Awake: TV Show Premiere Ratings

Awake TV show ratingsLast night, NBC unveiled their newest drama, Awake, on television. The network had made the episode available for viewing online two weeks earlier in an effort to get people talking about the show. Did that strategy hurt the ratings? It certainly doesn’t seem to have helped.

Per the fast affiliate ratings, Awake debuted to a disappointing 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 6.2 million total viewers. The show didn’t even have that much competition in the 10pm timeslot. It was in first place but thanks only to running opposite a repeat of The Mentalist and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Awake TV show petition and supportOn the positive side, this was a better premiere than The Firm or Prime Suspect had but that can hardly be considered a success.

Will the numbers improve for the second episode because everyone who watched online will tune in? Seems very doubtful.

But, what do you think? Did you watch Awake last night or watch it online? Will you be tuning in to see the next episode? Do you think it will be quickly cancelled?

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  1. Gary says

    I like the show a lot-I just think it is creepy he has 2 different partners and sees 2 different shrinks-what is up with that?

  2. Empathy2 says

    We love this show and therefore share the sense of doom that others here have about intelligent TV these days. I was completely hooked on Prime Suspect and there I actually ASSUMED its fast pace and interesting crimes would guarantee it a large-enough audience. So when it vanished on Santa Claus’s heels I felt a real sense of loss. Silly me. Awake is vastly more original and it’s just complicated enough that at least an average IQ may be a requirement for viewers. That alone could doom it. Meanwhile, though, Jason Isaacs is once again proving himself to be a superlative actor, one of those rare creatures who can sink into his character yet still vibrate with charisma. I agree that the show has heart but it is never in sappy and every episode is full of mystery on so many levels! Let’s HOPE it draws the viewers it so richly deserves!

  3. Edie says

    I LOVE this show. A lot of twists and turns, great acting….and the show has heart. Man, if you’ve ever lost someone important to you…..and how many people under 25 hasn’t?….this show will get to you.

  4. chuckey says

    agree with joe; LOVED it, so nbc will punt it for sure, just like they did prime suspect (innovatively wonderful) and the way they are trying to sabotage harry’s law by totally upending its formula. go figure.

  5. JB says

    Very good. Very well researched or the writers have had personal experience of such a tragedy. Having lost a son myself recently, the emotions and relationships ar very realistic. I hope the show contiues as I found it very comforting not to feel so alone.

  6. Allen says

    I set my DVR to record this show on a whim after seeing an add spot. Returned home later and almost deleted it too tired to watch but thankfully, I gave it a chance. Thank goodness somebody said yes when this show was pitched and it went forward to production.

    The premise is brillant and the interplay of different ‘worlds’ is ripe for great storylines if the writing continues on this high level. The duality of Mikes two partners, the red/green wrist bands, and more importantly, the dueling therapist, is just the kind of sophisticated show we lack on the air today.We have far too many ‘reality’ shows pandering to anyone who needs an escape fix, otherwise, who cares about a Kardashian?

    Part of me is reluctant to buy into the show because too many high concept shows are never allowed to find thier audience, especially on NBC. It seems ABC has found the secret to well written comedy shows and CBS for the one hour drama. What will NBC finally present, more premature cancellations till they are irrelevant?

    Putting the show online before the on air run was a ground breaking move and hopefully a sign that ‘old media’ has begun to see the power of online and social entertainment(see comedian Louis C.K.’s online concert success). I hope more people spread the word about this show via their social contacts and NBC has the smarts to promote this show like the “VOICE” and “SMASH”…add infinum.

  7. Allymax says

    Brilliant concept, terrific acting. Jason Isaacs is perfectly cast. Surprised NBC is behind this unique show – it’s more an HBO-type drama. If Jason’s character must choose between wife/son reality, producers should go with son – more interesting dynamics and wife’s a pill. Magnificent – can’t wait to see how season unfolds, if they don’t pull plug. They should pair it with “The Voice” to assure ratings, as they did with “Smash.”

  8. Karen says

    The premise for this show seemed really stupid. Then they added another generic cop show backdrop on top which made it very unattractive. Pass.

  9. melissa says

    This show sucked me right in and held my attention for the whole hour, and that doesn’t happen very often anymore. The alternate reality premise isn’t new, but Awake offered a completely fresh approach–loved the dueling shrinks. Unfortunately, the fact that I really liked it doesn’t bode well. Case in point, they cancelled Rubicon for Walking Dead. No more zombie shows please, I don’t care gooey they are.

    I’ve no doubt Awake will pave the way for another reality show cause the stupid network execs don’t believe in their own product, just the almighty dollar. Reality shows are the new opiate of the masses, and the networks, our new drug lords.

  10. Joe Marcom says

    It’s not often I like what NBC offers, but I liked this on. Unfortunately, that almost guarantees it will quickly be cancelled.

  11. Sonia says

    I am hoping they do not cancel the episode to quickly if they are going by numbers. But I have to ask they give it a chance. I’m interested and enjoying this premiere.

  12. leslie says

    another unique & original intellectually challenging show that i enjoyed–so its probably doomed. i have met very few people who actually prefer the reality shows (make that none) so it seems that the decisions made on the fate of programming are strictly based on the cost of production, thus the garbage reality shows that are anything but realistic prevail. sad sad sad!

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