Better Off Ted: Could a Wednesday Timeslot Save the Show from Cancellation?

Better Off TedLast night, Better Off Ted registered yet another poor performance in the ratings. While the ABC sitcom was up in the 18-49 demographic by 30%, it still ranked a distant fourth place for the time slot. That’s not really a surprise considering that the series is pitted against some powerhouses on the other networks. Why doesn’t ABC move the series to another night?

Better Off Ted is an offbeat comedy that revolves around Ted Crisp (Jay Harrington) and the other employees at Veridian Dynamics, a heartless technology company. The rest of the cast includes Andrea Anders, Jonathan Slavin, Malcolm Barrett, and Portia de Rossi.

ABC has expressed disappointment in the show’s performance in year two and has decided to air the episodes of Scrubs and Ted in rapid succession. ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson recently admitted that the shows’ timeslots are tough, saying, “Whenever we put comedy on a night other than Wednesday, it’s been an island and we haven’t had a lot of success.”

Would a new timeslot save Ted?

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Since the Tuesday night timeslot doesn’t seem to be working for either comedy, why not shift one of the shows to Wednesday nights, to fill the spot left by cancelled Hank? McPherson said he didn’t feel that either one was compatible with shows like Modern Family or The Middle.

Still, ABC has scheduled the two last Scrubs episodes of the season on Wednesdays in early February. That’s left Ted out in the cold and all the more likely to be cancelled.

Fans of the office sitcom aren’t ready throw in the towel just yet though. They’re campaigning to give Ted a try on Wednesday nights, preferably in an 8:30pm timeslot, and for ABC to renew the series for a third season. Click here for more information.

What do you think? Is Better Off Ted a better fit on Wednesday nights? Would that be enough to save it from being cancelled?

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  1. Barry I. Grauman says

    No, no, ‘vic’- “MODERN FAMILY” is too successful to be cancelled; in fact, it’s been renewed for another season. The ABC Wednesday night comedies deal with “average families” (and one over-40 single girl)- “BETTER OFF TED” is too caustic and “hip”, and wouldn’t “fit” in, as “SCRUBS” obviously wouldn’t. The only difference is, ABC would be more likely to renew that for another season because they OWN it, unlike “TED” [that’s controlled by 20th Century-Fox TV]. If the network doesn’t have anything of proper “comedy weight” for next season, they might renew “TED”….AND, if they could find two other “hip” comedies that a small cult audience {and TV critics} like, perhaps they could “build” a successful Tuesday night comedy block around it and “SCRUBS” as well.

  2. Franklin says

    It just goes to show that television execs are just as out of touch with the American Public as the politicians. Better off Ted is a great show and moving it to Wednesday night to air at 7 Central would be great.

  3. Graham says

    I don’t know why ABC wouldn’t give either show a shot at the empty Wednesday half-hour (even an encore showing). If McPherson thinks that Better Off Ted is going to drag down his entire Wednesday night by airing Better Off Ted, then clearly this show isn’t coming back. Shame on you, ABC.

  4. ReNe says

    I love Better off Ted. Since Arrested Development and Scrubs(when it was really good, like Season 1-3) this is the first show that is worth watching. There’s nothing wrong with the show itself, I can tell it for sure. It is you guys ABC.. shame on you. Save Ted!

  5. bklyn says

    I hope they don’t put it on the 9pm schedule for Wednesday, because CBS would have it beat. It would be best at 8pm lineup.

  6. Anonymous says

    This show is so funny, and has something that I have not seen in a long time… originality. Honestly, if they could quit shoving it all over the schedule, and give it a chance by running it during a less powerhouse hour to get people hooked, I think it could easily be the next Office or whatever. If they cancel this show, I honestly hope some smart cable network (USA maybe??? I could see watching it along side Psych) will pick it up. This show deserves a life, and we deserve not to lose it. We have paid the price of far too many GOOD shows already.

  7. R.J. Sheedy says

    I think Wednesday Would Look Great Like This!!!

    8:00 – Modern Family
    8:30 – The Middle
    9:00 – Better Off Ted
    9:30 – Cougar Town
    10:00 – Ugly Betty

    Have a STRONG comedy ancor the night so hopefully those viewers will stay tuned for the rest of the comedies wich sounds like a great idea. Then Have Ted in the STRONG 9:00 Slot Previously Ocupied By Modern Family.

  8. Bruno says

    Better Off Ted is a great show. I think it would fit pretty well into the Wed night comedy block. This is how the schedule would look:

    8:00 – The Middle
    8:30 – Modern Family
    9:00 – Better Off Ted
    9:30 – Cougar Town

    This would put Better Off Ted in between Modern Family and Cougar Town which have become very popular shows. Plus, Better Off Ted’s quirkiness goes well with Cougar Town’s. The Middle and Modern Family are more family oriented, with BoT and CT being more raunchier and off-beat.

  9. Betty says

    Better Off Ted is one of the smartest, freshest shows I’ve seen on TV in a long time. It reminds me of when Scrubs first aired. I don’t watch much TV, but I do go out of my way to watch Better Off Ted, The Middle, and Modern Family. Don’t throw away this excellent show.

  10. Darren says

    I think Wednesdays would save Better Off Ted. Better Off Ted with The Middle, Modern Family & Cougar Town would make a stellar Wednesday night line-up! Come on ABC! This seems like a no-brainer! Ted is a great show that will get great ratings if given the proper chance. :)

  11. JonnyDub says

    This show is hilarious! It’s possible it would do better on Wednesday nights, hopefully saving it from cancellation. Why shouldn’t viewers of the other comedies want to stick around for another half hour and watch one of the funniest shows on tv?

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