Beauty and the Beast: Premiere Ratings

premiere ratings for Beauty and the BeastLast night, The CW unveiled their new Beauty and the Beast TV series. Were the ratings beastly (like its reviews) or beautiful (like its leads)?

On Beauty and the Beast, a young and beautiful homicide detective comes face-to-face with the beastly man who saved her life years earlier. From the shadows, he helps her solve crimes while she helps him stay hidden. The cast includes Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan, Nina Lisandrello, Brian White, Max Brown, Nicole Gale Anderson, and Austin Basis.

Airing opposite the Vice Presidential debate on all four other networks, Beauty and the Beast’s first episode attracted a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 3.16 million total viewers. It was last in its timeslot in both categories.

Year-to-year, compared to The Secret Circle’s premiere in the same post-Vampire Diaries timeslot, the network was on par in the demo and up slightly in viewership (vs 3.05 million).

This was a very promising start for the new series but it’s important to remember that, while Secret Circle also had a positive start, its ratings slid over the course of the season and was cancelled in May. The same could happen to Beauty and the Beast.

What do you think? Did you watch Beauty and the Beast last night? Will you be watching next week? Live, via DVR, on-demand or online?

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  1. Kat says

    Kristin Kreuk is supremely watchable, but even she flounders in this here and there (did the director tell them that yelling was “dramatic” and they should do it as much as possible?). The scenes without her are fail terribly, which is why they probably decided to stick her in about 98% of them. I get the sense that she’s holding this show up singlehandedly, making it a 6.5 in my book, while without her it’d probably be a 5. I’ll keep watching, but it’s not even as entertaining to make fun/hate of as The Secret Circle was in the beginning (which was up to an 8.5 in terms of quality, adjusting upward for it being a sci-fi/fantasy genre show, by the time it sadly ended).

  2. Alex says

    BATB, like Arrow, is extremely low budget and poorly written. They unveiled all the interesting details too soon and the plot for both look very dull. I expected better.

  3. Azreal says

    Elements of “Beauty and the Beast” that were good included the events of 9/11/2001 being injected into the storyline involving Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan); which resulted in his enlistment into the armed forces; and exploring PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) he experienced because of his participation an experiental super soldier program. The bad element: the transformation into an awful ripoff of the 1970s version of “The Incredible Hulk” and “Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde” from “Van Helsing”. The producers probably couldn’t afford the talent of the legendary Rick Baker, who transformed Ron Perlman into the cool, noble man-beast from the original 1980s series. Jay Ryan’s acting almost made up for it. The let down resulted from expectation caused by teaser commercials ( I thought Vincent was going to transform into something with fangs and fur, but he didn’t) If they go with fangs and fur in the future; and continue with the rest of “good” elements of the show then it’ll go from being a 6. 5 to a perfect 10.

  4. Anonymous says

    I thought it was good thru the last half. Personally I couldn’t stomach the 80’s version, so there is no competition there. Maybe the networks are trying to appeal to people who were born after the 80’s???

  5. Lovenia Seahorn says

    I watched it and thought it was very well done. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled as did ringer. I have it set to record and plan to watch it along with arrow. Two great shows. Finally!

  6. DKB says

    I saw the previews on tv because they kept playing it. I was like ‘that show is going to suck’. After watching the vampire diaries (which I didn’t find entertaining) I stayed tuned and watched beauty and the beast. It started out slow because the female main role couldn’t act like the tough cop very well. I didn’t take her seriously. By the middle her acting got better. Anyway I thought it was great (BETTER than the vampire diaries season premiere) however I doubt it will go for more than three seasons. But I’m hoping there will be another season.

  7. Gisela says

    I am a fan of the original and by far this is the worst reboot I have ever seen. They revealed all the mysteries and secrets in the first episode. The guy has a little scar and get greenish when mad. Does that make him a beast? He is too pretty to be the beast. Where is the poetry, the beautiful photography and the magic of the original. Definitely this is a second rate teenagersized version of a tv masterpiece. It’s bland, boring and the dialogue makes you cringe. One of the most seductive elements of the original cult tv series was the voice of then protagonist Ron Perlman. This new beastly kid is cute but a dud. Pick a book tv writers or better watch the original and get some fresh ideas. I give it a month.

  8. darrin says

    Don’t think this will be around too long, and I was a fan of the 80’s series. The ‘beast’ is a just a hot version of the Hulk, and the ‘experienced cop’ appears to have been lifted directly from The Perils of Pauline. It was so silly I can’t even honestly say ‘Nice try’.

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