Awake: Cast Reactions to NBC Cancellation

Awake canceled by NBCNBC has cancelled Awake, their cop series with an alternate reality twist. Created by Kyle Killen (Lone Star), the 13th and final episode will air on Thursday, May 24th. Sadly we might never learn exactly what was going on in the head of Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs).

Fans of this unique TV series are understandably upset and the cast and crew aren’t too crazy about the news either. Here’s what they had to say:

Wilmer Valderrama (Efrem Vega): “Wanted 2 say thank you 2 all our amazing fans 4 being so loyal & loving our @NBCAwake.. We believed in the show &…And put our hearts in every Ep.. We made something that had never been on TV, we are proud of the journey.. And grateful to… Have shared it with you all, we love you.. Make sure to NOT miss our season closing episodes.. We will finish with a bang.. LITERALLY!”

Laura Allen (Hannah Britten): “Circle of life. Back in the ring! Truly, thank you for all who watched. #Awake. #NBC. #whoknowsimight’vebeendeadthewholetimeanyway.”

Dylan Minnette (Rex Britten): “2 more episodes until the finale of #Awake We had such a good run, and the show, despite this, was truly great.” “It was an incredible experience working with everyone, thank you for the opportunity. Couldn’t have been blessed with a better cast and crew” To the cast and crew, he wrote, “You are all so talented, I’m so grateful that I had the chance to work with all of you!… Thank you all so much!”

BD Wong (Therapist John Lee) retweeted a lot of others’ comments and simply wrote, “what a lousy way to wake up from a nap!”

Daniela Bobadilla (Emma): “Sad to be writing this tweet.. From the bottom of my heart I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and experience I had on #Awake. Love…every single person on the cast and crew. So proud to have been part of such an intelligent, cool show. Thank you @killen8!!! :):):)”

Michaela McManus (Tara): “Thanks to everyone who tuned in these past couple months. Very sorry to say good-bye… #RIPAwake”

Nicole Burke (first assistant director): “Just got the bad news #awake was cancelled. Thank you to all the fans that watched and to the talented cast & crew.” “To the brain behind #AWAKE @killen8 Thank you for a wild and crazy ride. I enjoyed every minute well maybe every minute. Till next time!”

Kyle Killen (creator, executive producer): “no, don’t see us taking awake anywhere else. yes, the season finale is a really satisfying way to go out. our best EP + penguin” “guys its cool. awake lasted 600% longer than lone star. at that rate next 1 be on until end of time. now, anyone know if Whitney is hiring?” “that was not meant to be shot at Whitney #promise #justlookingforplacetotakeairmattress”

TV show supportLost’s Damon Lindelof wrote to Killen, “Small consolation, but I believe AWAKE will still be talked about in a decade. And fondly.” Killen responded, “thank you. I’ve always wanted to say to someone “you’re a prince” and this seems like the opportunity I’ve been waiting for!”

Josh Friedman, who’s Finder series was also cancelled, wrote, “I choose to live in a version of my life where @killen8 ‘s #Awake is still on the air.”

What do you think? Are you also upset that Awake won’t be coming back for a second season? What would you say to the cast and crew about the program?

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  1. Jeff says

    What a myopic decision to terminate this series. I started recording it and my wife (on about episode 4) got enthralled and watched it from the begininng.

    Sure it takes some “homework” to lock in the understanding. But this is “Wire” quality TV. Jason Isaacs is like Robert DeNiro on steroids. The rest of the cast is pretty perfect.

    I was anticipating that Michael would be in a coma and somehow (in a Jungean mass consciousness quantum twist) have been channeling the two detectives (now working together and figuring out the corruption).

    Oh well, the good die young.

  2. Tom says

    Like many have said, I’ve grown to be disgusted by the lack of creativity and acting on “television”. NBC hadn’t put out a “hit” for several years, and I’ve been so excited this year to get involved with Awake. The acting, storyline, and direction of how each episode was filmed and unfolded for us was so great! With the exception of one 4 minute segment of just one of the 13 episodes, my opinion says this show had the best acting on television for the 2011-2012 season. Sad to see it go, but hoping NBC will come to their senses and REVIVE AWAKE! Bring it back and shake yourselves from the coma you’re in, NBC! You’re supposed to be better than this!

  3. Chris says

    I watched the show from beginning to end and am VERY upset it was cancelled.!!!
    Why get vested into a show when they just end up axing it. If they let these shows have
    another season more people would tune in. I end up staying away from these new dramas
    because they have done this to all of my new favorites in the last few years. Disappointing.

  4. paladin says

    Remember, this is the same network that cancelled “Life”, and then was too cheap to use the original background music when they released it on DVD. Did you really expect anything different this time around??

  5. Danne says

    I had given up t.v, but I did watch Awake on my laptop. It was only 1 of 3 really interesting and intelligent shows on the whole of television. The writing was smart without being complicated and wordy. There was no unnecessary nudity etc. that so many of the other shows have these days. It was a brain teaser with well rounded characters and a sophisticated plot line. When you have great writing like Awake had, then you never have to stoop to the level of having giggly girls running around in their underwear. This cancellation was a huge mistake.

  6. Anonymous says

    Finally a show worth watching on Television… NBC you had a great chance to “Awaken” a sleeping mindless t.v. audience to something worth contemplating….

  7. Tim Tuckey says

    What a great show, refreshingly different. Looked forward to it every week as the story developed. Hate how these networks pull the plug with no c
    Osier for the fans!! Big mistake!! Great cast and great job! Sorry to c u go! Hope it gets picked up on FX or Sci Fi.

  8. Patty says

    I totally loved this series. Watched it from beginning to end. Very satisfying premise and well done. Loved all the actors. Jason Isaacs with an American accent-love it!
    Hope we see you again on North American TV. How about trying a Canadian accent :)

  9. Madhu says

    This was an awesome show and I am really sad. My whole family watched this and got into figuring out the alternate realities. Jason isaacs is a boss…as per my son! NBC we are really disappointed…consider an alternate reality

  10. Matt Scott says

    I can’t agree more with everyone. I loved this show. It was very unique and made you think, and that’s probably why they cancelled it. People just want mindless reality shows . Just take a look at NBC’s fall line up. I won’t be tuning in to NBC this fall.

  11. Lily says

    Maybe when I wake up tomorrow, there will be different version of reality and Awake will be entering its third season.


  12. Erin says

    Wow, I am very surprised and disappointed. This really was an unique show, NBC you’re really missing it. I figured they were going to leave us in an awesome cliffhanger for season 2… this show really had potential.

  13. Brett Jackson says

    I loved this show and my wife and I looked forward to it every week. I am very sad and kind of upset with NBC…I am sick of them taking good quality shows off before they have developed. Just a sad mistake. I will not commit to any new NBC shows now until they do. I will miss this show dearly. Good luck to the cast and crew!

  14. Linda says

    NBC FINALLY airs a show that provokes actual entertainment value and because someone there apparently doesn’t understand how to market their products, neglected to give Awake the publicity it deserved to provoke a wider fan base. This is very, very sad for those of us who really enjoyed Awake and are not at all happy to see it disappear. I will miss the intrigue of this show, and seeing Jason Isaacs in my living room every week was lovely while it lasted… :-(

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