Blade: The Slayer Is Dead, But There’s Hope!

Blade TV series castAfter some speculation, it has been confirmed that the original Blade TV series (based on the Marvel comic series and hit trilogy of movies starring Wesley Snipes and Kris Kristofferson) has indeed been cancelled, unfortunately leaving fans with a cliffhanger.

A representative for Spike TV confirmed that the Kirk ‘Sticky Fingaz’ Jones action series has indeed been cancelled and won’t be renewed for a second season. The network is said to have been very happy with the cast and overall production but that the audience and ratings just were not as large as they’d hoped. The show started off with 2.5 million viewers but, by the September 13, 2006 finale, viewership had dropped to less than a million. End of story? Maybe not.

Though there weren’t enough fans for Spike TV’s liking, New Line (who produced the show) still believes in the show and reportedly would like to see it continue. Actor Neil Jackson (better known as Marcus Van Sciver on Blade) has said that New Line is currently looking for a new home for the series.

Blade TV SeriesThe 12-episode series has yet to be shown overseas or to be produced on DVD. Both are currently in the works and Neil thinks that, if the series does well in these areas, it could help bring about a second season. TV fans will remember that phenomenal DVD sales brought about the return of the Family Guy animated series and inspired the short-lived Joss Whedon Firefly series to return as a film.

Will the half human/half immortal vampire slayer and his allies return to the small screen? Time will tell. I’ll keep you posted on new developments so, stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Cynn says

    I love this series too, please bring it back. I also like to know more about the relationship between Marcus & Krista.

  2. Stina says

    Please bring the second season. I am dying to know the relationship between Marcus and Krista including the guy who wanted to be a vampire so bad. He then turned into a vampire, but he was in a different state.
    Please bring it back. I love the action and everything else about the series.

  3. flower says

    what is the point of showing somethink so great and making it out that there is going to be more and then nothing

    WHAT A LOT OF ****


  4. LR says

    Blade the series is fantastic, having purchased the DVD I was addicted however very disappointed to find out it said Complete series but ended on a clifhanger!!! please finish the story – even with one more episode!!!!

    The actors are great – bring it back!!!!!

  5. says

    heyy i love this show it is hillarious and sad and a little scary but i luvvv it!!!!!!!!!!11 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bring it back i know 38 people who love this show t has changed my life.

  6. GingerBeerOne says

    Every few weeks / months, I scour the web in search of hope that someone somewhere will make is their definite purpose to bring this show back, and make a next season (and then a next, and a next, and a next). I don’t mind if Jill continues in Stargate and keeps her Blade job at the same time!!! If Starbuck can do it in Bionic woman… why not??!?!

  7. says

    This Show i got on dvd and if they are going to only doone more series of it they should at least have a proper ending andif not give it 6 or 7 more seasons.

    Wesley Snipes may still be the First Blade But Sticky Fingaz is perfect for the role as well and possibly a spin-off for Krista Starr

  8. 02cfranklin says

    This series has only just finished showing in the UK on Virgin1 and i missed the last episode, will definitely get it on DVD, it is a brilliant series and I’ve already recommended it to all my friends and i know id watch the second series with high content. Bring back blade! You can’t really cancel it before every other country has seen it. Like lestst1684 said maybe the sales of the DVD and high viewers will bring it back?

  9. Acappella says

    Insomniac me was flipping through tv channels last night at 3:00am and came across SpikeTV playing the first episode of Blade the series. Reminded me of how addictive this show was and how pissed I was when it was cancelled. Any word yet on it being picked up be someone else?

    Editor: None. I’d be surprised if it happened now.

  10. OroMatoko says

    I have only just found out about Blade the Series as I live in England it was never shown here, I’ve managed to watch the first season upto Episode 8 online and all I can say is it is a hell of alot better than the rest of the junk coming from US that’s being aired on English Cable and I’m actually very annoyed we weren’t given the option over here to see Blade, England loves Blade and would have insured great viewing rates if it was shown over here. And for the record Buffy the Vampire Slayer had much worse viewings for its first season and it’s a worse show but they made up for it in DVD sales and then quadroupled the viewings with Second Season and airing it in England.

    I will be buying the Blade Series DVD that’s for sure and I hope a good station picks it up for a second season and airs it in UK.

  11. Ollie says

    Yea, i really hope the DVD sales go well and the series will be back for a second season. it is the bset show on tv. Spike tv made a dumb move by not putting it on nomore. the series focusing on other things and other promblems. and not on blade so much. i liked the movies too.


  12. Amjad says

    Wow! Blade seems to have lived up to the hype of its movies. Those bird brains at Spike are punks and dont know good tv even if it slapped them in the face. Why cancel it at a CLIFFHANGER you morons? Blade seems to be doing well in every country that it has been shown including here in the UK. I hope the other networks can restart the most awesome program ever to hit tv since the Shield (are you listening New Line?)

  13. Anonymous says

    series sucked. bad actors. Sticky cant act for sh*t, not even a natural martial artist like Snipes, who’s trained for yrs. And the Mercury girl? Jesus christ, where did they find this disaster of an “actress.” best show my ass. you want quality acting and dialog, and story? watch: Jericho, Life, Heroes. and corny but charmed-SG Atlantis. And of course the grittiest, BSG.

    Bionic Woman, despite being produced by producer of BSG, David Eick, horrible acting, sh*tty stroy line. They shoul increase Will Yun’s role. Sackhoff absolutely grew as an actress. In fact she should have been the Bionic, not that dumbass English actress. Uncharacteristically for a Briton, Amy turned out to be one of the worst actresses on TV. Surprising because the unaired pilot, she was awesome, along with the deafness of her sister’s character.

    So I put Wagner’s acting in the same category. Though she was much better in Atlantis episode last Fri.

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