As the World Turns: CBS Cancels Long-running Soap

As the World TurnsAnother venerable soap opera has fallen. CBS has announced that they’re cancelling As the World Turns after 54 years on the air.

In the wake of the cancellation of Guiding Light earlier this year, the soap’s cancellation doesn’t come as a big surprise. Like Guiding Light, World has been struggling in the ratings for some time. Both shows were produced by Proctor & Gamble (via TeleNext Media) and, for the first time in more than 75 years, the company will be out of the soap opera business.

World’s viewership is about half of that of The Young & the Restless. Ultimately the success of Light’s replacement, the new Let’s Make a Deal, is what may have sealed the soap’s fate. Deal is attracting more viewers, provides a better lead-in for The Price Is Right, and is much cheaper. There’s no word yet on what will replace World but it will likely be another game show.

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Eileen Fulton, who’s played Lisa Grimaldi on the soap for 50 years, said, “It’s a hell of a Christmas present… I’m just very sad. I’m sad for all of the people who work out there in Brooklyn (where the show’s filmed). We’re a family. I hate to be split up. It’s like a divorce.”

World executive producer, Chris Goutman, said, “Throughout our history, As The World Turns has remained dedicated to sharing compelling stories that have entertained fans for more than five decades… We are disappointed and saddened by the news that the show is not being renewed. It will certainly be a loss for all of us, and for the show’s loyal audience.”

TV show supportBrian Cahill, the senior vice president and managing director of TeleNext, says that the company is actively seeking a new home for the show. The same was said when Light was cancelled but another outlet wasn’t found and it ended in September. NBC was able to keep Passions alive for an extra season by making a deal with DirecTV.

Production will continue on World with the final episode set for September 2010. That will give the writers plenty of time to wrap up storylines should the sun be finally setting on the characters of Oakdale, Illinois.

What do you think? Why do you think World has been cancelled? Do you think that it will find a new home?

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  1. connie says

    People should stop worrying about Luke being gay; who cares! Its not like others are hiding it. The show is going off because people want to watch too much. Sex

  2. says

    i am very upset with people saying the show was cancelled because of luke and noah, i wasnt pleased at first but i think that atwts did a great job with this subject. I think the real problem. Do you notice that there is not one person to represent the blacks on the show. Jessica is gone Ben is gone Jessica’s daughter is gone and when they tried interracial affair between dusty and Jessica’s daughter she was gone. This show failed its black viewers. We had one oriental in tom’s daughter and then she up and left here’s the problem in a nutshell and all the soaps will die because of it. A black family with chirdren was needed interacting with others in their daily lives and all we get is carly and jack, carly and jack., paul, emily and meg, holden and lily. not enough of thresa, dusty, kim, bob, the best thing they started was chris and katie at the end, Its a wonder all the good cast members didn;t jump ship before now need I say more

  3. lynn says

    Who ever decided to make Luke a homosexual started the downhill fall of the show. I have watched the show since i was little I sat under an ironing board once a week to watch the shows,in black and white, Bob and Lisa were married. What people do behind closed doors is one thing, but I don’t want to see that nor do I want Children to see it or their forplay.If it is saved somewhere I will not watch unless Luke goes back in the closet and get strightend out.

    • cindy says

      nobody cares that luke was a homosexual. It has been canceled due to viewership. I guess the viewing audience is getting younger, and they are not interested in watching soap operas. Plus the producers at cbs are probably younger, and want more upbeat shows. I don’t know why another network cannot pickup the show.

  4. kelly says

    I’m very sad about this ending of ATWT? my grandma moved to Rochester, NY from Ottawa Canada about 65 years ago, and she has been a loyal fan ever since the show(s) started…including all of them, from “Young and the Restless” all the way to “Guiding Light”…everyday! What i look forward to everyday is calling my grandma for updates on what i miss when i’m at work and we have a great conversation everyday because of these shows. Of course i would call and talk to her anyways, but even when “guiding Light” ended it was strange…and this time it’s going to be even stranger…please STOP ending them after this one please…I HATE ALL the other channels soaps! thanks for your time…Kelly A.
    (Rochester NY)

  5. connie says

    They already took off Guiding Light. I lived to watch that show now my. ATWT I’m tired of watching these stupid game shows!

