Awake: Cast Reactions to NBC Cancellation

Awake canceled by NBCNBC has cancelled Awake, their cop series with an alternate reality twist. Created by Kyle Killen (Lone Star), the 13th and final episode will air on Thursday, May 24th. Sadly we might never learn exactly what was going on in the head of Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs).

Fans of this unique TV series are understandably upset and the cast and crew aren’t too crazy about the news either. Here’s what they had to say:

Wilmer Valderrama (Efrem Vega): “Wanted 2 say thank you 2 all our amazing fans 4 being so loyal & loving our @NBCAwake.. We believed in the show &…And put our hearts in every Ep.. We made something that had never been on TV, we are proud of the journey.. And grateful to… Have shared it with you all, we love you.. Make sure to NOT miss our season closing episodes.. We will finish with a bang.. LITERALLY!”

Laura Allen (Hannah Britten): “Circle of life. Back in the ring! Truly, thank you for all who watched. #Awake. #NBC. #whoknowsimight’vebeendeadthewholetimeanyway.”

Dylan Minnette (Rex Britten): “2 more episodes until the finale of #Awake We had such a good run, and the show, despite this, was truly great.” “It was an incredible experience working with everyone, thank you for the opportunity. Couldn’t have been blessed with a better cast and crew” To the cast and crew, he wrote, “You are all so talented, I’m so grateful that I had the chance to work with all of you!… Thank you all so much!”

BD Wong (Therapist John Lee) retweeted a lot of others’ comments and simply wrote, “what a lousy way to wake up from a nap!”

Daniela Bobadilla (Emma): “Sad to be writing this tweet.. From the bottom of my heart I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and experience I had on #Awake. Love…every single person on the cast and crew. So proud to have been part of such an intelligent, cool show. Thank you @killen8!!! :):):)”

Michaela McManus (Tara): “Thanks to everyone who tuned in these past couple months. Very sorry to say good-bye… #RIPAwake”

Nicole Burke (first assistant director): “Just got the bad news #awake was cancelled. Thank you to all the fans that watched and to the talented cast & crew.” “To the brain behind #AWAKE @killen8 Thank you for a wild and crazy ride. I enjoyed every minute well maybe every minute. Till next time!”

Kyle Killen (creator, executive producer): “no, don’t see us taking awake anywhere else. yes, the season finale is a really satisfying way to go out. our best EP + penguin” “guys its cool. awake lasted 600% longer than lone star. at that rate next 1 be on until end of time. now, anyone know if Whitney is hiring?” “that was not meant to be shot at Whitney #promise #justlookingforplacetotakeairmattress”

TV show supportLost’s Damon Lindelof wrote to Killen, “Small consolation, but I believe AWAKE will still be talked about in a decade. And fondly.” Killen responded, “thank you. I’ve always wanted to say to someone “you’re a prince” and this seems like the opportunity I’ve been waiting for!”

Josh Friedman, who’s Finder series was also cancelled, wrote, “I choose to live in a version of my life where @killen8 ‘s #Awake is still on the air.”

What do you think? Are you also upset that Awake won’t be coming back for a second season? What would you say to the cast and crew about the program?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Pam says

    Can’t believe it’s being cancelled. Intriguing, challenging, and entertaining. They did a great job with this show.

  2. Jo says

    For years, I didn’t watch live TV show at all (DVDs PVRs or iTunes) other then news. Awake was one of the two shows that I wait for each week to watch it live on TV (the other show was Touch) The story lines are so creative. The cast was excellent. Just sick and tired with all the reality shows…………..

  3. Tara says

    Very disappointed that awake has been cancelled… I think I’m about to give up on tv… Seems that the shows that typically come back season after season are over acted and unintelligent… Every time there’s a great show like awake it seems to get cancelled. Brilliant and unique storyline. Will definitely miss it.

  4. Linda says

    I really loved this show and just assumed it was a long mini series. I did not know it was cancelled. I think their making a big mistake, just like they did with star track. guess they will put more of those stinking reality shows on. After all, we have seen everything now since abc cancelled those soaps.

  5. Jason says

    Thanks to all who were involved in this awesome show. I have to say this was my all-time favorite. Even for just one season. How can anyone top it? I’m excited to see the finale. It looks amazing just from the previews.

  6. Jason says

    Statistics/ratings = better shot @ our money. Our entertainment comes @ best second. Our comments don’t even matter unless they’re followed by our money. Maybe this will get “Awake” back on the air…$$$$$$. Well, it was worth a try.

  7. says

    The alternate reality shtich was handled so well that I was never confused by it. I found the show to be much more intelligently written than I had expected. I liked the show very much and am disappointed that it is gone.
    Newspapers are written at the 8th grade level. Is it any wonder that only the above 8th grade mentality liked Awake and there simply weren’t enough of us? Thanks for not dumbing it down though. No good deed (writing) goes unpunished.

  8. Joe says

    Actually, this was the only show on NBC that I watch. Since it was a reasonably intelligent show and not some stupid “reality show”, maybe not enough people watched it. Well, I don’t like NBC much anyway so guess this is the end for this x-fan.

    • Anonymous says

      I agree this was Avery intelligent show. I am very sadit will not be back . I wish they could go to another network . Network that would this show to come to its full potential . I am very sad.

  9. Joe says

    Really disappointed that the show was cancelled. One of the most creative and imaginative plots since “24”.
    Big shame.

  10. says

    From now on we should make our voices heard! Don’t support any new shows. Period. Force the networks to wake up. If they aren’t going to show us that they support their own darn shows then we shouldn’t either. My wife and I are not going to watch anymore new shows. two to three seasons in at the very least before they will be able to command our attention. These networks are out of control. The reality TV craze needs to end.

  11. Deb says

    I love this show. I am beyond pissed at NBC. I rarely watch TV and there are only 2 shows I was on non-cable networks “Awake” & “Touch”. I feel like any show that attempts to make you think or isn’t filled with mindless drivel is, unfortunately, doomed. Thanks for the past season, I can’t wait to see how it ends. Well, I would rather it didn’t end but it appears I have no choice. Blessings to all.

  12. Jenny says

    I LOVE Awake! It is the best thing I have seen on network television, or anywhere, for quite some time. I am so disappointed that NBC cancelled this compelling show. Shame on them!

  13. PatK says

    Best show on NBC right now. I don’t understand why they were so quick to cancel it. Great writing and great acting. Hope another network will see that and pick it up.

  14. Dale says

    This was one of my favorite new shows. Everyone in the cast (especially Jason Isaacs) was excellent. It seems we are living in a time when creativity has taken a backseat to lame reality TV. I don’t understand why shows that make you think and feel (and also have such great characters that you can empathize with) no longer are a hit. Instead of thinking and feeling, viewers must want to be numb. Ironically, another favorite new show was The Finder and it has been cancelled too. I’m surprised my other favorites, Touch and Smash, didn’t fall victim too. I never missed an episode of Awake and have not been this angry about a cancellation since Life On Mars. NBC finally has a show like Awake and they give it the ax. They could have, at least, given it one more season with more time to wrap up the storylines. The numerous fans of Awake would have appreciated that. It is no wonder NBC is on the bottom. If it wasn’t for Smash, I would consider a total boycott of NBC for a lifetime because of this decision to cancel one of the greatest shows ever on TV.

  15. Tim says

    I am very upset that they are cancelling Awake. I have watched every episode. It’s a great show. yet they renewed Betty White’s lame show. Way to go NBC :(

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