Beverly Hills, 90210: Jennie Garth Is Finished with CW’s 90210

Jennie GarthFor fans of Beverly Hills, 90210, one of the main reasons to watch CW’s 90210 was seeing some of the original actors. Brenda Walsh (Shannen Doherty), Donna Martin Silver (Tori Spelling), Jackie Taylor (Ann Gillespie), and the Peach Pit’s Nat Bussichio (Joe E. Tata) each stopped by for a few episodes.

Jennie Garth, who plays Kelly Taylor, was essentially a series regular in the first season of 90210 and many viewers got wrapped up in trying to guess who fathered her four-year-old son — Brandon (Jason Priestley) or Dylan (Luke Perry). Neither man were seen on-camera but Kelly did reunite with daddy Dylan off-screen.

Kelly has been helping to raise her half-sister, Erin (Jessica Stroup), and dealing with her alcoholic mother’s battle with breast cancer. Jackie Taylor lost her battle recently and mother and daughters were able to make amends before she passed.

Should Garth continue being on 90210?

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While Garth has had plenty to do on 90210 in the past, don’t expect to see her when new episodes return on March 9th.

This weekend, Access Hollywood asked her about the news that Ryan O’Neil would be appearing on the show. Garth was surprised by the casting news and admitted that she’s actually done with the spin-off. She said, “I’m not really doing it anymore… [haven’t for] awhile.”

It’s unclear if Garth leaving the show was her choice or if it was made for her. The decision very well may have been an economic one. The ratings have been terrible and the producers are likely trying to cut costs in any way they can.

What do you think? Is it a big loss for the show or has Kelly’s time passed? Why do you think Garth left the show?

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  1. Larry says

    Not sure but they should have had Brenda get with Dylan and Brandon end up with Kelly on this. Maybe they will make a TV movie of the original TV show.

  2. charley says

    this is a huge loss. as most people have said. i watch to see if any of the old faces are there. these story lines about the kids i could care less. i am pretty annoyed as i was always a brenda/dylan fan . but to know that kelly and dylan had a son i was thursting for more of the way tv used to be. guess another show i will not be watching

  3. pauline says

    jennie garth has to stay on the new 90210 is nothing without kelly donna david brandon and steve and andrea

  4. pauline says

    kelly needs to comeback to 90210 because 90210 is nothing without kelly, donna, david and brandon so they have to return to 90210. Brandon walsh should be the father of the kid because he would make the perfect father figure and amazing father figure so fix it and make it happen. Brandon has always been there for kelly and they are real soulmates and should have gotton married. Brandon has brought out the best in kelly through the years. I’m a true kelly and brandon fan and always will be. All kelly fans are only watching 90210 because she is in it if she leaves then 90210 will lose all their original fans because the new 90210 is a copycat of the original the drugs episode, fire , rape, the prom ,the beach club,the school, the peach pit and etc the whole liam , annie nioami thing is exactly as the whole kelly, dylan, brenda thing all over again which is quite boring. dixon is a boring character and should not have been the lead because the lead in the ortiginal was not adopted. you shouldn’t have done it that way.Dixon is also too judgemental fore my taste. he treated erin like crap in the first season and there for those two don’t belong together. have brenda have a kid with dylan and have kelly have a kid with brandon because brandon and kelly belong together. brandon and kelly spell true love and are real soul mates. kelly comeback so they can have a kelly and brandon reunion and brandon and kelly could get married once and for all and have lots of kids together and be happy together. from your number #1 fan pauline

  5. says

    it’s going to be a anourmous loss if kelly leaves because she the far most talented actress i have ever seen and i won’t be watching 90210 after she leaves. The only reason i started watching the show was because she and donna were in it. now that she is leaving i will not watch again. Rebecca sinclair and her partner are a disgrace they don’t know any thing 90210 will not survive without kelly and donna they belong there so bring kelly back because 90210 is absoultey nothing without kelly and donna. you can’t name it 90210 because it is a copycat of the original and you shouldn’t of killed off kelly ‘s mother and shouldn’t have dropped kelly because she is the most amazing character on the show and all her fans are watching the show only to see her. you shouldn’t have picked dylan to be the father because he is a drug addict and a drunk and very abusive towards kelly physcal and emotinally. You should have went with brandon walsh because he is her soulmate they belong together forever and he would make an awesome father figure and dylan would never make a good father figure. you scred the 90210 show when you let keely leave and picked dylan instead of brandon to be the father. brandon has always been there for kelly physically and emotinally. he should be the father of sammy. you guys made a mistake picking dylan to be the father . kelly and brandon had real love and chemistry and are real soulmates . they should have gotton married. kelly and dylan’s love was all fake. He doesn’t really loves kelly. He love brenda. brenda and dylan were made for eachother. have brenda have a kid with dylan and have kelly and brandon have a kid and get married once and for all. From your number #1 fan pauline make it happen please!

