Angel: Joss Whedon Thinks Angel Would Kick Edward Cullen’s Butt

Edward Cullen and AngelRomantic vampires are all the rage once again, what with HBO’s popular True Blood series and fans anxiously awaiting the release of the next Twilight movie. So, what does Joss Whedon, creator of Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, think about this renewed interest in the genre?

In talking to MTV, Whedon recalled back to 1997 when he was originally conceiving the now-legendary romance between brooding vampire Angel (David Boreanaz) and beautiful slayer Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar).

He said, “I thought a vampire romance with a slayer… people are going to laugh me out of the room. They’ll never go for it. Clearly I was wrong. There’s something really timeless about it. I saw Twilight… there’s something primal about that story. You can’t get away from it and it just works like gangbusters.”

But make no mistake about it, Whedon still backs his guy. Who does he think would win in a battle of Angel and Twilight’s Edward Cullen?

Whedon says, “I think Robert Pattinson is really cool. Angel would kick the s**t out of him. He’s Angelus. There’s no Edward ‘Cullunus.’ He just gets shiny in the sun. Boreanaz would have him down in a heartbeat. No offense, cause [Pattinson ‘s] hot.

What do you think? Would Angel win or would Edward surprise?

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  1. My thoughts says

    I’m gonna have to disagree and say that Edward would win. Angel would put up a decent fight, but he wouldn’t stand a chance. Why?

    In the Twilight series, vampires have literally no vulnerabilities. They can go out in the sun and all they do is sparkle. A stake won’t kill them. Crosses and holy water and garlic do nothing. They are impossibly strong and can move faster than the human eye can track. The only way to kill a vampire is to dismember their limbs and burn them before they can piece themselves back together. Their skin has the strength of diamonds and nothing can puncture it. Also, Edward can read minds.

    Vampires in the Buffy series are stronger and faster than humans, but not to the extent in Twilight. Sunlight sets them on fire. Crosses and holy water burn their skin painfully. They can be beheaded. A stake through the heart can kill them instantly, and it doesn’t take much force at all. Even Willow, who didn’t have a lot of arm strength at all, managed to stake a few vampires. Even weapons that aren’t supposed to kill vampires, like metal knives and bullets, are very painful to them even though they are nonlethal.

    The fact that Twilight vampires are pretty much invulnerable contribute to the fact that it’s a **** series though. I mean Angel was super strong but when his life was in danger, when he and Buffy were outmatched, when he went to hell and back, and recovering, it made the show interesting. He’s lived with the danger of the natural vulnerabilities of a vampire and it’s made him the awesome character that he is. When he was a being badass it actually meant something.

    Now, if all the Cullens were up against the entire Buffy gang, they’d make sure Edward and the Cullens died, if they were trying to kill Angel. The gang would be horribly outmatched by the Cullens and all of them would almost die, but they’d somehow win by coming up with some crazy plan that involved massive amounts of TNT and a rocket launcher. That should kill him. And if that’s not enough, Willow could always try magic.

    God, Buffy is such an awesome show.

  2. indranee says

    I love Angelus as well as Angel but I think he has way too many weak points when it comes to an actual battle with Edward. Basically, all Eddie would have to do is get Angelus in direct sunlight, and that would be the end of him! haha. As for the actors, I like both Boreanaz and Pattinson. Boreanaz’ best turn was in BtVS Season 2. Nothing he has done since matches that, whereas Pattinson is just starting out. I am looking forward to his post-Twilight work because I think he’s mainly a dramatic actor, not superhero material. I’d love to see what he does with Water For Elephants and the new Cronenberg movie.

  3. So... says

    I’m thinking that the person calling people out for sounding stupid is quite in danger of that themselves. I read Twilight, and I watched Buffy and Angel. And I think the point here is that as people (we’re talking pure character here), Angel would take Edward down.

    Don’t get me wrong, if we were pitting them against each other as they are as vampires, Angel’s gonna have a tough time against Meyer’s indestructible-unless-chopped-to-bits-and-bonfired type. But that would be a comparison only idiots would dwell on, and clearly not the point. If they were playing by the same rules, Angel’s got more heart (and soul) than the Cullens put together. I’d put my money on the cursed redemption seeker who fights to save everyone over the one who merely…exists without killing? Sprinkled with protecting his love? And well, Angelus. Even when his team knew he was playing master manipulator, he still got it done, so somehow I don’t think it makes a difference that Edward could read his twisted mind.

    Twilight never truly tackles the idea of good and evil, and so Buffyverse steamrollers it. You can bet if Edward’s insane protectiveness of Bella caused innocent people to get hurt, Angel would end him. And let’s face it: unless Angel threatened Bella, Edward wouldn’t even throw down.

  4. Girl Person says

    Edward Cullen did not shove a jerk out of his office window in the first episode of his own TV show.

    Edward Cullen didn’t mercilessly terrorize a good chunk of Europe with his lover.

    Edward Cullen tried to kill himself after his lover “died.” Even though he left her. At least Angel honored Buffy and moved on with his life.

    I think it’s pretty clear who wins here, you guys.

  5. Does this Need saying? says

    I’m sorry, but Angel would beat Edward’s sorry behind in the blink of the eye… unless he was in a bad mood, in which he’s toy with him. Oz vs Jacob (as much as I love Oz!) might be a different story, but there is no comparison between Angel and Edward. Or at least the little comparison there is is laughable. Like most of the others said, this needs to be a movie.

    • Reilly says

      You are correct when you say “there is no comparison between Angel and Edward.”

