Blade: The Slayer Is Dead, But There’s Hope!

Blade TV series castAfter some speculation, it has been confirmed that the original Blade TV series (based on the Marvel comic series and hit trilogy of movies starring Wesley Snipes and Kris Kristofferson) has indeed been cancelled, unfortunately leaving fans with a cliffhanger.

A representative for Spike TV confirmed that the Kirk ‘Sticky Fingaz’ Jones action series has indeed been cancelled and won’t be renewed for a second season. The network is said to have been very happy with the cast and overall production but that the audience and ratings just were not as large as they’d hoped. The show started off with 2.5 million viewers but, by the September 13, 2006 finale, viewership had dropped to less than a million. End of story? Maybe not.

Though there weren’t enough fans for Spike TV’s liking, New Line (who produced the show) still believes in the show and reportedly would like to see it continue. Actor Neil Jackson (better known as Marcus Van Sciver on Blade) has said that New Line is currently looking for a new home for the series.

Blade TV SeriesThe 12-episode series has yet to be shown overseas or to be produced on DVD. Both are currently in the works and Neil thinks that, if the series does well in these areas, it could help bring about a second season. TV fans will remember that phenomenal DVD sales brought about the return of the Family Guy animated series and inspired the short-lived Joss Whedon Firefly series to return as a film.

Will the half human/half immortal vampire slayer and his allies return to the small screen? Time will tell. I’ll keep you posted on new developments so, stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. lorenzo says

    why not let fx or usa or scfi channel pick it up i mean the show is good and its messed up it got cancelled they should bring it back

  2. Amber says

    They cancle decent shows like blade all the time and for smaller stuff the raitings dropping to only one million people in the us. which could easily been explained by the time slot..

    EX: Dead Like Me
    DLM was a great show ant it was canled after two seasons I think the reason was that the raitings weren’t what they wanted though the fands that it did have were diehard.

    EX2: back around 1990- early 2000 Disney had a number of topraited shows that viewers liked but as was procedure in that time all shows were cancled after ther contract was up or after a spacific number of years, nomatter how popular it was or how the previous season had ended much less what the fans had wanted.

  3. brends says

    they’re currently airing blade at latinamerica…i loved this series! but i highly,highly doubt that it can be brought back,that’s sad as it was really worth watching,we don’t have spike tv in latinamerica,though

  4. Donell says

    I cant believe that this show was cancelled!!! I didnt hear anything and decided to google it, only to find out it was cancelled. You guys are idiots to end this show!!!! I only watched spike to watch seven days and blade, havent watched Spike since, you have nothing else worth watching!!

  5. MARY says


  6. Don says

    Spike tv is full of crap! I can’t believe they show all that crap and dropped Blade! They finally had something worth watching!

  7. lee eastwood says

    I’ve had something to watch on tv for a change, got all the way to the end to have an open ending so now i look on the net for info to find out there might never carry on the story. what a let down to what has be some very very good tv.dont let us down now!

  8. Anna says

    I loved watching Blade: The Series. I loved all the movies. SPIKE screwed up getting rid of the show. It was one of the best shows they had slonh with MXC and CSI being the only other shows worth watching. I hope sci fi picks it up. I miss my Blade!!! Dang it!!!

  9. lisa says

    This series is great, best show on uktv for a longtime, dont know why the us networks sell it to sky tv in the uk if not going to have a second series, don’t do this to us, you are sucking us in and then letting us down!!!!

  10. C. says

    Bring it back, sell it or put it on DVD! Stop creating good shows & not having the Balls to stand behind them!

    Good Show! Guess it wasn’t Will & Grace!

  11. Chris says

    I can’t believe one of the greatest series of all times has been dropped by those idiots at Spike TV. Here I sit waiting patiently all winter long only to hear nothing about when season 2 is going to start and then finding out the ******** dropped it on the internet. Unbelievable, I hope someone is smart enough to pick it up, because I know myself and many others who were ready to tune in for at least 10 more seasons!!! I am boycotting Spike. Unfrigginbelievable!

  12. Deano says

    This is one show that shouldn’t be cancelled. Personally, I’m rooting for New Line. The thirst is strong! Bring back Blade!!!!

  13. lks says


    Lifetime has “Blood Ties’ playing this season. First episode was good. BUT Blade the Series was much better!

    Vampires have always been an intrique, books & movies and make alot of money.

    Let’s get Blade back instead of another Law & Order and Profilers. We need somem fantasy, t.v. shows now are too much like the ‘real world’. Enough already……………

  14. Pat says

    Blade was a great show that we looked forward to watching every week. There are not many shows that both my husband and myself both like to watch. This was one of the few. If you bring it back there will be a wave of happiness across the fans.

  15. sassy says

    I think if the cable station couldn’t afford the show thy should tried offer another station some small fraction of sales or was and stil could be one of the awsome new shows to hit a new station and could have put them on!

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