Round Three: What’s the Best Sitcom in TV History?

MASH vs All in the FamilyWe’re ready to move on to the next round of our sitcom tournament. In round two, we had more than 8,200 votes and came up with some very interesting matches.

To little surprise, The Honeymooners and I Love Lucy came out as the winners in the 1950s polls. Interestingly, Leave It to Beaver gave Honeymooners a real run for its money.

In one of the 1960s contests, it was neck and neck between The Andy Griffith Show and Gilligan’s Island for quite awhile. There were times when Gilligan shot ahead but ultimately, Andy and the Mayberry gang won out over the castaways. For round three, it’s going to be The Dick Van Dyke Show versus The Andy Griffith Show — two very different but beloved and respected shows.

In the 1970s categories, two iconic and groundbreaking shows — All in the Family and M*A*S*H — are going head to head. Both popular CBS sitcoms ran for a long time and sought to educate while entertaining audiences with laughter.

Then, in the 1980s categories, we’re left with the two mega-hits that used to populate NBC’s Thursday night line-up — Cheers and The Cosby Show. Both were top-rated shows and worked hand-in-hand for many years.

In the 1990s categories, Friends and Seinfeld were the clear leaders with nearly 50% of the votes each. Once again, two mega-hit shows from NBC’s Thursday night line-ups. Too bad the peacock network doesn’t have shows like this anymore.

And finally, in the 2000s categories, two CBS shows won out — The Big Bang Theory and Everybody Loves Raymond. Considering its popularity, we expected Two and a Half Men to be one of the finalists but Raymond was dominant almost from the beginning.

So now, comes toughest part so far. You’ll need to decide between these these pairings. The winners of these rounds will go head to head until we have the show that you think is the greatest sitcom in TV history.

You can vote only once for each poll but don’t worry, we’ll start the next round of voting on May 5th.

UPDATE: This round has now closed, please move on to round four!

Which is the best sitcom from the 1950s?

  • I Love Lucy (74%)
  • The Honeymooners (26%)

Total Votes: 726

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Which is the best sitcom from the 1960s?

  • The Dick Van Dyke Show (45%)
  • The Andy Griffith Show (55%)

Total Votes: 698

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Which is the best sitcom from the 1970s?

  • M*A*S*H (61%)
  • All in the Family (39%)

Total Votes: 761

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Which is the best sitcom from the 1980s?

  • The Cosby Show (38%)
  • Cheers (62%)

Total Votes: 768

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Which is the best sitcom from the 1990s?

  • Seinfeld (51%)
  • Friends (49%)

Total Votes: 785

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Which is the best sitcom from the 2000s?

  • Everybody Loves Raymond (52%)
  • The Big Bang Theory (48%)

Total Votes: 772

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What do you think? Were there any choices that were particularly difficult for you this time around?

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  1. Adam Decker says

    I don’t like I Love Lucy. None of the episodes I’ve seen were any good.

    Making me choose between The Big Bang Theory and Everybody Loves Raymond was a tough choice. Either one would be a great winner. I voted for The Big Bang Theory.

    So, are you saying that The Simpsons and Family Guy didn’t make it? That’s very interesting.

  2. Melissa D. says

    The Big Bang Theory for sure for 00’s. Would have voted for How I Met Your Mother, but alas. :(

  3. Mary Sagor says

    Tough to choose between Cosby and Cheers…I wouldn’t miss either one of them…literally. I planned my evenings around both of them and M.A.S.H….I also “had” to see Michael J. Fox in his show, which I didn’t see on any of these lists. (ok, my mind just went blank…what was even the name of the show?) but I wouldn’t miss it, either! Thursday nights in the 80’s were TV night. Period.

  4. Donald Baker says

    I picked “Everybody Loves Raymond” as it had the most overal appealling qualities but it was difficult to make that decision because “Big Bang Theory” is really funny. But BBT is current which confuses the choice making.

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