Arrested Development: Michael Cera and Mitch Hurwitz at a Standstill Over Movie

Hurwitz and Cera need to talkThough the fans want to see it and most of the series’ stars want to do it, it doesn’t look like the Arrested Development movie is going to be happening any time soon — unless either actor Michael Cera or series creator Mitch Hurwitz changes their mind.

Arrested Development centers around the wealthy and dysfunctional Bluth family and features the talents of and features the talents of Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, Alia Shawkat, Tony Hale, David Cross, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, John F. Beard, Mae Whitman, and Cera. The offbeat sitcom ran for three seasons on FOX. Though the sitcom never garnered big ratings, it does have a cult audience that’s grown through DVD sales.

The possibility of a big screen version of Arrested has been rumored essentially since the TV show went off the air. The project began to sound like a real possibility when some of the stars started to talk about it. In December, the project was given a greenlight and a moderate budget from Imagine and Fox Searchlight. All involved were very excited but now, things seem to be at a standstill.

Though Hurwitz says that he has several good ideas for the movie, he hasn’t actually written a script as yet. He says that he wants to wait to see who actually signs on from the TV show cast. According to Hurwitz, all of the Bluth family members have signed on, with the exception of one — Michael Cera.

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The young actor’s career has sky-rocketed since Arrested went off the air and he can demand salaries of millions of dollars. The Arrested movie would surely be a step down salary-wise as Hurwitz has indicated that it would be essentially a project of love. Aside from that, Cera hasn’t expressed any interest in reprising his George Michael persona and seems to be getting tired of being asked about it.

At the Sundance Festival to promote his latest movie, Paper Heat, Cera told MTV that he was waiting to see a script (which Hurwitz won’t write until he gets Cera’s decision). After he got the script, the actor offhandedly said, “I’d possibly play [George Michael] again. I’d possibly put the script in my shredder. I may buy a shredder just [for it].”

Cera then got a little serious and went on to say that he gets asked a lot about the project, doesn’t know much about it, and would be interested to see what the story is about.

Obviously someone’s got to budge on the script issue before the project can move forward. Will it be Cera or Hurwitz? Who should it be? Would the movie perhaps be better off without Cera?

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  1. Alan says

    The movie definitely needs Cera but I don’t blame him for not signing on right away. His career has changed now and he has to make time for what is most important to him. Granted this was the best show ever and i would love to see it.

  2. Jeff says

    ANY of you people ought to wish you had this much work to turn down. Don’t you think Ron Howard got a little miffed when he was constantly asked about reprising his role as Opie? Let’s not get down on the guy, because you have the luxury of buying a cup of coffee in peace, whereas I’m sure when George Michael pops into Starbucks it’s a little less quiet. Why are all bloggers so caustic? Negativity isn’t going to get us our dream of seeing the Bluths get a true happy ending.

  3. drew says

    Cera won’t be able to coast off of his AD character forever, he hasn’t strayed far at all from George-Michael’s character, and probably never will. He should milk this current popularity while it lasts, as it won’t be long.

  4. Nancy says

    Cera needs to get over himself. Super Bad wasn’t that great of a movie anyway. Who will know him in 10 years anyway. Get a clue! Arrested Development launched his career and he should be greatful for that. The fans need the movie. I say they do it without him if he is going to be like that.

  5. jeffleppard says

    Oh Come On!!!! I’m hoping that Michael Cera was saying that because he is just tired of all the questions. If not, then yes, he is being an ungrateful little shi!+!! This show launched his career. He would be NOBODY without Mitch and Ron and the rest of the cast. The writers were incredible, the show was great and a movie would be an amazing gift for all of the fans. Come on, Michael!! Just do it!!

  6. Mike says

    What a little prick. “I’d possibly put the script in my shredder. I may buy a shredder just [for it].” Have some ****ing respect for the show and writers that launched your career.

  7. Dave says

    oh jeez… Cera needs to stop being such a little ***** (it hurts to say that as he is fantastic in AD)… how can the script not turn out good? the show is pretty much flawless! the writers know what they are doing.

  8. Derek says

    I don’t know what the final outcome will be (between Hurwitz and Cera), but I would definitely go see the movie. The series was great, and a movie would be too.

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