Bent: Is the New Sitcom Worth Watching?

Bent TV series on NBCTonight, NBC starts airing their latest new sitcom, Bent. The series is a romantic comedy which revolves around a womanizing surfer dude contractor named Pete (David Walton, Perfect Couples) and his beautiful no-nonsense client named Alex (Amanda Peet, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip). They come together to renovate her Venice home and somehow they start to hit it off. The rest of the cast includes Margo Harshman, Joey King, and Jeffrey Tambor.

Based on the fact that the peacock network is running Bent this late in the season and burning through all six episodes in three weeks, it seems that NBC execs don’t have much faith in the show. If that’s the case, some of the critics certainly agree. Some of the others however think Bent is worth your time. Which side are you on?

Washington Post: “Walton is the weak spot in Bent’s otherwise fine — and large — ensemble cast, but he grows on you by the third episode. Arrested Development’s Jeffrey Tambor adds another layer as Pete’s semi-delusional father and housemate, Walt, a frustrated stage performer who plays piano in a department store. It’s essentially Tambor doing his stock zany-man part, but it’s a welcome sight here…

Bent is another single-camera cousin of Scrubs and of Cougar Town and prefers to jabber just as fast. Adding all these extra characters seems to be creator Tad Quill’s way of hedging his bets that the show might meaningfully evolve, if given the chance. What happens after Pete and crew finish the kitchen job? A bathroom remodel? You keep wishing she’d kiss him already so we can all move on.”

USA Today: “Still, if the show lacks novelty, it’s not without its appeal… Yet the more episodes you watch, the more you may notice a built-in conundrum for the show as a series. To keep Pete in the house, the show has to slow down the pace of his work — which it does, in future episodes, by having him and his crew devote most of their time to goofing off. But the less he works, the less likable he becomes, and the more he’s likely to remind many viewers of their own not-so-romantic encounters with contractors. Should the show continue, that’s a problem it will have to fix. Making it one more fix Pete will probably never get around to doing.”

NY Daily News: “UNLIKE, SAY, Rob or I Hate My Teenage Daughter, NBC’s new Bent isn’t a terrible sitcom. It’s just flimsy and forgettable… Bent feels like a one-night stand where, in the morning, no one minds if you don’t stay for breakfast.

LA Times: “I won’t dispute the fact that from the floor to the roof much of Bent, a rom-com sitcom debuting Wednesday on NBC, is made from parts stripped from several ages of earlier romantic comedies. But I would also argue that it doesn’t matter much… More would be nice, but what’s here is still worth your while.”

NY Times: “Sometimes it’s best not to think too hard and just embrace the idiocy. If you’re able to bring that mind-set to Bent, a screwy comedy NBC introduces on Wednesday night, you’ll have a pretty good time.”

Boston Herald: “NBC seems to have little confidence in Bent and is burning off its six-episode order in double installments over three weeks. (A second episode airs at 9:30.) You’d have more fun watching somebody put up drywall. Come to think of it, DIY should be airing that right about now.”

What do you think? Are you going to give Bent a try? If you’ve already seen it, what did you think? Will you tune in again?

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  1. KJN says

    I enjoyed Bent and thought it was funny and had a chance. Too bad it was on NBC, the worse network on tv. As such they displayed a total lack of talent in understanding what the public enjoys.
    So they cancelled a show people will watch and will remain the worse network on tv.

  2. Angela says

    I LOVE Bent! Great comedy the whole family can watch. Love that it isn’t raunchy like other comedies I’ve seen lately. I just wish that NBC will keep it going. There are not too many shows that I really enjoy watching especially from NBC.

  3. gmw says

    I love BENT! I just found this show, and hope that it sticks around! I’ve not laughed (literally out loud) so much in forever, while watching this show! I really hope the NBC execs don’t burn this one out. It’d be nice for something other than crappy reality shows were to be played. :)

  4. Pam Nelson says

    LOVE Bent!! It is fresh, funny, and not dumbed down for the audience.
    We LOVE Amanda Peet..but David Walton steals the show.
    When do you see a sitcoms where the whole cast is perfect?
    I hope this gets renewed.


  5. Colleen and Tom says

    Bravo NBC! When we watched “Bent” our whole family said without hesitation it is the best sitcom show this year!!! The cast has perfect chemistry equal to such classics as the “Seinfield” shows and the quick humor keeps you just asking for more. The comfortble plot is wonderfully enhanced by the terrific writing of Quill with great, quick wittted, and fast classic humor. David Walton is such a lovable sexy guy and Amanda Peetis the one with whom every woman identifies. We already love them both and wait for the inevitable romance. The total show leaves you wanting more at the end of even a one hour run.Finally Wed. night has something to entertain without gore and filth.

  6. says

    We stumbled on Bent a couple of weeks ago and have found it to be one of the funniest, freshest shows out there. And we are hard to please sitcom people. Quick, witty writing matched with the charm of David Wlaton ( whom we loved in Perfect Couples). The cast is filled with great characters ( especially Jeffrey Tambor, as Walt’s Dad). And we cannot believe that NBC is not going to renew the show. shame on you. Wanna cancel something…try Whitney. Crap acting, mediocre writing. Sad to see another David Walton project scrapped. Huge funny talent. P.S. loved Marcia Gay Hardens guest appearance tonight!

  7. Gary G. says

    Fell on Bent by accident tonight and couldn’t change the channel… Quick, witty, intelligent.. Made me laugh out loud a few times… Been awhile….perhaps since Seinfeld….that i got a real smile out of something on tv.. I don’t watch much tv but this ones a “keeper”… Looking forward to it next week… Give it a try people..

  8. Absoutely Love it!!!! says

    I absolutely found this show hilarious. The chemistry between the two is awesome and the whole dynamic of the show is great cant wait to watch more!!!!!!!

  9. Bethany says

    I watched both episodes and hope to watch many more. That being said, the actors on the show seem to pick shows that get quickly canceled, so I have a hard time getting attached to this show as it will probably turn out to be one of the best on tv this year, and then they will yank it out from under me like they do so often. Hearing that they are burning through all the shows ordered makes me feel uncertain that there is a reason to watch, but I will watch because it was so worth me watching tonight that I watched each episode 2x.

  10. mp says

    Bent was so much better than the over the top acting, mean, snarky jokes and dumb (yes, dumb) storylines of Cougartown, Happy Endings Suburgatory and many of the other newer sitcoms. I dont remember the name of the sitcom from Fall 2011 where the two guys dress as women for work or I would have typed it in caps. The characters in Bent were likable whereas many sitcoms now do not have likable characters. There was a few rips here and there, but not the mean jokes you get in the comedies mentioned above. There is only room for so many Kramers out there and this show seems smart enough to not to overdo it and cram a character in there where it wouldnt work. Tambor is close enough to eccentric. Hope this show sticks. Thx

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