Better Off Ted: ABC TV Show Cancelled, No Season Three

Better Off ted cancelledTo no surprise, ABC’s Better Off Ted has been cancelled after two seasons on the air. Though it was a hit with critics and a devout group of fans, it just never found a mass audience.

Better Off Ted follows Ted Crisp (Jay Harrington) and his fellow employees at Veridian Dynamics, a strange and heartless technology company. The rest of the cast includes Andrea Anders, Jonathan Slavin, Malcolm Barrett, and Portia de Rossi.

Last May, ABC decided to show some faith in the freshman sitcom and renewed Better Off Ted for a second season. At that time, the ratings weren’t great and they got even worse after the renewal announcement.

When the network began airing the remainder of season one during the summer months, they averaged a terrible 0.74 in the 18-49 demographic and 2.09 million viewers.

For season two, Ted debuted with a 1.5 rating in the demo and 3.82 million viewers. As bad as those numbers sound, they got even worse.

Paired with Scrubs, ABC decided to burn off the remaining episodes of Ted in January. Despite campaigning from some loyal fans, viewership hit a new low for the season — a 0.8 rating and 2.17 million viewers.

The writing’s been on the wall for a long time and realistically, based on the numbers, the TV show shouldn’t have been renewed for a second season. Many in the cast have taken other jobs and the series has now been cancelled by ABC.

What do you think? Many really loved this show but it never attracted a big audience. Why?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jade says

    Better Off Ted is hands down one of the cleverest modern comedy TV series. My family and I watch it all the time and we all love it. I think perhaps it didn’t catch onto the masses because you have to get to know the characters a little before all their jokes become hilarious. At first I myself thought it was a little odd and slow at times. But after 2 episodes I was laughing my head off and couldn’t stop watching them over and over.
    I’m really sad there’s no Season 3. It’s the loss of a great show and intelligent humour – something we need more of these days.

  2. says

    We are watching both seasons for the second go-round….my husband talked me into watching episode one with him last year and we just couldn’t stop…watched them all – and here we go again. Hilarious lines and great rapport within the cast; it’s a gem! This time I have been watching for great one liners: “My brain was trying to say something but my mouth was chewing gum!” Portia de Rossi and Jay Harrington have a great chemistry – makes me think of Burns and Allen…

  3. Eric says

    Seen an episode on comedy central and loved it. One of the best shows I’ve seen. Immediately looked up all the remaining episodes. The smart comments of Veronica are just awesome :) I probably plan a Better of Ted-o-ton soon to watch them all over again :)

  4. Grant says

    Better off Ted was a quirky and and extremely funny. My friend found this show on Netflix and I instantly became addicted. This show isn’t a stupid show like Jersey Shore or reality shows. ABC needs to get it together and bring back Better Off Ted!

  5. says

    I watch it over netfix ..hoping to see season 3 .. now I got this great news !!! I am very sad to know and feeling very angry for this … lots lots craps are on air… And they cancled it ? What a shame …Shame you ABC …How many shows got 8.9 rating {imdb } ?? huh

    hope for the best & good Sharlok Holmes series ..I hope ABC will revive the show

  6. says

    Another great show, cancelled. So sad the state of people that demand hundreds of reality shows. Shame on stations that cannot keep up good content and don’t even provide adequate advertising for smart, well written, well scripted, well acted shows. So sick of finding great shows on Netflix that are cancelled….while the crap continues to fly on mainstream television. I hate you mainstream television. I hope you die.

  7. Robin Brown says

    My husband Wes and I found this show on netflix. Funny, original, inspired writing. Had ABC advertised, I do believe this would have out-run any real (ya right) housewives show.
    A show willing to take on controversial subjects without offense to anyone. the right mix of actors.
    We feel a sense of loss, that solid television that provides laughter is cancelled in favor of …hard to think of many other good TV shows.

  8. BRIAN says

    Like most other viewers here I found the show on Netflix and wanted to know if it was still on network TV. As I had feared, it has been cancelled which figures. Smart and funny shows like BOT gets that ax while crap like “The King of Queens” lives on forever.

  9. Mauricio says

    This is one the best shows I have seen in a long time next to friends. I was really sad to watch the last episode. I just don’t get why their are these stupid reality shows that are on air forever and these awesome shows that have excellent talent don’t make it. ABC did it all wrong, just like many others, I only found this show on netflix. I had no idea it existed on ABC till now. Who are the people that were in charge of marketing this show and who are the people that took it off the air.
    I guess watching the kardashians or real House wives is what we have to get used too. But I do hope that ABC do air this show again one day.
    Good luck to the cast and writers. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you

    • Mayy says

      I only found this show because of Netflix as well, if I had known this show was on air I would have convinced everyone I know to watch it just because its so fantastic. I especially love Veronicas personality, you’ll never find a personality like that anywhere on TV Im very sad to say goodbye to the cast of Better Off Ted I feel like I am losing a family. The Veridian Family.

  10. Jen says

    This is a great show & needs to be brought back, excelled writing, great humor, the show has it all. Oh wait, except for trashy reality show aspects of it! I watched it on Netflix which was the first time I had ever even heard of it. ABC never puts out that great of advertising for a show, unless it’s a popular prime time show, better off ted should be one of these great primetime shows. this whole series is absolutely amazing. I’m sad now that I have watched all the episodes and there are no new ones out there. Poor job ABC in canceling this wonderful show.

  11. Lena Strickling says

    Like most I found this show on Netflix, I was very disappointing to find it was canceled if there is any way it should be put Back On Air!

  12. Morgan Langford says

    I didn’t even know this show was on air, but when I started watching it on Netflix this year, I fell instantly in love. THis show is absolutely hilarious and original, ABC did a horrible job of marketing and advertising this show no wonder it got canceled. I hope they bring it back somehow though.

  13. Charli Savage says

    I was not aware the show was on at the time but I discovered it on Netflix and now know that this is the funniest show I have ever seen. I am very sad to know the show will not be back because it should. I have never laughed so hard and will miss the antics of Ted and his hilarious co-workers. Please renew this show…we need a good laugh….pardon, we need a great laugh!!!!!!!!

  14. James M. Huttner says

    Again, another GREAT series is pulled. I’ve just watched 25 of 26 episodes on netflix only to find it was canceled after 2 seasons. The comedy was original and refreshing, not to mention hilarious. So now viewers are stuck with really crappy reality programs. Leave it to ABC to ditch a very brilliant show.

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