Beautiful People

Beautiful PeopleNetwork: ABC
Episodes: 16 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: August 8, 2005 — April 24, 2006
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Daphne Zuniga, Sarah Foret, Torrey DeVitto, Ricky Mabe, Kathleen Munroe, James McCaffrey, Jackson Rathbone, Jordan Madley, Matthew Del Negro, Kimberly Huie, Sean Wing, Arnold Pinnock, Kyle Schmid, Peter Hermann, Stephen Amell, Michelle Duquet, Jennifer Miller, Michael B. Silver, Cameron Bancroft, Barbara Mamabolo, Sasha Roiz, Elizabeth Whitmere, Genevieve Kang, Paul Popowich, Jeff Geddis, Janaya Stephens, Grant Show, Alex Campbell, Daniel Fathers, Lauren Lipson, Melanie Scrofano

TV show description:      
A drama that follows the highs and lows of single mother Lynn Kerr (Daphne Zuniga) and two daughters Sophie (Sarah Foret) and Karen (Torrey DeVitto) as they move from a small town in New Mexico to New York City.

Lynn dreams of being a fashion designer but takes a job in a boutique to pay the bills. Karen was a successful model back home and is unprepared for the fierce big city competition. Brighton doesn’t fit into her new prep school as she discovers it’s populated by wealthy and privileged kids known as “the beautiful people.”

Schoolmates include Annabelle Banks (Kathleen Munroe), Gideon Lustig (Ricky Mabe), and BP Nicholas Fiske (Jackson Rathbone).

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Darya says

    Hi, I totally love this series, I was sooo disappointed when got to know that there is no continuation. It’s an awsome series, that teaches us a lot: how to handle difficult situations and go up, not looking at the obsticles. Please, go on…:(

  2. Jan McMahan says

    Found this series on netflix, loved it and so upset when I found that it was cancelled. They at least should do a movie sequel to put some closure to the series. Many of my friends loved it too. Reminded me of the Gilmore Girls. They should not have cancelled it!!!!!!

  3. Neci says

    Seriously disappointed in regards tho awesome show that was short lived. Quite difficult to be engaged in nny if todays t.v shows.

  4. says

    Just found this on Netflix and immediately got hooked. It was a great show with great actors. Very sad it ended so quick. and with a cliffhanger. Please please pick it up again somehow. Maybe it will be way more successful these days………

  5. Anonymous says

    Just watches this show for the first time. Watched every episode and absolutely loved it. Hate the way it ended. Would love to see 10 more seasons of Beautiful People. So broke my heart to see it just abruptly end. I know its now 8 years later but would still love to see a new season of this with the same characters. Maybe a follow up, years later down the road only to start the show all over again, showing what has happened throughout the last few years and starting new episode in the future or what would now ne the present. I believe this show would sale in todays world!!! Love it!!!

  6. monica wells says

    Talk about ticked off. Wow I also got this from the dollar tree. Me and my 14 year old got hooked and so sad when I went to look for more seasons. I pray that one day I get to see the ending.

  7. lorenna kocijancic says

    l really enjoyed the show ,it had morals, and just the right amount of everything without going over to the top….so disappointed….l give it a 10/10

  8. TJ says

    so i fell upon this on netflix, due to Jackson Rathbone starring in the show, i was very disappointed in the show ending the way it did.. it should have stayed on the air, it was a great story line.

  9. Patty says

    I happened to stumble upon this series @ the Dollar tree. I took attention to it BC I am a huge OTH fan and two of the main actors were on it. Anyway this was the best dollar I have spent. I am hooked on the series but also disappointed in the my mind Nicky comes back and reunites
    with Sophie… they were the reason I got hooked. When he left the show it ended for me. Was hoping he would ha e reappeared b4 the show ended. Does anyone know where to find music from the show?

  10. anonymous says

    Sooooo pissed . So not fair that they just ended this show the way they did . Why waste such a good tv show yet leave the crappy ones still playing . Kind of mad I got so hooked to the show just to find out it was canceled and ill never know the end . . Ughhhh Netflix should warn u about this in the bio or something . Somebody start a petition lol (seriously tho) BRING BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE BACK !!!.

    • dee parson says

      I just watched this on netflix not knowing it ended after one season. Left hanging,…..

  11. says

    Hi Again;…..Thought some more about why the show may have been canceled…
    Boy Toy Gideon, Mom who goes through three men, in a very short time… daughter wanting to improve her career chances; doing the same…. Though there was the element of you must not turn to drugs when stressed… what about turning to sex for the same reasons????.. Not much of a Moral element to the show at all…. Just very great acting!!!
    In spite of the dysfunction of the feminine characters, Lynn and Karen; I came to care for them…and hoped their lives would take on a fuller element of happiness…. The truth is one can not get away from what ever your God/World view is…this View will be reflected in how one thinks and lives.. I wondered about the little Angel statue in the hallway along with the Buddha figure.
    I hope all of us who watched Beautiful People, will learn through our own trials to make different choices than Lynn and Karen… I applauded little Sophie, there seemed to be an element of groundedness in her young character…glad that the Writer decided to keep Sophie that way.. and watching her sit alone at the Fashion Show, I hoped that the Writer was not planning on having her change her mind about supporting Chris’s efforts to embrace hard responsibilities. Anyway guess we will not know what the Writer had planned..

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