As the World Turns: Behind the Scenes of the Last Episode

Cameras captured the emotions and some behind-the-scenes recollections of the cast of As the World Turns. For some, the CBS soap has been their home for decades. Their gratitude to the fans is evident.

CBS has made the footage available so we can share it with you. After that, you can see the show’s final scene.

Take a look…

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Tammy Whaley says

    I remember when as the world turns was on the radio. I stopped watching when they broke Jack and Carly up,after that I said no more and I haven’t watched a soap opera since.

  2. Tim Key says

    There won’t be another ATWT. A show that began in the late 50’s and continues for 54 years with some of the main characters still on screen won’t be repeated. ATWT was different than the rest of the soaps. It was family. I haven’t found a show to replace it yet. I am sure I will find another to watch , but there won’t be another Nancy Hughes nor a Bob, Kim or Lisa. They were special.

  3. Catherine Davis says

    How sad to see lifetime friends and places just go away. As the World Turns has been part of my life since I was a little girl. My 103 year old grandmother watched it every day. We talked about the characters in such a way that my soon to be husband wondered what kind of family he was about to marry into! Thank you to all the actors for years of tears and laughs and can’t-wait-’til-tomorrows. May God bless all of you. You have touched many lives. Take care.

  4. Margaret says

    I STARTED WATCHING ATWT, IN 1972. ( I can not say I loved the show), I adored the people, the hard work they all done, the determination the crew showed, and each and eveyone gave their all. actors ? yes,. ( in a sense ), these (actors made you want to watch ! . a great big thanks has to go to the writer’s !
    when friday came, ,, (always the big day!)
    remember saying to myself, NOW I HAVE TO WAIT TILL MONDAY !!.
    my husband found out last yr. he had lung cancer, now a yr later, threw chemo, raditation, he turns channel 8 on for his (soaps). today we were unhappy, i herd they might cancel atwt, not really I thought> been just a few weeks, not keeping up, , yelp/
    all gone! . thank all of you, for all the years. the laughter, and tears, and madness, and a time when, tv, shows (could get you involved> even made you think> and even at times, knowing, these people, were almost family. silly huh? > guess we need more blood/guts, more fake drama,

  5. Marty says

    I have been watching and enjoying ATWT for about 12 years. It was a lunch ritual for my wife and myself for all those years. They were our family. We could not miss an episode. Sure, sometimes the story line would get a little silly, but we still enjoyed every minute. It was a fun part of our lives. We’d always try to figure out what the writers would come up with next. They were all terrific actors. One example was how Henry took on all those crazy roles and appeared to always enjoy wearing all those crazy outfits. What a big mistake CBS has made. Channel 2 during the 2-3pm time slot has been permanetly deleted from our television. They can not replace ATWT. The show is greatly missed!

  6. Linda says

    It is aways sad when a show is canceled especially when it’s a show that has run for so many years and filled empty spots in so many lives. I started watching ATWT’s about ten years ago when I was at home because of surgery. The storyline at that time absolutely captured my attention. When I returned work I started to tape the episodes and would played them when I went to bed each night. I will miss each and every character and the twists and tangles they manged to get into and out of. It’s been fun!

  7. Lori VanDaelen says

    I watched Atwt for years and grew up watching it with my mother, sister and two brothers. Now since my mom has passed, I still feel like I am watching them with her. CBS wants to replace Atwt with reality shows….they are not reality shows when there are camera’s present taping it. They still act on reality shows. I know I will not watch reality shows, they are fake. Please bring back our As The World Turns soap. They are my family and memories. I can’t imagine not seeing atwt on t.v. anymore. Not fair. Please bring atwt back on the air again.

  8. says

    I think it’s awful that As The World Turns is not on any more. My grandma watched it when I lived with her and she got me started on it and now they are Show the Price is Right twice. Bring back our soap. Won’t watch anything at the time.

  9. Barb Shank says

    How can they take this soap off the air? I agree with one of the ladies who said, take off the reality shows. This soap is like a part of my life. It is very very sad to think of never watching it again.

  10. Beverly says

    Please make it possible for fans in Canada to watch these behind-the-scenes. I have watched the show since I was little and I would love to share in these special scenes. Thank you.

  11. Joan R Hathaway says

    I was raised watching “As the World Turns”. I agree with a women ,She said ” Why want to take off those reality shows . Instead of these soaps.To me the reality show are just out to promote modeling jobs for only the nice shaped women and men. I Think CBS might lose some viewers.

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