As the World Turns: Watch the Last Episode; What Did You Think?

As the World TurnsAfter 54 years on the air and 13,858 episodes, As the World Turns has ended.

The last installment aired this afternoon and was filled with closure. Doctor Bob Hughes (Don Hastings) retired from the hospital , Barbara (Colleen Zenk) dissolved her partnership with Paul (Roger Howarth), Casey (Billy Magnussen) left for law school, Chris (Daniel Cosgrove) proposed to Katie (Terri Colombino), Lucinda (Elizabeth Hubbard) and John (Larry Bryggman) got back together, and Janet (Julie Pinson) asked Jack (Michael Park) to be Lorenzo’s godfather.

It seemed like everyone’s storyline was wrapped up in some way, except for Luke (Van Hansis). As fans are well aware, he lost Reid (Eric Sheffer Stevens) last week and yesterday, said goodbye to Noah (Jake Silbermann). The closest he got was to be able to use Reid’s stethoscope to listen to Reid’s heart, now pumping in Chris’ body.

If you missed the farewell episode, here it is…

What do you think? Are you satisfied by the final episode, “The World Stops Turning”? Is there anything you would have done differently?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I have watched ATWT since I was 13 an still remember the first episode when the lilting voice of Nancy filled the air as she entered the room–flowers in hand–sing “Oh what a Beautiful Morning.”. I missed very few episodes over all the years it was on and to this very day I am still greiving the loss of the show. I would love to see old tapes of the show and I cannot understand why some television staions does not get the old episodes and let us see them again from the beginning. Maybe we could watch on line even.
    I miss ATWT so much and when I saw Jack on The Good Wife and I just started to cray and I have saved the episode. Am I nuts ? I don’t think so but I am constantly on the look for Nancy floating into the room sings “Oh what a beautiful morning…”

  2. says

    Wow, I never knew ATWT had ended :( I watched it for many years, from 1980s and stopped around 2000 – once in a while I’d have time to peek at it after that but most things had changed too much for me to keep up with. I think, along with Y&R and B&B. ATWT was my favorite :) Checking out how it wrapped up.

  3. Mary Johnson says

    Started watching ATWT as a little girl with my Grandmother; it was in black and white and I believe 15 minutes and recorded live in the beginning. As I grew up, ATWT grew up with me; after a long day at work, I looked forward to coming home and watching my recording of ATWT to see what my friends in Oakdale were doing. On vactions, I recorded every episode and watched when I returned; my son would come by the house and put a new VCR tape in for me as needed. I still miss ATWT and will never watch whatever was put in its TV time slot; I was so hoping that it would be brought back, however, it seems that ATWT is dead to me. What a shame to cancel such a well loved program.

  4. dawn says

    my mom died September 13, 2010. This and guiding light were her favorite shows. Of course she was upset that yet another of her shows was going off the air and she never got to see the final episode. I was just able to watch it today – a year and a half later. I watched this with her when I was a little girl and I can only hope they will someday bring it back… but I am sure they won’t.

    • Mary Johnson says

      You are correct, the networks will not bring back ATWT; I guess those of us that watched it will only have our memories. I do not know what is in that time slot, however, I will never watch it as that was ATWT’s home.

  5. jo says

    I watched this soap since it aired on sky tv in the netherlands , the last years on a other network , it was my closing of the day , everyone to bed and ATWT and I in my quiete time.
    Stupid politics to take the best soap ever off the air .
    Missed the last episode due to being away from the country and a mishap of my dvd recorder arghhh
    Networkpeople you can allways get back in with a soap , it is just like a character that disappears and comes back , so can a soap

  6. says

    I am a viewer from the Netherlands. I watch the soap opera since the the early 90’s. When I heard that the show was stopped, I knew that I was not going to watch anymore. I will never watch a soap opera again. Lilly, Holden and Lucinda i am going to miss your faces on my screen. CBS and P&G shame on you. You have never thought about the fans!!!

    greetings from Holland.

  7. juliet says

    thats the best and my #1 daytime episodes jack and carly i miss you so much wish this love story will get back on air some day plz plz plz am a tru fan

  8. shirley reese says

    I accidently erased the last episode of ATWT, I still miss it and the people I spent an
    hour with each day. Now 2p.m. comes and I have to find other things to do. I miss,
    Bob, Kim, Holden, Lily, Barbara, Henry Emily, Dusty, JACK and CARLY. I keep
    watching the 2 episodes I have left recorded on my t.v. I won’t ever forget how many
    hours I spent watchin some of the best and craziest stuff. It makes me cry though.
    Oh yes, Lucinda, John, and Lisa, Margo, Casey, and Tom. My husband says everything
    lives a life, but I add, it is not necessary to kill it before its time. Have fun tv show. I
    won’t be watching ANY MORE EVER.

  9. R Kelley says

    Had to watch this last episode again, I feel like losing atwt is like a death in the family. I watched since I was a small child of 4 or 5 with my Mom. I’ll be 55 in August, that was 50 years of loyal viewership CBS. You should have taken some other piece of crap off the air and kept ATWT, so many memories are tied into my life of from this simple pleasure of a lovely fantesy called Oakdale…

  10. Sheryl says

    What a horrible ending for Holden and Lilly! We’ve watched them since they were teens! That’s all we get??! Now Carly and Jack? HOT!!

  11. Robin says

    I didn’t like the ending because it should not have been taken off in the first place. Shame on you, CBS, P&G for having absolutley no regard for the veiwers.

  12. Eatit says

    Still mourning the loss of the best Oakdale character ever, Dr. Reid Oliver. Luke and Reid had an epic love story that surpassed them all, but the cancellation and the lack of education from hack screen writers turned the last few eps. into trash. F U CBS, P&G and everyone else that screwed up the most amazing love story to ever be told in years.

  13. Sara says

    I do not think they should have took this show off the air, I think it was a complete crime. I will never watch soap operas again. I have actually not watched any televisi0n since they took this off of the air, so no I was not happy with the end because it should not have happened.

  14. Alicia says

    Im sorry I WILL NOT MISS As The World Turns because the writers never brought back any of my favorite character. I HATE Barbara and Henry together. I wanted Henry and Vienna to get married and Barbara and Dr.Walker Daniels to back together.

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