Big Shots: Is the ABC Series Cancelled or Not?

Christopher Titus and Michael VartanFans of the ABC series Big Shots will be happy to know that the dramedy is returning this Thursday night. But for how long?

The series has been struggling in the ratings almost since the beginning of its run, losing almost half of Grey’s Anatomy’s audience. As a result, Big Shots was pulled from the schedule for the all-important November sweeps period (when advertising rates are set). The drama-comedy is returning this week but will be gone again next week when it’s preempted by a Barbara Walters special. Big Shots is scheduled to return again December 13th with the series’ ninth episode. After that, who knows?

So, is the show cancelled or not? When filming was shut down in early November, the crew was reportedly told that production would not resume when the strike ended. But, series star Christopher Titus told Hollyscoop from the picket line, “Big Shots has not been cancelled. I talked to the president of the network…The rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated.”

Though the series has not been officially cancelled, it seems like the network is treating it like a lame duck. Unlike Dirty Sexy Money, ABC still hasn’t ordered any additional hours of Big Shots beyond the initial 13 episode order. And, based on the way ABC’s playing with the show’s schedule, the network doesn’t seem to be planning much of a long-term future for it.

Realistically, if the strike continues, all of the networks will be desperate to air any original scripted content — and that includes episodes of Big Shots. Publicly canceling the series would serve no useful purpose right now and would likely only discourage viewers from watching unaired episodes.

So, right now, the show’s fate is still up in the air but it doesn’t look good. If ABC truly wants to give Big Shots another chance, the series should be given a new timeslot — ideally paired with another show that attracts a predominantly male audience. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Anonymous says

    Please bring the show back it was extremely entertaining. It was a series my husband and I could both sit down and watch. You just needed a little more time for the men to catch on, they can have a movie night too!

  2. honey bunny says


  3. says

    Seems ABC ‘never’ actually wanted this show in the first place. Although, in the beginning there were several promos, three weeks ‘after’ it went on the air ABC ‘pulled all promos’ immediately, and didn’t let the public know about ‘programming changes’. The critics ‘helped’ immensely by chopping this show to bits “before” it even got started. I was so amazed with the fact the it was able to change from comedy to drama at the drop of a hat, and made you want to come back for more to see what the conclusion was to the previous episode.
    Michael Vartan and Nia Long turned out to be the ‘most watched’ couple on the show, and just when their relationship was ‘expanding’, ABC pulled the plug.
    I can’t understand why for the life of me ‘someone’ at the station couldn’t have at the very least, done a ‘spin-off’ with Vartan and Long since they were the most popular couple?
    Also, this is now the second time that they’ve pulled the plug on Michael Vartan ‘series-wise’, and I’m beginning to wonder if they’re subtlley trying to send him some kind of message (and yes, I do realize that these things happen in an actors/actresses career)? ABC can show all the reality crap that they please, I’ll stick to my repeats of ‘Big Shots’ thanks.

  4. janie selmon says

    I loved Big Shots. Well, maybe not loved but I sure liked it a lot. It kept me entertained and that is not easy to do. I use to watch Grey’s anatomy until all the uproar concerning Mr. Washington came about. I loved watching him and some not all the cast members. Since they took him off I do not watch anymore. Then came Big Shots. I thought what a great replacement. Then I found out it had been canceled. What a let down. It had so much potential. I was also saddened to see shows like Judge Amy canceled. If only shows like these would be given a better shot at it. I would watch these type of shows if only they existed.

  5. monica says

    I really miss this show I thought for sure it would be back this fall I dont think it got a fare ride

  6. D says

    i’m a women and me and my boy firend love this show, i pray to god they dont cancel it. it way better then any other show out there… please keep trying. This show really make me and me boyfriend want to be a CEO to when you get older… why dont they cancel men and trees or what ever its call,, thats a damn show

  7. Hina says

    I am a girl too and i LOVE big shots. i also love Grey’s anatomy, and i used to watch both shows back to back. sometimes, people just see the name of a show and assume if it will be good or not, but they never really give it a chance. i can guarantee that if everyone watched this show at least once, they will LOVE it just like the rest of us, right?! PLEEEASEE DON’T LET ABC CANCEL BIG SHOTS!!!

  8. michele says

    You can call ABC to leave a voice mail for shows, ehich they say they will forward to the executive producer. The phone number is 1-818-460-7477

    This is an automated system. Press 2 then 3 for Primetime menu. The number for Big Shots is 244.

  9. B Pric says

    I love Big Shots and so does my husband. Why would they cancel this show when there are more out there that need to be cancelled. This is one of the best shows ever. If Thurday night isnt good then put it on Tues, or Wed. Keep trying till a night works.

  10. Mina Potts says

    Hi, My husband and I and my son and daughter-in-law LOVE “Big Shots.” This is two different generations turly enjoying the same show. Please keep it on the air. Give it a chance in a time slot that works. PS. We all watch “Grey’s Anatomy” also, ao the time slow is ok, but I understand the reasoning for a more male oriented time slot also.

  11. Gerry D. says

    Don’t cancel Big Shots, i love that show! It’s like Desperate Housewives for men. It’s one of the best!

  12. Brittni says

    I read some of the negative reviews of this show that critics have said and I couldnt believe it. Big Shots is fresh, smart, and funny. I look forward to watching new episodes. As a female, it’s appealing to women because the men are attractive and at times modestly vunerable. Men can also find it appealing because it still plays on the whole “big boys with big toys”idea. It’s also refreshing to get a look into the male friendship dynamic. Its not often viewers get to see close male friendship being the main theme in a series. ABC, you would be FOOLS if you didn’t keep this show. It’s the only reason why my friends (both male and female)even watch your station. The cast has great chemistry. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t take this show away from your viewers. If anything, do a better job scheduling to appeal to a wider demographic. Listen to your viewers, not to the critics. They don’t speak for us viewers. We are the ones that count!

  13. Jess says

    Please this is a awsome show, I’m a female and I love it, Please do not cancel this show and just give it a chance!

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