  6. Ali says

    Please don’t cancel ATWT!! I have been watching this “soap” since I was 12 years old. Which is 25 years! Soaps are very important to me because I feel like I know the characters. I care about the characters. They deserve a chance to stay on air. Please don’t let this happen.

  7. peggy says


  8. says

    I believe one of the reasons fewer people seem to be watching the venerable old daytime drama serials is that they’ve become walking, talking commercials interrupted every so often by a daytime drama. Commercial and promotional time on these shows has almost doubled since I started watching these shows as a mere child. These days a typical episode of a so-called “hour-long” daytime drama serial is only 35 minutes in duration. The rest of the time consists of commercials, brought-ya-byes, and network and local station promotional spots. I believe most viewers don’t want to wait through a three-to-five-minute promotional break to see what happens next! Everyone says they want to help the environment; well, what about cleaning up the promotional pollution on television today!? Let’s cut back – way, way back – on commercial and promotional time and bring on more and better programming. Maybe then viewership will increase instead of decreasing. Are you reading this, Mr. Network Executive!?

  9. Tawny Wilstermann says

    Save As the World Turns. These actors are like my family to me & I have grown up watching them all grow over the years. we need more real TV- not another game show.

  10. Lydia says


    I’m sending this letter because I think As The World Turns shouldn’t stop.
    Why? Is it really because of the ratings? Aren’t there watching enough people?
    I almost can’t imagine it! This is because here in the Netherlands you’ve got so many fans who are all watching ATWT.
    What is the real reason and is there anything we can do to help…?
    We are all ready doing everything we can for ATWT..we are really hoping it will stay!
    It would be such a waste if it stopped..

    As The World Turns means so much to me..
    Five years ago I had a blackout and got sick for six months.
    It was a really hard time for me but thanks to ATWT I got trough this time.
    I watched it twice a day.
    This was all because the story lines are so perfect and thrilling and the actors are really great!

    I really am hoping that someone will take over As The World Turns so it can keep going.
    As The World Turns almost feels like a family for me..I don’t have many family members anymore..
    There are so many reasons why ATWT means so much to me..

    I hope we can all work together trying to keep As The World Turns going..
    I’ll be waiting and hoping for good news about the future of As The World Turns.

    Kind regards,

  11. Katie Brumley says

    I think this is ridiculous. Everything damn thing now is about money. This show has been on for the better part of sixty years. It has amazing story lines and it has been my life line sometimes for years. For it to be shut down for another cheesy, cheap, game show is beyond insulting. I can’t believe this! It makes me sick.

  12. Yvette Simmons says

    I’m 42 and have been watching ATWT’s since I was a little girl with my grandmother. I tape and watch this show every day and would hate for it to go away especially how wonderful the writing is. It would be a shame if it’s cancelled.

  13. says

    if you all want ATWT to continue, contact DirecTV to pick up the series at There is rumor going around that DirecTV might be interested in picking up the soap opera if more fans write to them. I and including other fans have tried to e-mail other networks to pick up the series, but they all said no or had no replies.

    DirecTV is the only possible network that might consider picking up the soap.

  14. Dorothy Benge says

    I tell people that I may be ATWT’s youngest-oldest fan. I started watching it with my mother when I was 10 years old in 1956, the year it started. I am 64 years old now. My mother passed in 1982 at the age of 61, but there are still people on the show who were dear friends to both of us, like, “Nancy”, “Lisa”, “Bob” and “Kim”. They are friends that you don’t have to lose when you move. You can take them with you. I never imagined I would lose them in my lifetime. I have stayed with the show through it’s ups and downs. There have been storylines that I didn’t really care for, but I stayed a loyal fan. I thought that this would be a book that wouldn’t end, that we would continue to be able to keep turning the page. I have a daughter who is a devoted fan. We both know people from all different age groups who do not want to lose ATWT. Please find a home for it so that we will all be able to keep on turning the page and making new memories to go with all the ones of the last 54 years. Thank you.

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