As the World Turns: P&G Still Committed to Finding New Home

As the World TurnsAs we reported a couple weeks ago, CBS’ venerable As the World Turns has been cancelled by the network after over 50 years on the air. The soap opera is set to leave the airwaves sometime in September 2010.

As you may know, TeleNext Media is the production arm of Proctor & Gamble that produces the show. They have pledged to find a new home for ATWT to keep it going. Of course, they pledged the same thing when Guiding Light was cancelled but nothing came of the efforts and the show went off the air in September.

TeleNext’s senior VP and managing director, Brian T. Cahill, tells EW that the company is completely committed to keeping ATWT going but fans can’t expect to hear anything official until the deal is done.

He said, “In order to keep productive conversations moving forward, we will not disclose details of our discussions. We know our loyal fans are eager for information, and we will make an announcement as soon as we have something to share.”

TV show supportThere have been some rumors that Lifetime is interested in picking up the soap but a representative for the cable channel has denied this.

What do you think? Would you watch ATWT if it moved to a cable channel? How about a pay-per-view channel or fee-based online access?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Marlene Hovda says

    Please keep ATWT soap on. It the one i throughly love watching. Please do not cancel; this show, even if you can move to somewhere elese i would keep on watching it.

  2. Susan Bradley says

    Once again, I will write to show my support for ATWT. I did hear rumor that Direct TV may pick it up…So now I will have to subscribe to satellite TV and give up cable!! I’ll do it and then have to buy a whole bunch of receivers for all our tvs! I am also going to foward this address to everyone that I can think of that watches this program and maybe we will get more to protest. I’m not seeing a whole lot on here writing letters!

  3. says

    I have watched As the World turns since I was 6 and That was with my Grandmother. I watch every day or tape so I can watch when I can’t. I also watched Guiding Light and Bold and Beautiful. This is the ONLY thing I watch regularly. It is like losing part of your family, and a part of your life when they just disappear. I buy nearly all of the Procter and Gamble Products mostly because they sponsor my chief entertainment. My
    Mother died last year, Even in the Hospital that was her main interest, we didn’t miss it.
    It was what she had to look forward to each day. How can you take something that is that important to an audience and make it so insignificant? I am a commission only salesperson and I don’t have the money to pay to watch it, I do good to afford cable.
    But yes I would watch it on another channel. But I think it is a HUGE Mistake to take
    a tradition away to replace it with some game show . Yuck they are a dim a dozen.
    I believe writing this is probably a waste of time, like our government, Proctor and Gamble probably won’t listen to the people either. However if it affected their pocketbook or Stock that might finally get their attention. I want Guiding Light and
    as the World Turns to be Kept right where they are. What other program has some-one
    watching every day for 54 years???????? The Bible says even one person can make a
    difference,. so I’m going to have faith and write my first internet letter. Pay attention
    Procter and Gamble this could be the best and longest adverrtising campaign EVER! Sincerly Your Donna Atkins

  4. K says

    I would like to see ATWT stay on the air. I have been watching this show with my grandma for as long as I can remember. Not only was I disappointed when I heard the news, but she was also disappointed. Why not try a new time?
    Why not put the show on the ON DEMAND list?
    There are some things worth keeping this is one of them, I would like to see reality TV GO BYE BYE – not scripted tv.


  5. Derek Ed misten says

    I would definitely watch ATWT on another channel or on a subscription basis. I don’t care where it is as long as it’s on the air.

  6. CBSNO1FAN says


  7. dianne says

    pffft makes me sick first guiding light then as the world turns take off some of the other trash on tv like stupid reality tv i mean come on i understand soaps aren’t the most intelligent listings but its nice get away from reality leave it alone

  8. Susan Bradley says

    If CBS won’t keep the show on due to ratings (hard to believe when we all love it so much) then please go to a cable channel so we can keep up with the lives of the characters. Don’t kill them off and the show as well. It will kill us too! Pay per view, cable channel, whatever, just find someplace to put it.

  9. Marian Gwen Moore says

    Please do not cancelled ATWT,it would be truly missed,one of the all time best soaps that were ever produces.

  10. Terry says

    Lets face it. CBS could care less and so could P & G..I tried so hard with GL, listened to all the promises went to the Farewll to GL in Atl. I am sick of what CBS has to say. No one will save the show they are just stringing everyone along like they did with GL. I hope every show on CBS goes in the tank, they seem to forget we have cable now and they offer shows that are very good. You do not see ABC tossing out their daytime soaps in favor of another game show or heven help us another talk show. How many actors can go on all the shows? What we don’t need is another takl show, Let CBS shoot itself in the foot and watch everyone give up on all their shows maybe then they will care about the people who used to watch them.

    • says

      I know, I can’t stand CBS for taking away Guiding Light and will never forgive them if ATWT is completely canceled. I know it didn’t work with GL but let’s atleast try to save the show or atleast get it on another network, it’s worth a shot to save our beloved show. Let’s all bombard them with letters and just TRY and then if it doesn’t work we can say screw off to all CBS and P&G products. I really don’t want to lose this show!

  11. Willie says

    Cable channel, absolutely. Pay-per-view, absolutely not. Fee based online, maybe. This is such a great show I hope it finds a new home on cable.

  12. Brenda McCracken says

    I am all for it,IF this will truly save the show from going off the air. As I stated in the petition that I signed,it’s the only soap I watch. Without it,I feel like I am losing a old dear friend.

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