Blue Bloods: Tom Selleck’s New Series for CBS; Cancel or Keep It?

Blue BloodsLast week, CBS premiered their new Friday night cop series, Blue Bloods. This marks the return of Tom Selleck to CBS in a regular TV show. His last series for the network, Magnum PI, lasted for eight seasons. Will this one last as long or be quickly cancelled?

Blue Bloods revolves around the Reagans, a multi-generation family of New York City cops. The series stars Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Len Cariou, and Dylan Moore.

Last week, Blue Bloods debuted to a 2.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 13.01 million total viewers. That was enough to be the most-watched show in its timeslot and for the whole night in both categories.

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By historical comparison, that’s a significant improvement in the timeslot. Last season’s sixth season premiere of Numb3rs attracted just a 1.8 in the demo and 8.10 million viewers.

CBS is no doubt very pleased with this performance and, as long as these numbers hold up week after week, it seems like Blue Bloods will be around for quite awhile. Based on a breakdown of the ratings in 15 minute increments, almost all of the people who tuned in for the premiere stayed to watch the entire episode. That’s a good indication that most of them will be back for episode two.

What do you think? Did you tune in to see Blue Bloods? Is the show worth watching or should it be cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Doris Elkins says

    This is one of the BEST shows on TV. I suppose it will probably be replaced by some reality show. There are to many reality shows.Give us good acting.

  2. Harrey says

    I hope this show is not cancelled. It’s much better than a lot of the other things out there
    Selleck is great…he always is. Keep him around

  3. Joe says

    Please bring this show back. It is a very real show. Selleck is great and this show gives a light to what cops really do for a living. I will have to say thumbs up and keep this show.

  4. Dana says

    I love this show, as many has stated before, this show provides families with quality that has been lost over the years. It would be lost if cancelled.

  5. Rodrigo says

    I’m not form the USA, but i love seeing their shows. I’ve come to realise that everything is about the numbers and that’s just sad. I felt really sad about many cancellations they made, such as Flash Forward or Rubicon. Hope they dont cancell this great show. This show is excellent, i agree with the comments above and hope to see more shocking episodes in which the characters are taken to the edge, as we use to see on The Shield. Just a opinion!

  6. Rocco F. Piliero says

    Are you crazy? Cancel the BEST TV SHOW ON TV. Everyone, EVERYONE , in Hammonton watches the sh ow. The very VERY best Police show ever made. The acting is the greatest, the story line is always the best. There is no bull , everything is perfect. I love the Regans(correct spelling?) My God the dinners with the family are wonderful. You have a winner, do not be foolish, who cares about the other side of the coin? NOT US. Who am I to state all this? My background. 22yrs on the Philly Dept, 1958 to 1980. 14 as a Detective, 12 yrs in the Intelligence Unit. ELITE> ELITE> I associate with Donnie. The show is the way it is. PLEASE SAY NO TO GO. JUST ASK ME. TELL THE SPONSORS, OUT HERE WE ALL LOVE YOU. Thank You, Rocco

  7. Enee says

    “Blue Bloods” is a fantastic show. Has a great cast. Have been a fan of Tom Selleck for
    many many years. This is a show that should continue for some time.

  8. Steady Viewer of this program says

    Keep Blue Bloods on ……..Have a VOTE for us Viewers to take on line…..Let us have some say in making an opinionated decision…………..One of the greatest shows I have seen in a long time……I will miss it in the summer and want it to come back in the fall…….
    Thank You………………..

  9. jeff ringler says

    CBS is crazy is they don’t renew this show. The cast, across the board, is terrific and the quality of this show is evident throughout.

    As TV becomes more and more the vast wasteland envisioned by Newton Minnow many years ago, it would be a terrible shame for CBS to add to the detritus by abandoning a show of this caliber.

    • says

      I really hope you will keep Blue Bloods on next season. Is one of my favorite shows. Finally a program that shows cops that have morals and family values. I am sick of programs that are full of gore and hard core sex. It is refreshing to see a program of this caliber. Finally you got something right.

  10. Lore says

    This is a superb show. Sharp writing that doesn’t insult intelligent thought process like so much of the fluff out there now Interesting characters that make you want to know them more. Terrific cast/acting. If Blue Bloods is cancelled it would be one of the biggest mistakes in television management. Hang on to this. I predict the audience will grow steadily and become one of the most loyally watched and respected programs on TV.

  11. Regina DeVos says

    My husband and I really enjoy watching the show. I agree with the comments of Barbara Sanford that the show is about family values and great acting and stories. We will miss this show if it is cancelled.

  12. Barbara Sanford says

    My Family and Friends love the show, the actors, the stories, etc. The show finally brings in the value of the family whereas so many other shows forget about that. We need more shows like Blue Bloods to keep these values alive. CBS will make a big mistake if show is cancelled.

  13. Michael LePore says

    CBS never gave this program a chance! Quality cast with excellent script writers gets programs nothing. The scripts are tops and you can’t beat Selleck and Walberg for acting. Someone who pulls the strings with the network just does not get it. There is still a large segment of our country that appreciates programing with good plots and quality actors and actress. But I guess we will get what we don’t want and that is full blown sex and mediocre acting with a what was that all about acript.

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