Better Off Ted: Jay Harrington Hoping Show Won’t Be Cancelled

Better Off TedIf you’ve looked at the show’s ratings lately, you know that Better Off Ted’s ratings are terrible and the show is almost certainly heading for cancellation. What’s more, ABC recently decided to burn through all remaining episodes of both Scrubs and Ted over the next month.

Still, Better Off Ted wasn’t doing very well last season and ABC gave it another chance. Series star Jay Harrington is hoping that the show’s luck will continue to hold out. He recently spoke with the Boston Herald while in town for the NHL Winter Classic.

The actor believes the show’s the victim of ABC’s good fortune. “I don’t think the network thought they would have the success they’ve had with their fall shows… And they had us kind of waiting in the wings. When those shows hit they didn’t know what to do with us.”

Though viewership hasn’t been very high, Harrington says that Ted’s ratings are “consistent.” He notes, “People who watch it stay with it… Which is pretty good considering a lot of people never thought we’d make it past the first season.”

The cast and crew have wrapped on the current season and Harrington says they all have their “fingers crossed” that they’ll be back for another round. In the meantime, he’s looking for other work and is open to making a return to Private Practice, saying, “That would be fun.”

What do you think? Do you think there’s still a chance that Better Off Ted will get a third season? Is there anything you’d like to see happen before the show ends?

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  1. bob says

    Well just bare in mind that ratings are everything for a show and many people just don’t understand the good humour shown in this show.

    I just dont know why they ever names it better off ted….such a terrible title for a show its no wonder it never attracted viewers, i only watched my first ep of it by accident and what does that show. They need to get back up t0 5 million viewers in order to stay on the air, I hope they get it.

  2. Dawn says

    I really hope they don’t cancel this show. I work in an office and this show just keeps me laughing out loud. I would really miss it if they get rid of it. They could always put on the same night as the other comedy’s since they cancelled Hank. I

  3. Helen says

    OMG!!! You cannot seriously be thinking about cancelling this show!!! If the ratings are low it’s because enough people don’t know about it. It’s one of the funniest shows on television. I love Better Off Ted, it’s one of my favorite shows. I’m going to paste all over my facebook for everyone to watch it… give it a chance. PLEASE don’t cancel it!!!!

  4. chris says

    Better Off Ted is amazing. It is one of the funniest shows on television because the storylines are silly but if you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment there is more than a bit of truth in the stories. The actors are witty as hell too.

  5. meo says

    This show is sooooo funny, warm, witty and just plain likeable! Portia is absolutely hysterical! I can’t imagine the Kardashians and Housewives of ……. are on tv, but yet they’ll consider cancelling a genuinely funny show. It’s shows the mentality of those running programming….

  6. Really? says

    WTH is wrong with ABC, or its viewers? I don’t think this show is too clever for most people to find it funny. It’s more like you need to be dumb not to get it!

    I think Better Off Ted is way funnier than Community, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, and even (sadly) current HIMYM, which used to be the best.

    It’ll be a real shame if Better Off Ted gets cancelled. But then again, the same thing happened to Arrested Development, Studio 60, Dead Like Me, etc.

  7. Coffeemarc says

    Well, there certainly is an abundance of garbage on TV, but Better Off Ted is most certainly NOT one of them. It has better and snappier writing than most, and that almost always means doom. I agree with the acknowledgment that ABC seems to take more chances with ideas that are not “most common denominator”, but then cancels them which is painful. Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone were two of the best things going, but did not survive the writer’s strike gap. I’m still wounded from ABC canceling Twin Peaks way back in ’91…with no closure offered. Ouch!

  8. Robin says

    This show cracks me up. It has gotten funnier as time goes on and it’s a great satire not just of how ridiculous corporate life can be but many other things. I think the problem may be it’s the type of humor that sadly flies over the heads of a lot of people. It seems what people respond to now is blunt simple obviously crude humor. It was the same problem with Arrested Development which brought constant laughs for the whole show. The show likely is doomed and it’s a real shame. I suppose there will just be more cartoons about really inappropriate situations with family dogs & creepy babies that make you just plain uncomfortable, along with people picking spouses on the air and eating bugs, instead. The good news is, I suppose eventually I won’t even have to bother paying for cable.

  9. Mike M says

    I love ABC for giving us shows nobody else would take a chance on – the trouble with the likes of Ted, Pushing Daisies and others is that they are just way too clever for the majority of people. Too fast, too much to take in, they don’t get it and they tune out. So I then hate ABC when they cancel these incredible shows and take away my favorites. But I did get to see them, and on balance that’s much better than not. This is though still without doubt the most consistently gut wrenchingly funny show TV has seen since Arrested Development, so it’s a real shame it hasn’t caught on more.

  10. Skysoldier173 says

    The only thing that could be said for this piece of garbage is that things will be great when Better of Ted is “Most surely DEAD” Alongside other pieces of garbage like Middle, Modern Family,Scrubs and Americas di=umdest videos.

  11. aichi says

    OMG please do not cancel this show! It’s one of the funniest show on TV right now, but unfortunately people would rather watch Fox news. Sad I say.

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