace Pat Sajak as the new host of Wheel of Fortune, eventually.

  7. Shannon m says

    Cheap insults about the layout and insulting the 90s is rude. I enjoyed watching AFV . I watched bob sagat when he was on there. I hope that abc finds a good replacement for Tom Bergeron

  8. Angel says

    Bye tom! The show is terrible now. The new people are creepy, rude, and not funny at all. The layout of the show is gross and looks like the 90s threw up all over it.. either get rid of these people and change the layout or stop the show. Your ruining it

  9. Rhonda Coleman says

    Show is definately not the same without Tom. I have watched him for years and he is funnier than some of the videos! He just has a knack for this program, the other hosts that were prior to Tom we’re boring. Show should just end with Tom, at least it will for me. I wish him well.

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