As the World Turns: CBS Cancels Long-running Soap

As the World TurnsAnother venerable soap opera has fallen. CBS has announced that they’re cancelling As the World Turns after 54 years on the air.

In the wake of the cancellation of Guiding Light earlier this year, the soap’s cancellation doesn’t come as a big surprise. Like Guiding Light, World has been struggling in the ratings for some time. Both shows were produced by Proctor & Gamble (via TeleNext Media) and, for the first time in more than 75 years, the company will be out of the soap opera business.

World’s viewership is about half of that of The Young & the Restless. Ultimately the success of Light’s replacement, the new Let’s Make a Deal, is what may have sealed the soap’s fate. Deal is attracting more viewers, provides a better lead-in for The Price Is Right, and is much cheaper. There’s no word yet on what will replace World but it will likely be another game show.

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Eileen Fulton, who’s played Lisa Grimaldi on the soap for 50 years, said, “It’s a hell of a Christmas present… I’m just very sad. I’m sad for all of the people who work out there in Brooklyn (where the show’s filmed). We’re a family. I hate to be split up. It’s like a divorce.”

World executive producer, Chris Goutman, said, “Throughout our history, As The World Turns has remained dedicated to sharing compelling stories that have entertained fans for more than five decades… We are disappointed and saddened by the news that the show is not being renewed. It will certainly be a loss for all of us, and for the show’s loyal audience.”

TV show supportBrian Cahill, the senior vice president and managing director of TeleNext, says that the company is actively seeking a new home for the show. The same was said when Light was cancelled but another outlet wasn’t found and it ended in September. NBC was able to keep Passions alive for an extra season by making a deal with DirecTV.

Production will continue on World with the final episode set for September 2010. That will give the writers plenty of time to wrap up storylines should the sun be finally setting on the characters of Oakdale, Illinois.

What do you think? Why do you think World has been cancelled? Do you think that it will find a new home?

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  1. CBS Soapie Fan says

    I started watching the CBS Soapies in 1960 and when VCR’s became
    popular I recorded them to be watched if I was away at airing time.

    So that was 3 1/2 hours a day, Monday-Friday except when they were exempted for CBS Sports!

    So GOODBYE CBS after I am sure they have canceled.

    I REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS!!! The format changed on Guiding Light so I do understand people stopped watching it.

    It is bad enough losing “Nancy Hughes”!!!!!

    I will even say good bye to the other 2 as eventually they will be cancelled too.

  2. Marlyn says

    I am deeply saddened to lose this great soap! I look forward to watching it or i tape it and watch it later or if I forgot to tape it I will watch it on the internet. .I will not watch a game show, it will be to easy to switch the channel… I prefer a soap.If CBS is choosing to let some good shows go, then we the people should LET GO OF CBS.!!!!!We are losing Ghost Whisperer,NUmbers,and how many GOOD shows???? my Friday night line up is now a ghost, as long as Medium is on I will watch it for that hour then Switch over to Fox or USA.{WAKE UP CBS!!!!}

  3. LISA says


  4. Cher says

    Can’t believe that they are cutting this show. Please someone pick up this show. I like so many others, it is a part of our lives, another game show UGH.!!! Please find another home for this show. It will be missed by all!!!

  5. Amy says

    I cannot believe this! First The Guiding Light, now ATWT!!!! I am going to have to start watching a different station. Maybe you try and get rid of The Bold and The Beautiful instead. Really how many times can Brooke sleep with her daughters boyfriends! I am sick of it. I would rather that show go. Think about it. You have Y&R getting great ratings, then you have ATWT & GL getting the axe. That is because you have to sit thru B&B after Y&R and you turn it to someting else because it is always the same CRAP on thar sh.ow!(B&B)

  6. Bridget Mitchell says

    I am truly saddened and am already having anticipatory grief over the end of the show. I as many others my age grew up with many of the characters on the show and feel like part of my family is going away. Talk shows and reality shows are taking over television and I am not excited about another one of those. Please find a new home for ATWT.

  7. J. HALLMARK says


  8. says

    I have watched ATWT for 54 years and they are a part of my family, I cried today with the passing of Helen Wagoner. We are so tired of watching your crap on TV that this was about the only bright light in the daytime. Who wants to watch people jump up and down and act like idiots trying to win money or gifts. This is stupid. Is this part of transforming America? Now I will watch Fox 24/7. thanks CBS for a dumb move.

  9. deborah says

    I grew up with as the world turns, guiding light this is crazy. I’m 54 years old. What are you people thinking. WHAT”S NEXT. I may give up day time tv all together.

  10. janice sinnick says

    What is CBS doing. Give World time to raise up its ratings. It is a great show, we need soaps in our daytime drama. NOt more game shows. Everything is money, World could really beef up their show. Please find another outlet for World, it needs to continue, they have great actors, and actresses also. Lets go World, keep it going. Find a home

  11. dorothy says

    one more game show or reality show and I will scream.we need the dramas,makes our live look better.I will mosr certainly be watching less CBS programmes.

    • Glenda Carr says

      I have watched As The World Turns for 41 years. We got our first tv when I was thirteen . I taped the show everyday for years even if I were home just in case I had a phone call I could rewind, so I wouldn’t miss anything . I am really sad. I found a family in the program. Just can’t believe CBS has taken it off the air.

  12. sandra szabo says

    Please find another home! This is not just TV . It is part of my life..and many others. I can be realistic about its ups and downs and many times I wish I could talk directly with writers and directors. It has been great and it has been terrible but for the most part it is good. It has really improved in 2009-2010 with additions of Janet and new Criag for instance. I would support a new home 100% Very mad at CBS with their decision.

  13. Alisa says

    I thing they are getting out of control with cancelling them this way. I have been a long time viewer of guiding light and as the world turns. What stupid doctor show will replace this one. Enough is enough. Saying it is due to viewership is just getting to be an old excuse by the station. Let me guess next will be bold and the beautiful and then young and the restless.

    • Emily Bauer says

      I think having a story line with gays kissing and whatever was the down fall of this show. I have watched it since 1957 and enjoyed it as the Hughes family seemed like my family. Then you put the the gay couples on and I just could not watch anymore. Sorry to see it canceled!!!

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