Better with You: ABC Sitcom Cancelled; No Season Two

Better with You canceled season twoABC has some successful sitcoms on their Wednesday night schedule. Unfortunately, Better with You wasn’t popular enough for the network. The comedy has been cancelled after one season on the air.

Better with You revolves around the Putney family and their significant others. Maddie and Ben have been happily dating for a long time and aren’t in a rush to get married. They begin to question their choice when Maddie’s sister gets pregnant by her new boyfriend and they announce their plans for nuptials. The girls’ parents approve of the idea, having taken on a carpe diem approach to life. The sitcom stars Debra Jo Rupp, Jake Lacy, Jennifer Finnigan, Joanna Garcia, Josh Cooke, and Kurt Fuller.

The TV series debuted back in September to a 2.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.86 million viewers. In week two, the ratings slide to a 2.2 rating and 6.99 million. Those aren’t terrible numbers but they aren’t great either, especially considering the series was sandwiched between two already established sitcoms, The Middle and Modern Family. Both of those consistently performed much better so it would seem that some viewers were making a conscious to tune out when Better with You came on.

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The ratings for Better with You slowly declined over the course of the season, hitting a season low a couple weeks ago with a 1.5 demo rating and 4.64 million viewers. While the sitcom now airs up against American Idol, The Middle does too, has a tougher timeslot, and performs significantly better.

With ABC considering starting a second night of comedy, Better with You was on the bubble for a potential renewal. ABC has now decided to cancel it, likely believing that they can get better ratings with a new sitcom.

All 22 episodes have aired and the series finale, “Better with Baby,” aired a few nights ago.

What do you think? Are you sorry that better with You isn’t getting a second season? Why do you think the sitcom didn’t attract a bigger audience?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Cait says

    One if my favorite new comedies! All of the actors are perfectly cast and I miss the show already…please bring it back!!!

  2. kylie says

    this was a great show and one of my favorites! i’m so upset that it isn’t coming back for a second season. i know so many people that watched it but most watched online because of work/school conflicts with the time it was on, but so many people loved it. they should really reconsider.

  3. E says

    This show never got a chance. It was definetely just like FRIENDS and the Office and just as funny. Like friends and the office, you can’t just watch it once and like it. you have to understand the actors roles and their likes and dislikes. That is why this show was great because it had all of that. Very funny show with great comedy and links to each characters lives. I think if you watched a few episodes you would be hooked like I was.

  4. Gregory g says

    What the hell better with you was the best show on abc in Wednesday they can never keep a really good show on this days they really need to put it back on we need to come together to put our favorite show back on Team Better With you bring ous show back

  5. Lauren says

    I am SO sad. I have been watching this show all season, and with every episode I couldn’t help but say “I love this show!”

    I was really looking forward to seasons of this enjoyment. I’m very surprised that I was in a minority!


    I only hope another network is wiser and resurrects the show.

  6. Scott says

    Total disappointment in ABC for cancelling ‘Better with You’. Loved the ‘generational thing’ at the beginning and end of each episode. I enjoyed getting to know the characters, and was looking forward to seeing how the baby was going to be raised. Bummer.

  7. says

    Are you kidding me again, a great show getting cancelled????? I loved Better with you, don’t like cougat town turned of the tv when that came on, lame, wrong show cancelled! Bring “Better with You” Back!!!!!!!

  8. clhplh says

    I loved Better With You. I am so disappointed every week to see Cougar Town over and over. Cougar Town’s jokes are just too lame…last week they resorted to asking strangers for condoms as if they could not just go buy them….just an excuse to introduce embarassing conversations about sex in a show that has nothing else going on to entertain. I enjoyed the juxtapositions of the three relationships in Better With You and wish the powers that be had more intelligent viewers in mind.

  9. Carm says

    It was a great show!! Very funny!! I hope that by some miracule another network picks it up. I don’t understand why it didn’t do well, I think its better than the middle.

  10. Drusilla1v says

    Come on!! This is a great show! What do expect the rating to be like when you put it up against Idol? I saw every episode but it was on DVR since it was UP AGAINST IDOL you fools! Putneys Rule!!

    • Bethany says

      It was one of my fave shows. It sucks that it was canceled Kind of makes me mad lol. It was so funny and I was hoping for a season 2.

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