  6. says

    It would be a devestating loss if kelly left the show becase she is an extrodnary actress and very talented actress and thats why i watch 90210 because kelly is on the show i only watch because she is faboulous and amazing and would not watch 90210 ever again if she left and brandon has to come back too. Brandon has to be the father of the kid because he is truly in love with kelly and they are truely soulmates and have to end up toghether. sammy looks exactly like brandon. cant you see when you look at sammy he has the same feature that brandon has. the lips and mouth are the same. the chubby hands the blond hair the same smile and the same sleep pattern. brandon calls kelly at 3am in the morning kelly has an exciting expression and smiles. the all can’t sleep.they all stay up. brandon deserves to be the father . he would make an outstanding father figure. they should pick him because dylan is a drug addict and always drunk and is abusive physically and emotional . kelly and brandon belong together forever. Kelly cant leave it will destroy 90210 because 90210 won’t last without kelly brandon donna and david if theyt comeback. I want to see them come back. I love kelly and brandon donna and david they are my favourite characters and they all should be on 90210 for many years to come. They should make a tv movie reunion with the originals where donna and david get married a second time so brandon can actually be at the wedding this time.They should have brandon and kelly get married this time also and have many kids together.All my friends watch because kelly is on 90210 if she is not on any more than all of the fans won’t watch anymore. we only watch for kelly and donna. besides it was very mean that they killed of kelly’s mother. bring back kelly you will lose viewers if she doesn’y stay because your 90210 is a copycat of the original and you know it. your number#1 fan pauline

  7. pauline says

    kelly is talented and she should stay on the show that made her famous. I always liked when she was with brandon and they should make brandon the father of her kid because sammy looks like brandon. Brandon had some blonde hair from time to time. Brandon has chubby hands and so does sammy. they both have the same cheeks and mouth and they are both cute and sexy.brandon and kelly have always been soulmates and are always there for eachother and we can’t get enough of those two. so please kelly do your fans a favor and change your mind and do not leave cause 90210 won’t be able to survive without you or brandon if we can get him back for you an the new 90210. love your number#1 fan pauline
    can’t wait for season 2 to start up again. kelly needs more storylines and needs to be in every episode or i will never watch 90210 i only watch because of kelly taylor no other reason i watch just kelly.

  8. pauline says

    kelly can’t leave because she is the best actress and really talted and will be a shame to see her leave. she has to stay so brandon can eventually come back and be the kids father. I only watch the 90210 because kelly is my favotire and because with out her 90210 would be boring and shameless. I also want brandon to come back so they can get married a second time and have more kids. brandon and kelly have always been soulmates and my favote characters and if she leaves 90210 i will never watch 90210 again . Because i always love kelly and always will but 90210 will be nothing without her. so if your listening jennie garth please dont leave. from your number #1 fan pauline

  9. says

    Big Mistake. Kelly and Brenda was the only reason I was watching the show. Brenda left and now Kelly. That’s Great..They should get rid of Dixon and boring

  10. Dylan says

    The ratings are pretty bad, but cutting an original castmember is no way to leave the budget low and keep the ratings steady. I am seriously losing interest in the show. I don’t really enjoy episodes without her, so I probably won’t be watching the show once it return.

  11. Kiy says

    What’s going to happen with her and Harry’s storyline..??
    Who is Silver going to have now.??
    Her mom just died and now her sister is gone..
    I guess it’s time for a ‘I’m moving with Naomi or some random friend storyline’..

  12. Anonymous says

    I am sure it has everything to do with 90210’s sorry excuse for a show runner Rebecca Rand Kirshner. There are plenty of high school drama’s around but only 90210 had ties to the 90’s giant Beverly Hills, 90210. Over the summer, Rebecca gave an interview that she wasn’t going to do any stunt casting and she wanted to focus on the core group and not use any of the characters from the old series. I agree you can’t live in the past and the focus should be on the core group of characters but by taking out all of the old school characters, she is aienating all of the old school fans which is probably a big part of the current audience. I think she should have left them in there but as secondary storylines like they were in the first season. I think the show has been crap this season since she took over.

  13. Gary says

    Big loss and likely to be the catalyst for the end of the show. If they wanted to cut costs, they should have trimmed down the two dozen regulars they have that no one cares about. If it was her decision, I can’t blame her – that ship has been sinking all season. Either way, it was probably the best thing for Jennie, the worst thing for the show. Now if we could just get rid of Melrose Place, too.

    • Average Citizen says

      >Now if we could just get rid of Melrose Place, too.
      Spray and spray but we’ll likely never be fully rid of these remakes/spin-offs of shows that are better off staying buried in the 90’s when they were still relevant and being written with some sense of competency.

  14. Jez Lloyd says


    • Corvin says

      Totally agree. They could have at least had a couple of episodes devoted to Kelly and the others to resolve the Donna & David issue etc. It was clear that when the new ‘management’ took over they didn’t want anything to do with the old just ‘new’. Even on that note, the Dad & Mom splitting up story-line just didn’t work. They clearly want to be focus on the new youth but it sorely lacks continuity, reverence to its predecessor and respect for the fans of the old and the new. Sad indeed. Granted it has its moments and introducing a lead gay character was well something of substance but overall it needs more of the ‘old’ to keep it ‘real’ for the rest of us.

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