$#*! My Dad Says: Reactions to Series Cancellation

Bleep My Dad Says canceledAfter months of being on the bubble, CBS cancelled $#*! My Dad Says after just one season of 18 episodes. Though the sitcom has better ratings than Rules of Engagement and CSI: Miami, those shows will return but William Shatner and company will not.

Last week, Shatner told his fans that he was holding his breath waiting to hear about the renewal. After the cancellation news broke, Shatner wrote to his Twitter followers, “Thank you to all for the outpouring of love you have shown $#*! My Dad Says. I thank all of you for watching.” Not surprisingly, the 80-year-old actor is already busy with several new projects. He’s currently asking his followers to identify specific scenes for a new Star Trek documentary called The Captains.

Justin Halpern, the creator of the Twitter feed that spawned the TV show wrote on his blog, “It was a bummer until I remembered that I got a TV show based off a Twitter feed and a book and was basically the luckiest asshole who ever roamed this earth.”

According to Halpern, here’s what transpired when he called his no-nonsense father:

“Hey. What do you need. I’m busy,” he said.

“Do you have a second?” I said.

“Is this Justin?” he said.

“Yeah. Who’d you think it was?”

“Didn’t know. Just picked up the phone.”

“You didn’t know who it was and you answered the phone with ‘Hey. What do you need? I’m busy’?” I asked.

“Lets people know not to f—- around with my time,” he said.

“My show got canceled,” I said.

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the line and I wasn’t sure if he heard me. I was about to say it again, when he spoke.

“Well. F—-. Sorry to hear that, son.”

“Eh, it’s OK. It happens. It was crazy I got a show on the air in the first place.”

“Well, I liked it. It was kind of s—tty at first, but I thought it got a lot better. You know what show I like? Cheers. That was a good show,” he said.

“That was a good show,” I said, wondering if that was part of a larger point he was about to make.

“Also I liked The Simpsons. At first I thought, it’s just a stupid cartoon for pants-s—tters, but I was wrong, great show.” (Pants-s—tters is how my dad refers to toddlers.)

“Well, I just wanted to let you know. I know you’re busy so I’ll let you go,” I said.

“I’m 75. If you’re busy when you’re 75, you f—-ed up the first 75 years. I want you to know that I’m proud of you. You didn’t put a bullet through Bin Laden but I’m proud of you. You’re a bust-ass kid.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“And let’s not forget the big picture here. You don’t have to live with me anymore. One less person crawling up your a— every morning. That’s all anyone can f—-ing ask for.”

What do you think? Are you upset the sitcom won’t be back for season two next fall?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. MK says

    It did get a lot better as it went along. Shatner and the older son and his wife were all good. The younger son…meh.

  2. Dave says

    Great show, really sorry to see it go. Shatner and the cast were superb. Why cancel a show with 8M viewers? Something ain’t right.

  3. Dubya Tee says

    I thought Shatner was perfect in the role, and he’s actualy older than the real-life ‘Dad’ for that matter, it was just a good fit. I even got a lot of people into watching the show because of how funny it was. Many of my friends thought the younger son was kind of boring in his roll, but they loved everything else about it. I’m definitely going to miss the show, and was really hoping to know who the person they were all opening the door for in the finale was, but I guess we’ll never know now.

    I’ll also miss Root Beer. He was outstanding.

  4. a wilson says

    I enjoyed this show. It was funny and had some reality in it. I am sorry to see it go. I am considering stopping watching ABC CBS and NBC because it is run by the bart simpson and produced by that Idiot American Dad cartoon character. Real people could NEVER be that stupid! I can not believe that executives at these huge networks are college educated. They probably attended Mcdonands University and have a degree in burgerology….on second thought, they are not be that smart….

  5. Ouch! says

    Oh thank God! The agony is over. Can’t remember why I was forced to watch this agonizing mess. The cast even appeared uncomfortable! So long. Good ridence!

  6. lazed says

    I thought that this was a good show and am wondering why it got canned. Ratings as mentioned were better than others that got renewed. So who did Shatner piss off?
    Shame that it is gone

  7. sth360 says

    Loved the show! Sorry to see it go. Funnier then anything on NBC other then the office. Wish that douche bag lorne michaels would quit using the network as a retirement home for the losers he’s mentored from SLN (which hasn’t been funny since 1981).

  8. M.K. Grosenick says

    It really sucks that Bleep My Dad Says was cancelled! It was one of the funniest shows on TV. Why doesn’t someone cancel some of the stupid reality shows instead???

  9. Mikerz says

    I just don’t understand how, or why…

    The ratings were doing good, and ppl were really getting behind it. Did someone on the show piss someone important off, or were ppl complaining about the $#*! in the title? It just doesnt make any sense. But thats just how it rolls I guess, have a success with a decent fanbase and you still cancel a good show. It’s firefly all over again lol

  10. Ole Vizer says

    It was like reading the inside of a Hallmark card.
    I really laughed at this show and sorry to see it go. Dad said it best…”It was kind of s—tty at first, but I thought it got a lot better.”

  11. Marv says

    I’m not surprised this show was cancelled. William Shatner is old enough to play Grandad rather than Dad. In fact I could never buy him in the role of Dad. i wonder if other people had the same problem?

    • Anonymous says

      i beg to differ.
      the “dad” the show is based on is 75. Shatner is 80 – not a huge difference.
      the Real-life Justin Halpern is 31, so 44 years younger than his father – not an unheard of age gap.

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