Big Shots: ABC Pulls the Series, Will It Be Back?

Big ShotsABC is moving some shows around for the November sweeps period and, as part of that, is pulling freshman drama Big Shots.

Big Shots follows the lives of four businessmen who are successful in business but whose personal lives are a bit of a mess. The series stars Michael Vartan, Dylan McDermott, Christopher Titus, and Joshua Malina. Big Shots debuted on September 27, 2007 and six episodes have aired thus far. The premiere attracted a mediocre 11.6 million, losing about nine million from the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy that preceded it. The ratings have been slipping ever since and the most recent episode attracted just 7.3 million. (Numbers based on overnight ratings.)

Its no surprise that ABC is pulling Big Shots for at least part of the November sweeps. Women’s Murder Club will take its place for a special Thursday night airing on November 15th. Then, on November 22nd, October Road will kick off it’s second season before settling into it’s Monday night timeslot a few days later.

It looks like Big Shots may return to Thursday nights on November 29th. If the writers’ strike continues for very long, ABC will certainly want to make use of any current scripted content that’s already been completed.

However, Big Shots is one of the few freshman shows that were not given orders for additional scripts or episodes in advance of the impending strike. That fact alone puts the series’ future in question. It’s not known how many of Big Shots’ 13 episode order have been completed or scripted. One way or the other, the show’s production will probably be shutting down in a few weeks at most.

As the writers’ strike goes on, ABC will be faced with some serious economic decisions. They’ll have to decide how long they want to keep paying actor and production expenses for a mid-to-low rated show that’s not even in production. At this point, it’s looking doubtful that Big Shots will survive. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Stephanie Smith says

    My husband and I love watching Big Shots together. This is a great show with a wonderful set of actors. Please give it another chance!!

  2. janet says

    please do not cancel the show big shots.its the best show on husband also likes it and looks foward for thursday night.

  3. Anonymous says

    Ireally hope abc reconsiders canceling big shots. I love love love it. Its funny and it has an awesome storyline. There are so many other shows that are on abc that should of been canceled a long time ago but not Big Shots….it ROCKS!!!!

  4. angela says

    I cannot believe that they would not give this show a shot!! I never watch TV because there is not enought time but I must say THursday nights I made time and if I didn’t I would use the dvr and record the Big Shots. The characters are gorgeous and fun and the stories were getting better. I don’t ever really make time for shows BUT THIS ONE I DID. PLEASE DON’T CANCEL THIS SHOW THE ARE ALL GOOD ACTORS AND FUN TO WATCH. EITHER FIND ANOTHER TIME SLOT OR KEEP IT ON THE SAME NIGHT Please!!!!! we miss it.

  5. Sandi Routh says

    I love Big Shots it is the only new show on your network that I watched and liked. It makes me laugh. I think the writer has a great sense of humor. I cannot belive you would pull this show for some of the other losers you leave on.

  6. Jenny says

    My husband and I love this show! It’s my favorite new show of the season…along with “Dirty Sexy Money.” Please bring back Big Shots — the guys are hilarious, story lines are interesting and we look forward to watching it every week.

  7. Rebi Roo says

    Big Shots is hilarious! It’s almost like Desparate Housewives, but with men inspiring the drama! I loved the show when they were sitting around the indoor pool and a comment was made that they are turning into womend!
    It has to be back!!!! I LOVE THE SHOW!!!

  8. Krissy says

    I love Big Shots. I’m getting pissed off just thinking about them canceling it, but I know they wont cancel it, their not that stupid.

  9. anonymous says

    Not sure if this has already been said (don’t have time to read every last comment posted here), but I am a viewer who doesn’t get to watch during the week. I catch everything on over the weekend.

    I’ve been disappointed week after week to find no newly aired episodes of Big Shots. I wonder if your ratings reflect me as a viewer – ie, that I’ve watched what is available online and made numerous attempts to no avail to watch more each ensuing week.

    Surely my circumstance is not singular; there must be more viewers like me!

    It’s beyond comprehension that this show isn’t making it based on its creative/writerly merits. Something is gravely wrong with the marketing of it.

  10. TR says

    I CANNOT BELIEVE ABC IS CANCELLING BIG SHOTS! I love that show! That is the only Prime Time TV show I watch all week, without having to switch over to cable. I hope the reconsider and bring it back. The whole show is HOT! I just LOVE bad boy Dylan McDermott! He’s too gorgeous! I could swim in those baby blues!
    Oh PLEASE don’t cancel the show!!! And Christopher Titus is hilarious!! I just wished they would finally show the debut of his wife he speaks so lovingly about! lol!

  11. DeeAnne says

    I really hope these yahoos don’t cancel Big Shots. This is the first show that I have really like since Friends was on.

  12. sandra says

    Big shots was one of the best shows this season..I really enjoyed it..Grey’s just dosen’t do it for me anymore.Please bring big shot back and maybe they can drop dirty sexy money.Did not like that one at all

  13. Tim says

    Big Shots best show on TV. ABC I am disapointed and am going to find something on CBS,FOX or NBC in that time slot and will not have ABC on in my house during that time. I am on strike with ABC till Bid Shots come back!

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