$#*! My Dad Says: CBS Sitcom Canceled; No Season Two

Bleep My Dad Says canceled season twoWell, the $#*! may have hit the fan. It’s being reported that William Shatner’s sitcom, $#*! My Dad Says, has been cancelled after one season on CBS.

$#*! My Dad Says revolves around a young struggling writer who’s out of money and must move in with his cranky and opinionated father. The TV show stars William Shatner, Jonathan Sadowski, Will Sasso, Nicole Sullivan, and Stephanie Lemelin.

Despite people’s doubts that a Twitter feed could inspire a sitcom, the TV series got off to a solid start in September with a 4.0 rating and 12.58 million viewers. The next two episodes fell 18% and 12% respectively but the series was still doing well.

The numbers went up and down a bit over the course of the season but the series still ended up averaging a 3.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.42 million viewers. Since the rest of CBS’ schedule is doing so well, that rating put the series squarely on the bubble. Had it been on NBC, it would have been safe.

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The one problem that $#*! My Dad Says had was that it lost a significant amount of the lead-in from The Big Bang Theory. That sitcom averages a 4.0 in the demo so $#*! loses 25% of that prime audience. Despite that, $#*! was reportedly still in contention up until recently, though it was looking like co-star Jonathan Sadowski might have been dropped.

Ultimately, it seems that CBS execs believe that they can do better with another show in the timeslot. Rules of Engagement didn’t perform as well as $#*! but was renewed anyway. The fact that CBS co-owns Rules, which is close to having enough episodes for syndication, likely had a lot to do with that decision.

TV show supportCBS has cancelled $#*! My Dad Says as well as fellow newbie Mad Love. CBS introduced three new sitcoms this season and only one, Mike & Molly, is expected to survive.

All 18 episodes of $#*! My Dad Says have aired with the series finale having run on February 17th.

We don’t know what Ed Goodson would have to say about this but series co-creator Jonathan Sadowski tweeted, “I regret to inform you that S**T MY DAD SAYS has been cancelled… Thanks for the memories!”

What do you think? Should $#*! My Dad Says have been renewed for season two? Will you miss it?

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  1. Cindy says

    Nothing but crime shows on tv removing a great comedy you that can give you a good laugh once a week is a pitty.Would be nice if you would reconsider a least one more season.

  2. Bill Marlowe says

    I would hope that this show could make a transition either to another network or better yet to a cable channel like TV Land where an audience who appreciates how funny and well acted this show can be found. Like “Hot in Cleveland”, this show’s all star cast and special guest appearances reach out to a generation of television viewers like few shows can. That said, I hope we will someday soon know the answer to the burning question “who is standing at the door”?

  3. Mary says

    Plus, my family can’t wait to see ‘who was at the door’ on the final episode, so CBS, PLEASE bring it back!!!!

  4. Mary says

    This show got funnier with each episode, especially after ‘Vince and Bonnie’ moved in, and ‘Rosemary’ was introduced to the show! Everyone on the show, especially ‘Vince’, made us laugh. William Shatner’s delivery and lines were fun to hear/anticipate. The only person that wasn’t as ‘funny’ (since he spoke so fast, and most times we couldn’t understand what he said), was ‘Henry’. Please bring back the show! Seems like the good shows always end up getting canceled. Thanks.

  5. B Russell says

    This show was one of the best on t.v. Why would you remove good comedy? I think this is a terrible decision on the part of the executives and should be overridden. This show was the highlight of my Thursday night television line up. Please bring it back!

  6. Jon Sorenson says

    CBS Execs are clueless buffoons. FIRE THEM ALL. This was the best/funniest show on TV and those morons pulled the plug in 1 season? Scumbags…

  7. Gwen says

    This was a GREAT show. I agree that it made for a wonderful comedy hour paired with Big Bang Theory. Drop all the reality shows and other BS – bring back this show. Our world needs as much comedy as possible, because comedy is nice to sit down to after a long frustrating day. BAD CHOICE CBS. You’re writing your death warrant with this decision.

  8. Cassandra says

    I absolutley love this show, why’d you cancel it? I also like the replacements and Sonny with a chance from Disney channel, and those shows stopped after just two seasons, why the replacements was stopped I don’t know, but I do know why the ycancelled Sonny with a chance, not happy about that or this though because I love both shows. By the way is William Shatner rally 80?

  9. E. says

    NBC should pick it up and run it in it’s same time slot against CBS’s rules of Engagement, since the show rates better than “Rules”.

  10. nick says

    Are you people $#*!ing nuts. That show was friggin hilarious. I couldn’t wait for the next season. What a shame. More TV exec’s that don’t know ****!

  11. Sheri Gregory says

    Please don’t cancel Bleep my dad! I was waiting for the new season, it is one of my favorites!!!!!!

  12. Good Luck R.O.E. says

    Apparently cancellation hasn’t bought back anymore viewer to the Networks. More of Americans are hurt by the networks cancellation of show. We all know Series show are being watch more than ever. But not in the same old stander why networks that was setup before the new technology. They don’t understand most of the age group from that old rating system requirement. NOT Watching shows live nor at any certain given time.
    Putting most of the popular show on Monday to duke and fight out letting Networks old rating system have a ratings knock out. It is clever as those re-dressed “Wrestling” that or Now Called “Reality Show”
    I can’t put myself out there and watch any more new series until the “NETWORKS” Get Their Act Together. Series shows hardly has a chance of making with an antiquated ratings system. It is not a fair nor an accurate system, is not working in today’s time with new technology. .Networks don’t have that mass audience it once had. Networks shows rating or declining because of new technology arrived (internet).
    Networks haven’t realize it yet, canceling all those show hasn’t bought in any more live viewers. With the new technology allows Television enthusiast to watch a mass amount of show now, in many different ways, at the viewers convenient.. Each member in household can watch series separately at their convenience, which is allow by DVR events. They should be able to track the data, including the recordings and transmit them daily to the networks and count as it was live..If the technology is hurting the network, with technology they can protect their-self in other ways in a positive way. Networks should do like their websites and show a quick add that cannot be skipped over and we are forced to watch, at least then they will get advertising out there. Also lot more are watching series by cell phones that have merge with the new technology and made it possible to make a highway to the internet. Series or watched wherever there or possible internet connections.
    Networks don’t get the concept that maybe its time to walking into the future.
    Even the DVD has helped series grow in popularity, but the networks cancel a new series after 10-20 episodes. I don’t know why networks give a show longer incubation. Get show off onto DVD so they can get steam into homes, Once a show goes out onto DVD’S gain popularity and value, And more accurate in how often it is viewed
    Its a new world now, that old rating system should have been thrown out ten years ago. I hope networks can re-build trust if they want to be the come back kid.

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