Army Wives: Catherine Bell Hints about Season Seven

Army Wives season seven?It looked like Army Wives might be coming to an end after six seasons. Now, it turns out that last night’s cliffhanger season ending might be a good sign for season seven.

Series star Catherine Bell has noted that, while Army Wives hasn’t been cancelled, it hasn’t been renewed yet either. Via her Twitter account, Bell said that the cast and crew filmed two endings for the season six finale which was filmed in June. Presumably one that would wrap up the show and another that would serve as a cliffhanger to lead into season seven.

Though Army Wives hasn’t been renewed, Bell hints that it’s “kind of a good sign” that Lifetime went with the cliffhanger ending instead of the tidy one.

If the Lifetime show does indeed come back, you can be sure that Bell will be a part of it. The actress signed a new two year deal with the studio back in May. It potentially commits her to two more seasons of the show and gives her a significant salary increase.

Who else would be returning? That seems to be up in the air since none of the other original Army Wives castmembers have contracts now that season six is over. If Lifetime wants them back, they’ll have to renegotiate salaries and that will presumably drive production costs.

That may explain why so many characters were left in jeopardy in the sixth season finale. If deals can’t be reached, Army Wives could return with several new faces. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

What do you think? Do you think Army Wives will return for a seventh season? If some in the cast don’t return, who would you miss the most? The least?

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  1. Joan says

    It can’t end like this..It is one of the best shows in a long time and we need to be reminded of the cost of freedom.
    Please come back for another season and don’t let everyone die like this, :-(

  2. Anonymous says

    My daughters got me hooked on Army Wives!! Watched early on one day while stuck in a hotel, but was gone for awhile….. back to it now. Absolutley LOVE it!! Gen Holden is the best!!! But really I love all the cast, and I love how they handle life!!! Please bring them ALL back for season 7!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    Love Army Wives…. watch it with my girls……. all of the cast is the best!! Gen Holden is tops!!! Love all the cast . . . . bring them all back :-)

  4. Julie Joseph says

    There is so much garbage on T.V. Army Wives is one of the best shows to come on in a very long time. Not only does it have a great cast, who are completely believable, but it is also very timely. We need this show to continue at this time to help keep us focused on what’s really important. With all the craziness in the world right now. we need to be reminded that patriotism and freedom are some of the most important things to fight for, and that is what our wonderful military is trying to preserve for the rest of us.
    Please bring this wonderful show back.

  5. KC says

    Please don’t end Army Wives. My husband and I love this show. We love all the original cast especially Roxy and Trevor. There isn’t another show on tv like this one. If the show does end have a final episode and don’t let the ones on the plane die. I have been hooked since I watched the pilot episode.

  6. Anonymous says

    Please don’t take my Army Wives away! As an Air Force officer married to another Air Force officer, this show is like my therapy session – I cry alot as I see myself and friends dealing with these same issues. I related to all these women as an officer, a spouse, and a mother. The issues addresses on this series are my life! Please bring it back.

  7. Anonymous says

    I love Army Wives. Please bring it back for season 7 and leave all current actors/actresses on the show – Denise, Frank, Claudia Joy, Michael, Joan, Joan’s husband, Trevor, Roxie; pls use the same people for these characters. Thanks

  8. says

    PLEASE DON’T TAKE ARMY WIVES OFF THE AIR!!! My Mom and I watch this show religiously! Sunday, or any day will never be the same without it. So many people can relate to the show, and there isn’t another show that’s like it. Please DON’T let Roxy and Trevor leave the show! Well, by the way the season ended please don’t let anyone die!!! I love ALL of the characters! The show would not be the same without any of them. So, please listen to the fans and renew Army Wives! I’m so ready for Season 7 😀 Thank you sooooooo much!!!

  9. Lori says

    I was devestated when I thought that this was the end. What a terrible way to end a series. Now I have hope–please bring it back–if nothing else than to close up the loose ends.

  10. Dale Proffitt says

    I hope that season 7 will come out soon! I felt so lost for words when the final episode aired and the plane was in the storm with all the army personal on board! I know that it is just a show but me and my wife really enjoy watching this show! Please let this series continue.

  11. Anonymous says

    Please bring back Army Wives—great show! Good acting! Would love all of the
    Actors to come back…..miss Pamela! Do not want
    Ricy to leave!!!

  12. K. Craig says

    Pls do not end this show. For 20 yrs of my life I was an AF fledging, and then I married into the Navy for another 20 yrs. It has a wonderful impact to show America how necessary our forces are and the sacrifices they all make. Some of my favs have left, tho. Like Trevor and Roxie, and where is Claudia Joy? Also liked Chance and his wife.

    What a horrible way to end a series.

  13. May says

    Please bring Army Wives back. I don’t watch too many series, but this is one of about three that I watch. Sunday night would not be the same without Army Wives.

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