Blade: The Slayer Is Dead, But There’s Hope!

Blade TV series castAfter some speculation, it has been confirmed that the original Blade TV series (based on the Marvel comic series and hit trilogy of movies starring Wesley Snipes and Kris Kristofferson) has indeed been cancelled, unfortunately leaving fans with a cliffhanger.

A representative for Spike TV confirmed that the Kirk ‘Sticky Fingaz’ Jones action series has indeed been cancelled and won’t be renewed for a second season. The network is said to have been very happy with the cast and overall production but that the audience and ratings just were not as large as they’d hoped. The show started off with 2.5 million viewers but, by the September 13, 2006 finale, viewership had dropped to less than a million. End of story? Maybe not.

Though there weren’t enough fans for Spike TV’s liking, New Line (who produced the show) still believes in the show and reportedly would like to see it continue. Actor Neil Jackson (better known as Marcus Van Sciver on Blade) has said that New Line is currently looking for a new home for the series.

Blade TV SeriesThe 12-episode series has yet to be shown overseas or to be produced on DVD. Both are currently in the works and Neil thinks that, if the series does well in these areas, it could help bring about a second season. TV fans will remember that phenomenal DVD sales brought about the return of the Family Guy animated series and inspired the short-lived Joss Whedon Firefly series to return as a film.

Will the half human/half immortal vampire slayer and his allies return to the small screen? Time will tell. I’ll keep you posted on new developments so, stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. gsaintl says

    I just watched the Blade: The Series marathon again and it was great. Have been involved with selling a house and transferring the past several months, so it was great to catch all the action and get that RUSH back. Thought it had been cancelled, but was hoping I was mistaken. Didn’t think the series would be as engrossing as the movies, but was glad to be proven wrong. Now that I’ve seen the marathon…I HAVE THE THIRST AGAIN!! I wanted to “Powers That Be” to know that when/ if they make the call to bring back the series, I’ll be there with bells on!!

  2. christine m says

    I loved the series. So there were a few inconsistancies but it was still great. I am disappointed that it is cancelled. It was the only good show on spike. Bring it back!

  3. Walter says

    I want this to come back, I wish Snipes and Biel would have co starred, that would have been amazing.

    The Blade movies had believable storylines and great action, this series needs to come back.

    If there is anyway Snipes and Biel could star in it(despite Snipes legal problems) I’d be quite happy.

    I’d even write the series lol

  4. lestat1684 says

    I still can´t believe this. I has been shown on german television as well. Today the last episode was shown on tv. The german television channel pro 7 had enormously high amout of viewers with blade and were very satisfied. (according to the last news …)
    I even heard, that Blade is doing in Great Britain well too. Maybe it´s gonna help the series finally finding a new home and us getting a second season.
    Over here there are a lot crowd of fans as well – they can´t believe, that it has been cancelled after the first season. I´m so dissapointed – I really love the series!

    But maybe the sales numbers of the DVD and the high numbers of viewers in Germany and other countries will finally save Blade.

    I hope so!

  5. Anquanetia says

    How rude! When I first heard that they were bringing blade to the small screen, I did not think that they were going to pull off a great job. I loved the movies and after watching the first episode, it was hook, line and sinker! I could not wait until the next episode. I was aware that the series was a summer series and looked forward to seeing next seasons episodes only to discover the series cancelled. I enjoyed the clever repartee and the action. I was also very happy to see a return of a horror/drama vampire series to replace the series that I had long followed that was recently cancelled after a very good run. Someone!! Anyone!! Please bring back the Blade series at least conclude the series properly! Thanks for reading this posting.

  6. Timothy Dahlsjö says

    Let’s just keep hoping for a second season, series like Firefly and Family Guy did indeed show up again after some time; I just don’t know if I can wait that long! :)

  7. Doug M says

    There goes my ONLY reason for tuning in the SPIKE Channel.

    What a bunch of idiots. Any chance they know the clowns that cancelled Farscape?

    Really hate getting involved with a show and having it yanked out from under me.

