Animal Practice: Watch the Last Unaired Episodes

last episode of Animal Practice TV showSeveral weeks ago, NBC cancelled Animal Practice after six episodes had aired. While a preview during the Summer Olympics garnered big numbers, the ratings in September and October seemed to get worse week after week.

The network pulled the plug and removed the show from the schedule on October 24th. NBC had initially commissioned 13 episodes but only nine ended up being produced. The network has now released the final three installments online, a sure sign that Animal Practice won’t be returning to NBC.

Curiously, the online versions of the last episodes supposedly run just 17 minutes. The versions on Amazon are listed as having 22 minutes.

In any case, here they are:

What do you think? Do you like Animal Practice? Do you think it’s a better sitcom than most people think?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Bones says

    I liked the show, You should have let it stay for a whole season. Put it on Netflick and watch the fan base grow.

  2. terry says

    animal practice was one of the best new comidies on tv they took good care of the animal like i take care of my cats so the are happy due to contray beleif like 666 and last resort wich in my opion were top rated tv shows but the dont give them achance i wish you could do a class action lawsuit to keep good programing on the air or at least get rid of the neilsen rating system most people now days tape shows to watch later

  3. Demented says

    I think it was put in a time slot against so many popular shows that it never had a chance. Aired on another night or time it likely would have done excellent. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

    • Pete says

      Absolutely right – this show never had a chance with where NBC put it and it was getting better and better. Our whole family and friends loved it. The ratings got better the week they cancelled. They should have waited. We hate NBC

    • Carrie says

      Kind of a ridiculous statement really. Every major network has programming throughout the entire week and pretty much each time slot has tough competition. On wednesday it goes against Survivor, The X Factor, the Middle and Arrow. But this season Up All Night and 30 Rock went up against Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory (Highest rated comedies on air). The Office and Parks competed with some of the most viewed dramas on Broadcast (Greys, Person of Interest and Glee). And on Tuesdays Go On and The New Normal are scheduled against 4 other comedies (New Girl, Mindy Project, Happy Ending, The B in Apt 23.)

  4. says

    I was upset to hear that they are taking off 666 park avenue, i think that they should count the numbers, but i also think that before taking the show off the air, they might consider changing the day or time it is on. To me, any new show, that is on @ the same time as sunday night football is not getting a fair chance. I’m a huge football fan, but in the same vein, i did like 666 park avenue. :(

  5. Kelli says

    I’m glad they canceled it. I can’t stand watching animal actors who we all KNOW would be someWHERE else, doing someTHING else… anything but doing stupid tricks in front of the camera. Ask any primate expert what those grimaces mean… humans can choose to interpret them as smiles and silly faces, but that’s NOT what they mean to the primate.

  6. C. Thomas says

    I love Animal Practice, especially Rizz0 and Betsy Sadaro. I am so sad they cancelled this show. It really makes me laugh a lot.

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