Big Time Rush: Nickelodeon Show Ending, No Season Five

Big Time Rush ending

It looks like it’s the end of the road for Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon. The fourth season, which is currently airing on Thursday nights at 8pm, will be the show’s last.

The cast and crew are filming the final episodes this month and one of the show’s stars has been posting about saying goodbye. Carlos Pena posted the Instagram picture above and wrote, “Just filmed the last scene in the crib.. FOREVER!!”

He also posted the photo of the house below, writing “Good bye crib. Thank you for 4 amazing years!!”

Big Time Rush goodbye

It’s not clear when the last episode will air just yet. Nickelodeon ordered 13 episodes for season four. Right now, the last scheduled episode is the fifth one which will run on May 30th.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Big Time Rush is ending?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. J says

    It’s just too soon! Can’t imagine turning on the ole tv on Thursday nights and NOT seeing BTR and the rest of the cast. The shows are hilarious and crew music is phenomenal. Please say there is a S5.

  2. Marvelle saulsberry says

    Im not gon lie imma dude nd lyk alot of other ppl I cried while watching the finale I feel lyk we all went through their experience wit them nd its ending kinda feel in mourning lyk a great goodbye but nick is gettin ridof all their shows lyk all of them kinda no other reason to watch no offense

  3. Ms.maslow says

    All good things come to a end… But big time rush isn’t good their ,FANTASTIC! When the big time dream episode was on, I was crying the whole way through.I have been watching btr since it came out and I was 7 years young. I hope nickelodeon changes their mind about this, but btr you should know I love you and support whatever you do…….

    James, I can see you doing amazing things! But, don’t do it without me!!! I want to ask you please marry me!!! I love you so much!

  4. Anonymous says

    If they cancel big time rush then nickoldeon will have low ratings because they have cancelled all the good shows including btr.

  5. Roben says

    it was a good tv show, but not great. I think there are too many people trying to become singers so when I see movies or tv shows with people singing I couldn’t care less for them. I think they should make tv shows that doesn’t have anything to do with being a celebrity I think Icarly was awesome for that they were internet stars but showed how tv couldn’t handle them. now that’s different I think nickelodeon should make tv shows that are different like one about goths or comedy show about high school. that has nothing to do with being famous

  6. MO says

    I think we need to start a petition to bring it back!!! This was one of the only shows I actually enjoyed watching with my kids!!!

  7. bailey says

    this was my first boy band crush and im not giving up on btr and moving on to 1D like so many rushers have and are. BTR should not quit. just like icarly and victorious shouldntve have. the boys arent that oold. i love this show i love this music and i love them. the instagramed photo of the ripped up crib broke my heart :( i love them and i always will

  8. says

    Why is nick getting rid of all the good shows like victorious and icarly and now they thinking about big time rush they need to give everyone at least 9 or 10 season not 3 or 4 they get everyone use to a show and take it way and that’s not right.they get what they want from these show and get people use to it these actors works hard to get fan and these companies get a big profit off of it and then they get there goal from these shows they dump them that bull give big time rush lease 4 or 6 more seasons we the people wants more get your head out of you butt and gives us more that’s the lease you can do nickelodeon give us more if anyone read this and like what I haves to say email me and leave me a message thank you we are the people of rights

  9. Meagn says

    Why are they ending the show!!!! I found out on IG when Carlos posted a picture of the Crib taken apart. It was a horrible sight to see!!! Does this mean that they are not going to make any more albums?! That would not be good at all!!!! Big Time Rush was my first boy band I ever loved!!!!(Besides The Beatles). So if BTR stop making albums and stop touring and making new songs I will have to find another boy band to like more than BTR (and that is obviously not going to happen any time soon). I need to get season 4 on DVD because I didn’t really get to see that season on TV because I was always so busy! I hope they keep making new songs/ albums and still tour.

  10. Erica says

    Actually Nickelodeon hasn’t confirmed yet that there isn’t going to be a season 5. SO DON’T LISTEN TO THIS. But there is a small chance of a 5th season, but we know that BTR will come back to do a mini series, or maybe even another movie.

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