Better Off Ted: Unaired Episodes of Cancelled TV Show Finally Released

Better Off TedWhen ABC pulled Better Off Ted from the schedule last January, the network hadn’t officially cancelled the TV series but the writing was certainly on the wall. Though popular with a devout group of critics and viewers, the offbeat sitcom had never performed very well in the ratings.

Most expected that the final two episodes would be burned off during the summer months. That almost happened when ABC was airing the NBA Finals. The two episodes were scheduled for June 17th and would have run if the winner of the Finals was decided early and a seventh game wasn’t needed. That didn’t happen. The seventh game was played and ABC never bothered to reschedule the unaired Better Off Ted installments.

Well, now fans of Better Off Ted can finally see “Swag the Dog” and “It’s My Party and I’ll Lie If I Want To” — albeit for a price. ABC has made the episodes available for purchase via iTunes (here and here) and Amazon (here and here). If you already subscribe to Netflix, you can watch them for free via their streaming service. There’s been no word about a DVD release for season two but you can purchase it via iTunes and Amazon.

Though it may be nice to see the staff of Veridian Dynamics one last time, don’t expect any closure. Neither of these unaired episodes are really the last episode. The last one produced, episode 26 titled “Mess of a Salesman,” was the last to air on ABC on January 26th.

What do you think? Are you glad that you can finally watch the unaired episodes? Worth buying?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Dan says

    I’m going to go along with most of the prior comments… such a shame it’s off the air; it really was a great show.

    Also, I have to say to you folks, netflix is a great way to go, I think I’ve only done the mailer thing like 2 times or so, I almost always watch my shows online. While the “Watch instantly” movie selection can be limited at times, netflix has almost every season of MANY popular sitcoms and shows like this. I saw someone post their favs earlier (all cancelled… sigh) but anyone who liked this show, might I strongly suggest you watch “Pushing Daisies”… it’s a FANTASTIC show… albeit cancelled the same way this was.

  2. Maria says

    I just found out that Better Off Ted was cancelled!! I am so upset. What, there weren’t enough cop or forensic shows on already? This was easily the funniest show on TV last season. I agree with everyone else about this show. I wish another network would pick this up. I think ABC really screwed up on this.

  3. Maddy Marie says

    Very sorry to see this show go. . . loved the writing.
    Very glad I’m a Netflix subscriber so I may view the last 2 episodes.
    Would love to see a DVD with all episodes and the Veridian commercials; some of the best & funniest writing out there.
    Thanks guys!

  4. says

    I agree with everyone here. I don’t always get a chance to see or remember when a program I like is coming on but, the moment I decide I really like something, it’s over. The show was refreshingly funny with many “LOLs” for me! I don’t want to watch the reality tv crap. Get tired of vampires, CSIs, and over sexed everything else! I was watching it on Netflix and wondered if it were coming back on and came across this site. Thanks for letting us know that it’s been killed. I mourn the loss of this along with Reeper! *sigh*

  5. says

    This was my favorite comedy show. Funny, intelligent, witty, no laugh track. Awesome. It’ll be replaced with utter crap, I’m sure. BOT was appointment TV for me. Which is rare. I guess they just want to pander to stupid people.

  6. Brian says

    Just finished both Seasons on Netflix streaming and it was hilarious. It like many other great shows never found an audience because we never heard of them. I never once heard about this show until Netflix recomended it to me. Its amazing a show such as South Park (not knocking South Park BTW) but its been on for 14 Seasons?? its too bad Comedy Central or FX didnt pick this up as they seem to market better and have a more loyal following than the big 3/4, which seems lost in reality TV anyway…

    • bob says

      ABC buried this show on the wrong night. They should have moved it to their wed comedy night lineup, where it would have had a real chance.

      Its tragic, because it really was one of the top 3 sitcoms on TV for the last two years.

  7. Anonymous says

    Just another example of ABC trying to tell us what to watch. While they are busy pushing drama and smut, good and intelligent shows like these get plunged down the drain! I LOVE this show and I will mourn it’s loss.

  8. GHE says

    Anonymous is sooo right. The only reason I didn’t watch the show earlier is because I didn’t know about it. It quickly jumped in my charts of favorites. This show was at least as good as Friends was. I’m still pissed that ABC sucks so much that they don’t know good when the have it and they’re marketing team should get punched in the baby makers.

  9. Anonymous says

    It’s so frustrating finding a show worth watching only to have it cancelled. I feel sad for the writers who know how to write just don’t know how to market. I officially hate these networks that don’t know a decent show. This is why society is falling apart.

    • Anonymous says

      ABC screwed this one up, clearly. Funniest show since Arrested Development (which was also canceled prematurely). I don’t like the networks either, but don’t think society is falling apart because they don’t recognize quality television.

    • Elaine says

      Thank you Davin,

      Dear Davin,

      I enjoyed this show and looked forward to it each week. I will try to
      Download “Swag The Dog”.

      If you find a free download of “It’s My Party and I’ll Lie If I Want To” Please notify me.


  10. Kyng says

    Glad to see ANY of the productions from this series.
    It just gets so frustrating to have fallen into the category where so many of the shows I enjoy are summarily cancelled…. oes that are even the slightest bit different from the regurgitated shlock that the networks continue to pump out. Better Off Ted, Pushing Daisies, Life on Mars, Sarah Connors Chronicles …. all different kinds of shows, but all with a conscious attempt to entertain with quality writing and new ideas.

    Instead, if it’s not an “unscripted” “reality” show, it’s a rehash of every plot done since vaudville …

    This is what happens when you ge told and out of the demographin…and it is what happens when they get lazy in their business of lettign the bottom line rule.

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