Army Wives: Catherine Bell Hints about Season Seven

Army Wives season seven?It looked like Army Wives might be coming to an end after six seasons. Now, it turns out that last night’s cliffhanger season ending might be a good sign for season seven.

Series star Catherine Bell has noted that, while Army Wives hasn’t been cancelled, it hasn’t been renewed yet either. Via her Twitter account, Bell said that the cast and crew filmed two endings for the season six finale which was filmed in June. Presumably one that would wrap up the show and another that would serve as a cliffhanger to lead into season seven.

Though Army Wives hasn’t been renewed, Bell hints that it’s “kind of a good sign” that Lifetime went with the cliffhanger ending instead of the tidy one.

If the Lifetime show does indeed come back, you can be sure that Bell will be a part of it. The actress signed a new two year deal with the studio back in May. It potentially commits her to two more seasons of the show and gives her a significant salary increase.

Who else would be returning? That seems to be up in the air since none of the other original Army Wives castmembers have contracts now that season six is over. If Lifetime wants them back, they’ll have to renegotiate salaries and that will presumably drive production costs.

That may explain why so many characters were left in jeopardy in the sixth season finale. If deals can’t be reached, Army Wives could return with several new faces. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

What do you think? Do you think Army Wives will return for a seventh season? If some in the cast don’t return, who would you miss the most? The least?

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  1. Jeri says

    Surely you wouldn’t end a series like Army Wives with a horrible plane crash?? Please bring back this wonderful show and hopefully with Kim Delaney back. Where has she been?? Why isn’t there any info on where she’s been on the internet?? Need answers please…anyone?

  2. David says

    I feel strange since I’ve seen no other guys here. LOL

    I watched the show just out of curiosity about Catherine Bell’s next project after JAG. I actually had the shows sitting, unwatched, for a LONG time before I watched any. This was about season 4. I watched the first show and was already hooked, and watched the rest in a very short time. I’ve tried to convert others because the show has always had very real characters and themes. Like JAG, there is the undertone of duty, honor, and service, and a reminder of the great sacrifices of those who serve, and those they leave behind when sent out. Although likely for a bit different reason, like those posting before, I will be very disappointed if they don’t come back. But losing Roxy and Trevor is a hit. As I recall, they were the very first characters we saw in season 1’s opener. For all the focus on the higher ranking officers, they were always the heart and soul of the show.

    Aside: To all those here who served or had a spouse, child, sibling, parent that served… thank you and thank the one(s) in your life that served. I am free because of that service, and I deeply appreciate it.

  3. AMWall4AW#7 says

    Please please please don’t take this show off the air! I love this show so much I have been watching this show since the begginning!! There really aren’t enough drama series that are good on the air nowadays. Please keep this good show going. Even if I will miss Roxy and Pamela (my two faves) I hope they decide to keep Gloria…the plot is awesome and I can’t wait until season 7 I know you won’t make the huge mistake of taking it off!!!! GO AW!!!

  4. Cathy Puckoris says

    There are not enough good dramas anymore and I really would miss Army Wives if it goes off the air. Please, please leave it on…I love the show, the emotions, the plots, the story lines and the military. It would be a great loss…

  5. Maggie says

    I really hope they come back for a 7th season!! Denise, charlie, and Joan’s Families are my favorite. They can’t just leave the last episode like that and not tell us what happend!!!! UGH i can’t wait until we find out if they are coming back! Armywives is such a great show they cant end it now! It just wouldnt be right! Its one of the best shows ive ever watched. Such a real, and true show. Catherine Bell is my hero!!!

  6. Beth says

    I think there will be one more season but without most of the origional cast I don’t think it will go beyond season seven! However! They BETTER have a darn good ending if season 7 IS the last!

  7. Rhone says

    I love AW — it was the best show on — I’m a widow of a 20 year guy – and it really hit home in some ways and in other ways it was just fun — it was things I understand.

  8. J L Leigh says

    To say I was upset over the last show is an understatement!!! Am a wife of a 30 year man. Can’t let this show end………….so many of us can relate and it’s the one time each week I get to watch, enjoy and relax. PLEASE rethink your decision if it is to end the series.

  9. geri says

    I have watched Army Wives since the beginning of the show. I look forward to Sunday evening when the show is on. We do need some kind of closure not ending the show with a plane crash

  10. Robin says

    Praying that this series isn’t going to end. Not yet. A wonderful cast, story and location. It would be a true shame to loose this show.

  11. Allen says

    You guys are all jumping to conclusions about the so-called “plane crash”. It wasn’t confirmed that they crashed. For all we know, General Holden was on the phone with the hospital and they told her that Claudia Joy was hurt or something. Anyone who has seriously been watching Army Wives since the beginning should know that they are always doing anti-climactic cliffhangers. Like five episodes ago, someone got shot and made a full recovery within two episodes. And how many times have tey threatened to shut down the base or PCS someone, only for them to change their mind the next episode? Army Wives the the most anti-climactic show on television. Even if there was a plane crash, no one of any importance will die.

  12. Beckie says

    I really don’t see how they could end a show, especially that one, in a way like that. After seeing that I was sure there would be another season. You never know what will happen with TV but I sure do hope that there is another season and so does my fiance now that I got her hooked on it a few weeks before that finale.

  13. sherri says

    Cancelling Army Wives would be ridiculous. I am a retired army wife and have loved the fact that somebody is finally paying attention to what the military families go thru. Cancelling this show is unpatriotic.

  14. Michele says

    I have been watching Army Wives since Season 1 , not missing one episode . They can not
    end this show with a plane crash , thinking they ALL died. We at least need some kind of closer… it has to come back. This is true reality TV for a lot of people leading a Military

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