Army Wives: Catherine Bell Hints about Season Seven

Army Wives season seven?It looked like Army Wives might be coming to an end after six seasons. Now, it turns out that last night’s cliffhanger season ending might be a good sign for season seven.

Series star Catherine Bell has noted that, while Army Wives hasn’t been cancelled, it hasn’t been renewed yet either. Via her Twitter account, Bell said that the cast and crew filmed two endings for the season six finale which was filmed in June. Presumably one that would wrap up the show and another that would serve as a cliffhanger to lead into season seven.

Though Army Wives hasn’t been renewed, Bell hints that it’s “kind of a good sign” that Lifetime went with the cliffhanger ending instead of the tidy one.

If the Lifetime show does indeed come back, you can be sure that Bell will be a part of it. The actress signed a new two year deal with the studio back in May. It potentially commits her to two more seasons of the show and gives her a significant salary increase.

Who else would be returning? That seems to be up in the air since none of the other original Army Wives castmembers have contracts now that season six is over. If Lifetime wants them back, they’ll have to renegotiate salaries and that will presumably drive production costs.

That may explain why so many characters were left in jeopardy in the sixth season finale. If deals can’t be reached, Army Wives could return with several new faces. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

What do you think? Do you think Army Wives will return for a seventh season? If some in the cast don’t return, who would you miss the most? The least?

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  1. melissa reed says

    Please do not cancel army wife me my husband and kids all watch it together we love it and we don’t sit together and watch tv together much I love all the cast members and don’t want to see any of the go please come back thank u

  2. Debbie says

    PLEASE don’t cancel Army Wives. My son is in the army and is stationed in Colorado. He just received order for Alaska. This show makes me feel closer to him and him family. I would miss this show so much. I would miss all the wives! Some are already missing and I want them back!!! Don’t let us invest 6 years into a show and have it end like this.

  3. Linda says

    Do you know of any producers who would like to do a Navy Seals Wives Club series? Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. Linda

  4. pennstategirl says

    Why do they do this every season? Can’t they renew for multiple years? EVERY year we go through this… come ON lifetime… you have a hit here, ROLL WITH IT!

  5. vicky simpson says

    We Love Army Wives My husband was in the Army for 8 years and it relates to all the different asspects of being in the military . We can’t wait for season 7 please!!!!!!!!!!! We need more shows like this love everyone on the show :):) Thanks for 6 great years!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dideerooster says

      I agree. My husband’s and my taste are not even close but he actually watches this with me. It’s a good, clean show

  6. Sharon Ann Felts Davis says

    Yikes! I watched the last scheduled episode and was totally, completely speechless! If the idea 0f the people in charge was to strike their viewers speechless they did it! I still feel sad for them.

  7. Cookie says

    Army Wives is a really interesting show. They shouldn’t put so much emphasis on the military part of it. No one really wants to see the war scenes. They need to change it to just like things that would run on a military base. They could have soldiers doing other things on the base. I’m sure if the writers really tried they could make it intersting similiar to a real run base. The wives really add to show and should be more involved with friends and their families. I like the friendship that the army wives had and the different things that they did. It could be a real interesting show with the talent you had in your characters.

  8. RK says

    I think Army Wives was a terrific show with a great cast. It really gave insight to the military life and how difficult it can be for those who serve our country. I hope it will return.

  9. says

    hopefully army wives comes back!
    but they cannot leave the ending like this!
    greys anatomy ended with a plane crash and now army wives hopefully a lot of them will survive!!

    please do not cancel it! holland loves the show too!

  10. Michelle says

    If they don’t renew…leaving us with that ending will be quite disappointing. Wouldn’t really be very fair to the viewers that invested 6 years watching the show.

  11. Kayla says

    Dont turn off army wives i just started watching it this season and i love it my two favorite are roxy and gloria and im upset i even started watching now if it ends.

  12. HELEN says

    Please do not end Army Wives!!!! It is one of the best shows on T.V..Sunday night would not be the same without Army Wives..I love all the people…I would love to see this series have lots more shows.

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