Bionic Woman: Watch Jaime Sommers’ Last Episode on NBC

Bionic WomanThough it was one of the most hyped shows of the 2007-08 season, the reboot of NBC’s Bionic Woman failed to catch on. The TV show attracted 14 million viewers for the premiere but the numbers dropped dramatically in subsequent weeks.

The series ran for only eight episodes though 13 had been ordered. Had the writers strike not occurred, we probably would have gotten five more and perhaps a bit of closure. Though series co-executive producer David Eick says that he’d like to resurrect the concept someday, we’ll likely never see this version of Jaime Sommers again.

Here’s the final episode of NBC’s Bionic Woman, titled “Do Not Disturb.”

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. lee avis says

    first of all… her anatomy is awesome… no prob on casting…
    anyway… maybe it helps them to save money by shooting in same place.. rather than making vacations like paris or etc..

    the story was good… and viewer are craving for more.. though… some of the scences are a bit of guard..

    nway… writter must be more responsible than what happen here… the story must go on.. you know???

  2. Geno says

    I’m a fan of the Bionic Man & Woman franchise. But the casting on this was all wrong. There was nothing sexy, crazy cool about this bionic woman. She was a just a plain jane. When you guys do this again get a sexy blond with a great anatomy that we can watch bounce up in down in Bionic speed. Consult with me. I’ll hook you up with the right direction.


  3. jeffery tabor says

    Please don’t cancel the Bionic Woman New TV Series!
    It was just starting to get int the character of Jamie and the Plots were getting
    better! The timeslot was bad on a Wednesday and The writer’s Strike did’nt help

    Michelle Ryan’s Character is so much more intense than could be shown with
    Lindsey Wagner way back when!

    Give This series another shot as it has the potential to expand so many ways!

    Jeff Tabor

  4. Celeste Bead;e says

    If i had known that it would be cut i Would have made a big stink I loved this show it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. noesha says

    Dear friends,

    First of all, please excuse me if you don?t perfectly understand my English because it?s not my own language but it?s Spanish.
    I?m writing to you to let you know that this TV series, that is being emitted by a PPV channel here in Spain, is becoming more and more popular and it?s disappointing to receive news telling us your decision to quit the series . That?s why, via this e-mail, I?m expressing my deepest desire to avoid its end.
    I would also like to express my gratitude to all the crew that makes it possible to watch this series season after season?.and more to come!

    I very much appreciate your attention.

    Yours truly,

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