      Edward would absolutely curb stomp Angel and here’s why

      1. Near invulnerability. His marble hard skin would be able to withstand more damage than Angel’s

      2. Super speed…Edward is stated as being able to move so fast he can temporarily disappear from sight.

      3. Incredible strength…again he is cited as being able to throw a car like a basketball

      4. Telepathy…being able to see beforehand what Angel is planning to do and then avoid it.

      I agree that Angel is a more interesting character but popularity shouldn’t enter into this equation.


    sorry guys..but Edward or any of the Twilight vamps would kick Angel/spike/buffys but like no other.i am a HUGE fan of both series and Twilight is NOTHING like buffy, no gross wrinklies, no ‘savior slayer” vamps arent demons from hell, their another species. She didnt even copy the blood drinking, the cullens are “vegetarians” and only drink animal blood.

    If you had read the book you would know that Angel/spike/buffy couldnt even make a mark on a cullen vamp, the only thing that can injure a vamp is another vamp, a werewolf, or a shapeshifter. the sparkling actually has a reason behind it, it is the source of the MYTH of the vamps and the sun. Cullen vamps are much more superpowered than the buffy vamps, faster, stronger, more beautiful, harder to kill, venemous, can put themselves back together, only death by fire, superpowers (uummm if Edward knew exactly were angel was gunna be next, then please explain to me how angel is even gunna touch him?you speak out of blind love i guess, but maybe you should check to see if a single thing you said is valid, and avoid sounding stupid.

    • BuffyBot2000 says

      wooooow, u r obviously a Twilight fan….cuz there is nooooo way a sparkling fairy from the woods could even TOUCH Angelus. hahahaahahaa Edward the sissy is more like it. if they did do a movie with Edward fighting Angelus/Angel, Angel would so totally win cuuuuuz he’s stronger, faster, smarter, (sexier than him even when Boreanaz is 41) funnier and could easily rip Edward in half and light him on fire xD soooo sucks to be Edward Cullen!!! haha!!

  7. zoe says

    Angel would beat Edward up! Angel is hot, sexy, and STRONG! He went to hell and back in Becoming Part 2, so just how tough can a vampire be? That’s right. That’s as tough as they can get.
    Angel would win hands down. He’d bash Edward off a cliff…
    Ha ha ha!
    Still, Edward SPARKLES in the sun. How stupid! Stephanie Meyer plays dirty pool. She copies of everyone else so she can sell her retarded books. A SPARKLING vampire?
    No. Stephanie Meyer just copies off everyone else makes millions. She’s a copycat and should have gone to jail at the time that the Twilight saga was published.
    Anyway, back to the topic. Angel’s got superhuman strength and speed. He’s got a kind heart due to his soul, but you do NOT want to get him angry. or ANGELUS. Eddy would die once he met Angel in a fight. It would be his journey’s end
    Angel’s my sexy baby…

  8. dandy says

    they should start it back up with a movie because it would become popular again because of twilight and the new love of vampires.

  9. dandy says

    i think they should make a movie with angel, buffy, spike and all their friends and make it the final one. i love twilight but i think angel would kick edwards butt!

  10. Knightie says

    Well duh Angel could be Edward! (and it goes without saying Spike could being him too… since my money say’s with the right motivation, Spike could beat Angel.) Heck… piss me off and I think *I* could take Edward.

  11. Victoria D says

    Angel is amazing, a hot and sexy vampire, he is so lovely and beautiful. I think Buffy and Angel are the most perfect Joss Whedon’s criation! Besides, in my opinion they have the most perfect love immortal together in the TV world! The chemistry between them are great.

  12. hook-city says

    Angel is the best, him and spike would wipe out the whole twilight cast, hate all this vampire stuff coming out now, once you watch buffy and angel than see the other stuff your like ok what the hell is this, angel vs edward come on won’t last 10 seconds, stefan from vampire diaries can beat edward and that show sucks, angel for life who’s with me

  13. omgc88 says

    Angel with kick his ass, even with his mind reading power and stuff…now Angelus will probably go after that B…ch Bella, or his family, angelus will toy with his mind, he will want edward to go crazy at him, because thats what angelus love

  14. says

    David Boreanaz would so kick Edward Culluns behind! No way will someone who shines in the sun would beat our Angel. Personally, Edward looks like a wimp – what vampire would get wrapped around Bella, anyway? I see nothing special about her….

    Anyways, I can’t wait to see a little action between Booth and Brennan on Bones! I know it’s coming; the end of last season left it wide open.

    Did anyone see last weeks episode, “A Night in the Bones Museum?” I watched it at last night and it was aaaamaazing. When a mummy is found charred and chained to a chain link fence, Bones is fascinated by the archeological find. It is a mummy called the “Bleeding Heart” and something is missing from the gaping chest cavity. When the Egyptian government gets involved, the investigation is limited as they demand the return of their famous mummy.

    On a romantic note, Bones is invited on a date with Booth’s supervisor, and of course he is upset by this prospect. Bones responds, “It’s a physical attraction,” and he goes crazier as she actually goes out for dinner and drinks. It’s so cute. Can’t wait for the next!

  15. Gabi says

    Why don’t they make a movie with: buffy&angelus ,the cullens, blade, dracula, other vampires,warewolfs,van helsing, mr hyde, withes, deamons and sl!!!
    it would be something to watch!!! don’t you think?
    I’ve seen all the buffy seasons about 10 times (me-nerd!), all the vampire movies that were ever made, and i red the twilight books (and saw the movie), so i’m a great fan of themes like these.
    sadly my most beloved books were never made into a movie/series – the legend of ice people by margit sandemo. you all would love it.
    but back to the subject: dawn would make a red slop out of eddie and buffy would take the rest of them out in 3 seconds… so why bother angelus or spike … :-)
    take care.

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