Animal Practice: Cancelled But Not Gone Yet

NBC has cancelled their first new show of the season, Animal Practice. The move hardly comes as a surprise considering the poor ratings but many guessed the TV series would be the first one cancelled even before it premiered.

Animal Practice revolves around a talented vet (Justin Kirk) who really connects with his patients but has a hard time with human relationships. The sitcom’s cast also includes JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Tyler Labine, Bobby Lee, Kym Whitley, Betsy Sodaro, and Crystal the capuchin monkey.

NBC gave Animal Practice a high-profile preview in August, during the Olympics. Unfortunately that didn’t lead many to return last month when Animal Practice officially debuted. The ratings were bad. The first episode attracted a disappointing 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 5.19 million total viewers. The two subsequent episodes drew worse and worse numbers.

The peacock network is dropping Animal Practice from the schedule after November 7th, presumably once the eighth episode has aired. It’s unclear if NBC will get around to releasing the remaining five episodes of Animal Practice or if they’ve even been completed.

Beginning November 14th, the second season of Whitney will take over.

What do you think? Will you miss Animal Practice or are you glad to see it cancelled? Do you think it could have been fixed?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Payton says

    STUPID MOVE ON NBC — THE RATINGS WENT UP just one week after they cancelled. They really have no idea what they’re doing. And now we hear they are putting Whitney back on??? Hated it before will hate it more now cause we all loved Animal Practice. NBC SUCKS

  2. says

    i don’t think they did proper advertising. i could never find it and now its gone, sad. I say give it another chance and talk it up. thanks a sad fan

  3. Pikachu says

    To me, Animal Practice is a family-friendly show. With a talented cast like JoAnna Garcia, Tyler Labine, Bobby Lee, and Crystal the capuchin monkey (of course!), more people should’ve watched Animal Practice instead of other shows (for example, the ABC comedies, Supernatural on The CW). I was like, “How come PETA doesn’t like the show?” or “Are they giving it negative reviews because Crystal the capuchin monkey is in it?”. Thank a lot, NBC, for ruining a great show.

  4. Jess says

    I liked the show and I’m an animal lover. I thought it was super cute that the little monkey was trained to do a job. animals love jobs. I appreciate PETA but common, really? there were no animals being abused. do you really think that TV would even chance to do that these days? really? “nough said….

  5. Karen says

    I went on line and was looking to find when this was going to be on TV because I saw previews of it and I just thought the monkey would be a hoot to watch after seeing “A night at the Museum” I was basically going to tune in just to see the little furry guy. Oh well what can ya do……..

  6. AndNBCwonderswhytheysuck says

    Not even Josh Whedon could have saved this show. A few months ago, people were threatening to boycott NBC when they previewed this applesauce during the Olympics. I’m not sure the boycott ever got past the griping stage. I’m dismayed that this show was even greenlighted. Next to be cancelled, “Go On.” I hope that “Revelations” does NOT become this season’s “Heroes”.

  7. Grandizer says

    I am sorry but when the funniest thing they show on a commercial to push the series is Bobby Lee walking into a glass door / wall??? AFTER someone IMMEDIATELY before talks about who could do such a thing???
    Sorry, not funny at all, from the commercial alone I knew I could not watch this tripe.
    Same with Beauty and the Beast, and Arrow.

  8. Victoria Foster says

    My husband and I loved this show. It is House but with animals. Figures anything family oriented (no sex and violence) gets cancelled.

  9. Darwin00 says

    I think it just speaks volumes for the talent/programmers at NBC that they couldn’t tell that this program was not going to do well (for whatever reasons). they tried to shove it down the viewers throats with the “special” Olympic preview, and any fairly regular TV viewer could see that it wasn’t a show that was going to make it.

    Of course, I forget – it’s not ABOUT the show, it’s about whether some marketing person can sell enough advertising to the show. If they could sell enough ads, they would put on a steady camera shot of an empty fish bowl for 24 hours a day. So TV viewers get whatever the marketing & ad people work out.

  10. michael says

    the show just wasnt that good. Joanna Garcia cant seem to find a show that doesnt get cancelled after one season or less. NBC is not doing a good enough job of finding shows with characters and actors in them that are likeable. I watched the first two episodes and have not looked back since. The reason why abc and cbs do so well with comedies is because they pick material in which the actors and actresses do not have to force the comedic elements contained in the scripts they are given.

  11. Samara says

    I am thrilled that this show is cancelled! I don’t find animal cruelty entertaining!! Who wants to watch animals being forced to perform (often by painful means) against their will!! They were being exploited, and this show deserved to be cancelled!!!

    • josh says

      animal cruelty? lol. stop your killing me samara! you really crack me up. seriously though, this show as great!

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