As the World Turns: P&G Still Committed to Finding New Home

As the World TurnsAs we reported a couple weeks ago, CBS’ venerable As the World Turns has been cancelled by the network after over 50 years on the air. The soap opera is set to leave the airwaves sometime in September 2010.

As you may know, TeleNext Media is the production arm of Proctor & Gamble that produces the show. They have pledged to find a new home for ATWT to keep it going. Of course, they pledged the same thing when Guiding Light was cancelled but nothing came of the efforts and the show went off the air in September.

TeleNext’s senior VP and managing director, Brian T. Cahill, tells EW that the company is completely committed to keeping ATWT going but fans can’t expect to hear anything official until the deal is done.

He said, “In order to keep productive conversations moving forward, we will not disclose details of our discussions. We know our loyal fans are eager for information, and we will make an announcement as soon as we have something to share.”

TV show supportThere have been some rumors that Lifetime is interested in picking up the soap but a representative for the cable channel has denied this.

What do you think? Would you watch ATWT if it moved to a cable channel? How about a pay-per-view channel or fee-based online access?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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    • rysade says

      I have been watching as the world turns for over 35 years .I’m 40 yrs. old now I watched with my mom and grandma.I love that it is so many of the same faces on the still today .I grow up with Lily the old Lily and Holden. It would be heart breaking to never see them again.I know that all things must come o a end. But it is too soon to come to a end my children and I tivo it my 15 yr old watches faithfully.We are watching right at this moment.I pray that they find a home .I have family in Waterproof,La. , Ferriday ,La.,Pineville, La.,Las Vegas,Nv.,Los Angeles,Ca.San Antonio,Tx.,Uless,Tx.,etc. Please find a home for our favorite show.

  1. Kyla says

    The storylines on ATWT are incredible and they don’t drag out forever like some other soaps. The millions of fans around the world do not want it to end, it is our escape from reality…PLEASE someone pick up the show, do not cancel this amazing long running soap!

  2. savannah says

    after 10,20,30,or even 50 years on television is enough. My wishlist for 2010 is for all the talk shows and for all of the reality shows on television to finally disappear and bring back the old reruns of the shows that were once on t.v. that we all miss.

    • Sue says

      I agree with you. I am so sick of reality shows and talk shows.. I really don’t understand how the network thinks these shows are better than the older reruns we love to watch

  3. Carolee says

    I am truely saddened by the cancellation of ATWT. Guiding Light and ATWT were my two favorite TV programs to watch. I would watch the two wherever they go but I have no faith. They just try to appease us until they axe it completely then just say tough. The game shows they are replacing them with are a waste of time and I refuse to watch them. My soaps were a “take me away” from the stress of everyday life and my relaxation time. Now I turn on the weather channel – Oh what fun!!!

  4. Sandra Lowe says

    I will watch As The World Turn on whatever network that would consider picking it up. I would become a loyal follower of the network that understands how important these shows are to many people.

  5. Jess says

    Karen, the reason GL was not able to find a home was that the cancellation came out too late. The Fall season was already decided on, and GL had no place to go. From what I understand they are still shopping the show around, hence the show ending with a one year later preview. Now, not sure if I want GL coming back without any of the heavy hitters returning…Josh, Reva, Olivia, but it is still a possibility. Maybe GL & ATWT are being shopped around together…who knows. I truely don’t feel ATWT is ready to end, and I do feel it will find itself a home.

  6. Jess says

    I would follow ATWT where ever it shall go. I truely feel Lifetime would be the greatest fit, but if they choose to do pay per view, that is cool tool. I know Howard Stern has a channel that is $10-15 per month…..I’d be all for something like that. Just know that whereever ATWT ends up…I will be following!!!

  7. says

    I hope the fans don’t fall for this. The same things were said about Guiding Light and you can see what a good job they did about finding a new home for that show. They will let you believe they are doing everything possible to save the show but don’t believe it. I think you can plan on saying goodbye to ATWT in September 2010, they same way we Guiding Light fans had to say goodbye to our favorite show in September 2009.

  8. Dawn says

    I love “As The World Turns” but I wont watch it on PPV or if I have to pay for it! It is stupid that CBS is not going to keep it going. PLEASE SOMEONE PICK IT UP…I LOVE MY CARJACK.

  9. Teresa says

    oh please save ATWT. I love this show I have been watching it since highschool and now I am in college. I love it so much. ATWT is amazing the storylines are real and exciting and amazing. Please some network please pick it up.

  10. S Burgess says

    I really hope that the show is at least picked up until the summer so the storyies can be finished, would be fanstastic if was avable online. like 4OD

  11. HerbFinn says

    Does anyone really think that “As The World Turns” has any better chance in finding a new home as “The Guilding Light” did?

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