As the World Turns: CBS Soap Ends, No New Home

As the World TurnsLast December, CBS announced that yet another venerable soap opera had been cancelled. After 54 years on the air, As the World Turns was winding down. As a treat for fans, the producers have been inviting some familiar faces from years gone by to return, like Julianne Moore, Larry Bryggman, Jennifer Landon, Jesse Soffer, Cady McClain, and Mary Beth Evans.

There was talk about the daytime drama possibly continuing elsewhere but it seems that won’t be happening. Yesterday, the cast and crew of As the World Turns taped their 13,858th and last episode in Brooklyn.

In a statement to EW, Brian T. Cahill, senior VP and managing director of TeleNext Media Inc., said, “Last December, when CBS informed us that they were canceling As the World Turns, we immediately launched a far-reaching search to find a new outlet for the show.”

He continued, “We have aggressively pursued network and cable outlets as well as syndication options, and have explored many innovative formats and relationships that we hoped would ultimately enable the future success of As the World Turns. Regrettably, we have not found an outlet or platform that will carry the show forward. This is an extremely disappointing outcome to what was a tireless and exhaustive pursuit.”

Cahill concluded, “While we are sad to see As the World Turns come to an end, we remain proud of the achievements the show has made over the last 54 years and are extremely grateful to the loyal fans who invited us into their homes every day. There is still much in store for the show’s well-loved characters throughout the summer, and although the show will go off the air in September, the remaining stories will honor the remarkable history of As the World Turns.”

What do you think? Are your surprised that the soap won’t be finding a new home? Would you follow the characters if they returned in another form — like books, audio dramas, or web shorts?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    To all orf you on the Cast Of”As the World Turns”Your paert of my and my familys to.
    I have watch you when almost started.My Oldest son Michael was in 12thn grade .And my younngest was in kindergarten.I would hurry back just so I didnt miss your show.
    I love everyone of you.You have been part of my life.I wish everyone the “Best in there lifes”God Bless You All” My life will be withhout you.I will always think of
    of all of you. Lots of Love,
    Rosalind Baker
    PS. Take Care!!

  2. Laurie says

    Isa L.,..I agree with you! I also watch Y&R, and think it’s great as well. If they end that soap, I will be finished with CBS for sure! ATWT ending is bad enough. As crazy as it sounds, I’m not sure I will ever get over it. Not many good programs to enjoy any more on TV, and the ones you do enjoy get axed!

  3. Laurie says

    I am so saddened, just like everyone who posted a comment here. ATWT has been off the air for a week now, and I am still thinking about it! I actually mourned the ending of this show. I, like many others, have watched this soap since 1973. After a while, you feel like you know the people and hold them near and dear to your heart. I just don’t get it. Does anyone have a say about this? I heard about the petition. I pray it’s not too late to put ATWT on another network and keep it going. It’s obviously not for the lack of viewers, because I know that thousands enjoyed this program.

  4. says

    To all of you at As the world turns.I Love all of you.My kids grew up with you .I started watching you when my oldest went to 12th grade My youngest was 5 in kindergaeden.You made my Day everyday.I looked at you.And you made my Day
    on my Happy Days and My Sad days.You always made me ‘SMILE”.You really all of you made me “Happy”I

  5. isa L. says

    ‘ The Young & The Restless ‘ folks ! Where y’all been , under a rock ? ! CBS don’t mess with that soap/show or I’ll be DISCOVERING (wink*) an alternative network !

  6. trish says

    I can’t believe it. I am shocked and very saddened that they took this show off the air, and replaced it with the price is right. There is no need for me watch any cbs during the day. Goodbye CBS!

  7. Nikki says

    I have grown up with As the World Turns and I feel like yet another part of my childhood has gone by the wayside in our new world…. This show has not only kept up with the times but been well ahead of itself when it has come to story lines (even if when they start I felt uncomfortable or even a distain to them, I eventually not only accepted them but came to love the characters that were involved) This show truely has been a wonderful source of entertainment through the generations of my family (from my grandma, my mother, me and me young daughter). We love it and hope to see it return in all its splendure. Thanks for the years!!!!!

  8. Diana says

    I am still in mourning!! I was absolutely dumb founded when I saw “episode comes to an end” I thought WHAT!!! I grew up around the show since I was 3 with my grandmother watching. I am now 47. sad sad sad

  9. Lisa says

    i want that show to come back on the air i was getting into that show i have been watching that soap since i was a little girl and i want it back on tv

  10. Louise Connolly says

    I had no idea As the World Turns was going off the air I went to watch it yesterday and saw it did not get taped and then found out that it was no longer on the air. I was so upset as I so looked forward to watching it daily. It would be great if another channel could take it over. I will be lost without my show. It was the best. Good luck to everyone hope to see you all in a new show also.

  11. Lett says

    My Mother worried me to death about ”HER” show.She has watched this soap when Lisa was on her first husband.She is HIGHLY UPSET. I searched trying to find out “WHY”? She was not HAPPY that she watched the last show. She stopped watching THE PRICE IS RIGHT when Bob Barker left. I guess she’ll start watching TVLAND or TNT.

  12. Roz Parrish says


  13. SHOCKED says

    OMG! What the heck did I miss! I never heard anything about this show ending. I was shocked when I tried to watch it yesterday and it wasn’t there! OMG, I AM SOOOOOOO UPSET! How could CBS drop them??? Stupid move CBS!! Now, I won’t watch CBS EVER again!!!!! Back to FOX, I go!


      OMG exactly!!! Taking off As the World Turns for an hour of the Price is Right!!! I will be watching ABC or NBC during the day too, I’ve already switched to their stations for evening TV viewing anyway…..but I am truly disappointed in this decision. Once Oprah is gone from your station, you better step it up and find some more excellent shows to air or cancellation might become a whole new meaning for you.


        Sorry CBS ….I just read on another site that you do not necessarily decide to cancel a show and that sometimes they just cannot afford to continue. If so …sorry but the truth is that I will really miss these people in the afternoon. I have been watching this show for as long as I can remember. The one show that I still watch on your station in the evening is The Big Bang Theory. Cuts are happening everywhere in all businesses and the loss of this show really is sad, such an interesting storyline and great group of actors.

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