Are You There, Chelsea?: Cancel or Keep It?

Are You There Chelsea cancel or keepNBC hasn’t been having much luck with their new shows this season. Will their latest sitcom, Are You There, Chelsea?, be the exception or is it also destined to be cancelled?

Are You There, Chelsea? follows the life of twenty-something Chelsea (Laura Prepon), an opinionated and unapologetic cocktail waitress. Her life revolves around her work at Jerry’s Ultimate Sports Bar in New Jersey. She’s surrounded by a unique group of friends and co-workers like Rick (Jake McDorman) the handsome bartender, fellow waitress Olivia (Ali Wong), and quick-witted Todd (Mark Povinelli).

Chelsea and best friend Olivia recently moved in with sweet Dee Dee (Lauren Lapkus), Chelsea’s polar opposite. Chelsea’s dad (Lenny Clarke) has both a big personality and a big mouth, and her sister (Chelsea Handler) is a conservative new mom.

The series got off to a stellar start (by NBC standards anyway) on January 11th with a 2.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 6.18 million total viewers. It was the second-highest rated show in the timeslot — thanks in part to CBS and FOX running repeats — and built on the numbers of its lead-in, Whitney.

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In week two, opposite the premiere of American Idol, Chelsea dropped 26% to a 1.7 rating and 4.21 million. This week, the ratings dropped again, by 18% to a 1.4 demo and 3.8 million.

Chelsea began as the second highest-rated scripted series on the network this season. It’s now fallen to seventh place and with ratings like this week’s, it’ll keep falling in the NBC rankings.

It was, of course, expected for Chelsea’s ratings to drop once it started airing opposite Idol. For now, it’s mirroring the ratings that NBC was getting last January with game show Minute to Win It.

At this point, it’s difficult to say if Chelsea will survive to see a second season or not. If the sitcom can maintain its current ratings for the next nine episodes, it should be fine. If it keeps dropping, there doesn’t seem to be much reason for NBC to keep it around.

But, wat do you think? Is Are You There, Chelsea? a show that you like watching? Should it be renewed or should it be cancelled instead?

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  1. Ariana says

    I love the show Are You There, Chelsea Im mean don’t hate Chelsea Handler she rocks for making this show happen.

  2. Katie says

    I love the show Are You There, Chelsea I watched the 1st episode and I fell in love with it so please keep it for Season 2.

  3. Zach says

    I agree with this Lauren girl. She has a point we should keep the show for one more season at least. I love show and maybe if they aired more episodes of it you might change your mind about it.

  4. Lauren says

    I like the show Are You There, Chelsea I mean its dirty but come on I think that the show should be given a chance. At least ceep it for one more season.

  5. Christina says

    I love Are You There Chelsea I mean other shows like Bent and I Hate My Teenage Daughter it is three times as better then those.

  6. Christina says

    Are You There, Chelsea I think it should be renewed for a Season 2 its dirty but its the funny dirty.

  7. Ray says

    I’ve tried watch this show on 3 separet occasion and don’t find it funny and I love dirty , stupid comedy and I find this show to be 1. Poorly written and 2. Poorly acted they need to cancel it and but it and it’s viewers out of it’s misery.

  8. Kimmy says

    Are You There Chelsea is one of the most unfunny crappist shows out there not counting reality shows which I do not watch I would rather watch reruns of old quality programs then crap like Are You There Chelsea.

    I hope it’s canceled

  9. says

    I would not say it is the best show on television right now, but when you look at some of the junk like Idol, or the so called reality shows that seem fake, it not bad. Ifind that even if the joke lines are old, the timing seems a bit off, i found i still like it. The way the network works it wont last. In the line up of Wednesday nights, it is one, if not the only good show on television at that time.

  10. Eagle says

    It is unbelievable that the great NBC network would actually pay a program director for such a decision as to place this show against Idol. I DO NOT watch reality TV, but I certainly understand it’s appeal and accept it’s popularity. Then you look to the “sitcom” audience, which I am part of. You’re running against Suburgatory, really??? You pay this person how much to make such decisions? I like Chelsea Handler but won’t be able to give this show an opportunity in it’s current time slot. Try a different time slot or a different evening. The poor show doesn’t stand a chance. If you are in the market for a new program director, you know where to find me!

  11. Persistent Cat says

    I couldn’t stop watching it because I couldn’t believe how incredibly awful it was. Laura Prepon is a terrible actress. The one who plays her friend is actually worse than she is. The two have absolutely no comedic timing. The father is just a walking cliche. Every scene appears like a set-up for a single joke. I’m just embarrassed for everyone involved.

    I don’t really like Chelsea Handler but I’m ok with dirty jokes and I love my booze as well. But this, this is just the worst thing imaginable. I’d rather watch those endless “talent” variety shows than this abomination.

  12. Tonika says

    I think Chelsea handler is racist. Why does NBC have her on the air? She cant talk to 50 cent like a boy, and be on NBC. get her off the air now..

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