Battlestar Galactica: How Katee Sackhoff Wanted the Show to End

Battlestar GalacticaIn a recent interview with EW, Katee Sackhoff talked about the last episode of Ronald D. Moore’s Battlestar Galactica TV series.

Throughout the show’s four season run, viewers watched the on-again off-again romance between Sackhoff’s Starbuck and Jamie Bamber’s Apollo.

Still, in a recent interview, Sackoff notes that she believes that her character’s true love was Sam Anders (Michael Trucco). Viewers will recall that he was the Pyramid player and was married to Starbuck for a time.

Sackhoff, who now co-stars on Longmire, recalls, “I always wanted Starbuck to end up with Anders, and I think I probably pushed it that direction, so there’s some fans that, like, hate me because they were like, ‘No, Apollo! We love Apollo!'”

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with Sackhoff on Starbuck’s one true love?

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  1. Kat says

    Katee Sackhoff, to you I say this: “No, Apollo! We love Apollo!”

    Haha. But seriously, I could see the argument for either one as being Starbuck’s one true love… and I’m fine with it either way. But I do love Apollo and Starbuck together.

    This was a great show, but I think the ending could’ve been better. What we got was certainly fitting, but I just wish there had been less to the Gaius Baltar & Number Six storyline. That they weren’t some sort of angels or whatever… I just wanted them to be a human and Cylon couple with machinations that differ from what the “good guys” want, like they were in the beginning.

  2. Why Watch says

    I liked the show, but the ending, particularly the last five minutes. was lame. They should’ve left the final scene with Adama

  3. Keith Ranson (BFC's 'Leonidas') says

    It’s Kinda Difficult To say,Since She Had That ‘Ultimate Destiny’ Of Finding Earth.

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