Bad Teacher: American Federation of Teachers Applauds Cancellation?

Bad Teachers cancelledThe American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is glad that the Bad Teacher TV show has been cancelled. What? The new CBS sitcom has been cancelled already? Not quite.

Apparently, the Investigation Discovery cable channel started airing a three episode docu-series called Bad Teachers (note the plural) on Tuesday, April 22nd. The show looks at educators who’ve gone “dangerously beyond the lesson plan to fulfil their youthful fantasies and selfish desires, often dragging students down with them into a world of deceit and danger.”

Some felt that Bad Teachers made all educators look bad and their protests caused Discovery to cancel the program and pull it from their site. AFT issued a press release applauding the cancellation. Unfortunately, they didn’t pay close attention to the show’s name and referred to it as Bad Teacher (no plural) — the title of the new CBS sitcom — which has caused some confusion.

It’s unfortunate timing that both shows premiered in the same week — and that the AFT didn’t double-check the Discovery show’s title. While the Discovery program is gone, the CBS sitcom will air as scheduled tomorrow night.

Here’s the AFT press release:

For Immediate Release
April 29, 2014

AFT’s Weingarten on Discovery’s Decision to Cancel ‘Bad Teacher’

Washington—Statement of AFT President Randi Weingarten on Discovery Communications’ decision to cancel the television show ‘Bad Teacher.’

“I was surprised to learn, through a barrage of tweets Sunday night after “Bad Teacher” aired, that Discovery would use its brand to promote such an offensive program. However, I am heartened that it has taken steps to cancel the show and publicly affirm that Discovery Education’s mission is to celebrate and support educators.

“Every day, educators go into the classroom to make a difference in the lives of our children. Their work should be honored and valued, not bashed, and we hope to work with Discovery to showcase the real work teachers do every day to help kids achieve their dreams.

What do you think? Have you heard of the Bad Teachers series? Do you think teachers could also be offended by the CBS sitcom?

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  1. Ed brown says

    I found it funny and written well. I must have missed the AFT meeting that voted on our position because the press statement actually sounds like Randi has an opinion of her own and she happens to also lead AFT but doubt very much if she made an AFT statement. It is a comedy sitcom and if you want to complain about how a show takes advantage of situation for entertainment take a moment to watch FOX news where tweeter opinions now make the news as facts to report.

  2. says

    I am absolutely NOT a prude or conservative fundamentalist by nature, but Bad Teacher is a piece of vapid, offensive, and vaguely creepy crap. It should go —- NOW. I am a middle school teacher and simply find it in poor taste, especially the sexual innuendo freely delivered in the presence of students. Not funny, at all. Just disturbing.

  3. thomass275 says

    I didn’t see the Bad Teachers show on the ID Channel but history has shown that the left wing extremist (Nazi-esq) AFT would have the final word. They and all the other teachers unions wield enough power to silence anyone or anything that get’s in the way of whatever agenda they have! There could be a thousand bad teachers but they won’t let that stand in there way! There are bad teachers all over the country but they still get a (good) paycheck even if they are so bad that they aren’t even allowed to teach anymore. No wonder the US is so far behind in education.

    • History 101 says

      You’re obviously not a History teacher or you would know that the real Nazis made the trade unionists wear Red Triangles. Hope the irony’s not lost on you.

  4. Jennifer says

    I watched the first, and now only, episode of ID’s “Bad Teachers” and I’m actually quite disgusted at the American Federation of Teachers for complaining about it. How many times have we heard about teachers going too far with their students on the news? Read about it in the paper? Watched “Dateline” specials about? There ARE bad teachers out there and the AFT wanting this show pulled doesn’t change that. I didn’t see how this series would “give teachers a bad name” in any shape, way or form. ID has shows that specialize in Southern murderers, women murders and wealthy murderers, among others. Have all Southerners started a campaign to get “Southern Fried Homicide” cancelled because it makes all southerners look bad? Or have the wealthy started Tweeting like mad to get “Behind Mansion Walls” cancelled because it makes all rich folks look bad? I don’t know of any women’s groups fighting to get “Deadly Women” cancelled because it makes all women look bad. The teachers in the AFT need to realize that rational, intelligent human beings can sit down and watch a show such as “Bad Teachers” and know that it is about that one person featured in the story, not the entire profession. If we’re at the point where it’s standard procedure to demonize every profession that has members who overstep their bounds then I don’t think there is a single profession out there that will be getting any respect from anyone at this point.

    • David says

      I agree with you Jennifer. I assume the beauty pageant industry will now complain to ID that Beauty Queen Murders should never air again. Some teachers do bad things and misuse their power and those stories aree reported on the news all the time. Does this association complain to media outlets and demand they stop covering those news stories? Why should a docu-series about those bad things not be allowed to air?

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