    A million dedicated viewers and their friends seems like a pretty good advertising base to me. Sounds like SPIKE needs to get some brains in the sales department. What could have been a flagship tossed into drydock. (I say drydock because drydocked ships can still be re-commissioned.)

  8. KINJIRU says

    The problem was the actor playing BLADE wasn’t anything even CLOSE to Wesley Snipes (in acting ability OR appearance).

    What they SHOULD have done was go after MICHAEL JAI WHITE (who was slated to play BLADE in the original movie instead of Wesley Snipes!).

    Appearance-wise, it’d be a PERFECT CHOICE! Jai looks like BLADE, is a Martial Arts Master like Snipes, and his BUILD is PERFECT! Lean like a cat, but muscular so he can make stunts more believable!



  9. Sanjay says

    I agree with an earlier post that Spike played and re-played the show to death (no pun intended).

    Plotwise, I was not too impressed with the Detective Boone character as well as the subplot with Krista’s mother becoming a vampire. In my opinion thats where it jumped the shark, for Season 1.

    But I did like the flashbacks for Marcus Van Sciver’s pre-vampire life. That was good.

    I hope it comes back eventually, but they need fresh ideas and perhaps explore vampire related themes like eros, death, immortality, and pain more aggressively and deeply.

    Fingers Crossed,


  10. john says

    i really liked this show and am really dissapointed that it has been cancelled. i was looking forward to the second season and then i found this out, this sucks.

  11. says

    Hopefully it returns, the series was amazing. Much better than anything i usually see but i can imagine why it didn’t get the ratings, i’ve never heard of SpikeTV.

    People normally stick to the main channels and takes alot to get them to switch which wouldn’t be possible advertising wise for them really, i doubt they’d have the money.

    The show has great production values and you can see how much work has been put into it, it sad that this happens to quality shows. In UK this show is very highly rated, the averages rating from anyone is high, just getting them to watch it in the first place was the problem.

  12. Dawn Morrow says

    I cannot believe ‘Blade’ has been cancelled. I am a huge fan and would very much like to see this series picked up again. Any information on it’s comeback would be great. This series gave me a chance to “get away” from the never ending reality shows. I can’t seem to get away from them. I love fiction more so than the real thing. Real life shows are boring, boring, boring!!! Blade was my favorite as was Heroes, Charmed, Supernatural, Medium, Smallville, etc. The more fiction I can get the better things are for me and I know for a fact that I am not the only one. Everyone I know loves Blade and wants to see it back on again. The characters are awesome, the plot was great, what was so wrong? Because “those in charge” feel that we would be better off with this garbage THEY call good TV? I think another station would be very happy to pick up this series if Spike won’t. Come on guys, give us a break and bring this series back to life. Get rid of some of those reality shows and give us Blade!!!!

  13. Derek says

    This show was a great show. Love the plot and the characters, although the new girl vampire needed to pick a side already. They should have put this on USA or TBS or a station that people actually watch. Who would have thought to look for a show with something other then 300lb guys hitting each other in a SPIKE time slot. It was kinda crapy placing in station choice that probably ruined its continuation. What is it that relators always say, “Location, location, location.” I’m sorry but who would want to watch a show on the bumcrap channel.

  14. Lillian says

    In the ever growing and annoying world…the persons in charge, at yet-again another network, have deemed that Blade-the series is not cost efficient programming…Blade -The series gave me something to watch other then the usual reality TV shows that these networks think we want to see…It was everything a person who is not a complete moron would want to watch…action..fighting… actual thought processes–hey a freaking plot!!(obviously network personnel didn’t get that we like to see people think-duh-not all people like to watch one guy grabbing and grappling another mans ass–call me bored but years of ultimate wrestling/fighting gets BORING–and I like all that and have watched it since Christ was a baby)..for the love of all things with a brain (more than two cells as most Network personanel have) put Blade the Series back on the tube…if Spike can’t handle a real show than give it to someone who can pull it off–hey Joss Whedon check it out and help the world out–Stop the reality show mind killers…the insanity!!!If I have to watch one more person scratch their ass and networks call it great TV I think I might let out a world shocking scream…

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