Body of Proof: Will Cable Save the Cancelled Series?

Body of Proof canceledWhen ABC cancelled Body of Proof, word was that cable channels like USA, TNT, and WGA America were interested in picking up the show for a fourth season.

ABC network president Paul Lee even said, “I would love to see Body of Proof find a good home for itself. I love Dana Delany.”

The sentiment wasn’t really a surprise since ABC Studios (which produces the crime drama) has been making the show at a deficit. They have had success selling it overseas but a fourth season would bring the series closer to having enough episodes for a lucrative syndication package.

Unfortunately, a new home couldn’t be found and Body of Proof is staying cancelled.

Creator Matt Gross broke the bad news, writing, “Valiant effort from #abc studios to sell #bodyofproof to another net, Sad to report there will not be a season 4 TOD 5:24pm 5-22-13 RIP.”

He followed that up with, “We tried, tried and tried. No stone left unturned-No one wanted to keep this show on the air more than #abc studios & me-We’re all bummed.”

Following the news, Delaney tweeted, “Thank you to all who campaigned for #BodyOfProof4. 3rd most watched drama @ABCNetwork thanks to you. I will miss Dr Megan Hunt & Co. RIP”

What do you think? Do you wish that a cable channel had picked it up? Would you have watched the show on cable?

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  1. nesh says

    this show, was and is still brilliant, i mean we have a lot of crazy shows that never add value to our life, but this one, i mean, the medical field, brilliant, the social life, very interesting and working personalities, was a force to reckon with. i love this show….. if this show can be cancelled, i really do not know where we are heading in terms of series, i pity my descendants.

  2. Giddian says

    I have to say, I liked the show when it first came out, but it got worse episode to episode. I do not cane how good you are, any medical examiner interrupting a police interrogation the way she does over and over and over, would be fired in a hart beat. I don’t know if the writers were going for a House attitude, but it failed miserably. I don’t believe a good show was Cancelled, I think the show was murdered by bad writing.

    • nesh says

      Giddian, it doesn’t matter whether she was rude to the cops or not. That was just her character, which was very interesting and added drama to the series. the series on tv now, do not necessarily depict real life events, i mean we have series about werewolf and staff, so just because a medical examiner has her own pride, doesn’t make her incompetent. i know of people who have the most weird and crazy character and have costed the governments millions of pounds, but what does the government do, the call them to work for them personally, hah! why? because in this world of today, it is your inner self that matters. Morgan is very good as a person and always so passionate about her work, so , with all due respect, look at the bigger picture.

  3. Linda says

    Per usual, a smart and intelligent program is canceled. I’m sure getting used to it. The plethora of reality shows are so dirt cheap to make and get the big audience. I absolutely would have watched wherever it went. I would watch it on PPV! I still miss Dana Delaney from China Beach and now as Megan. Hope she gets a show once that a “future respectful network” will treat as a treasure.

  4. Pam says

    I agree with others…only the really good shows are cancelled. I also really liked Body of Proof. I waited and waited for it to come back on, then it was off.

  5. PAM NORMAN says

    I am gutted body of proof has been cancelled, it was a great show, unfortunately us brits are no were as good as the Americans at producing believable crime shows. Lets hope someone comes up with an equally brilliant show

  6. Dominique says

    I love Body of Proof! This show has been consistently good and interesting. This year it was even better with the chemistry between Dana Delanely and Mark Valley. All I want is a good, normal, smart, interesting, engrossing, and fun, show to watch that isnt about zombies, aliens, shapeshiftelrs. Why is that the junk people are drawn to watch? I would love to see this on tbs, USA, event tnt! Sell it, we’ll watch it.

  7. says

    Delaney posted that her show was 3rd most watched drama for ABC why would you cancel a show that was that GOOD! All the shows that I seem to like get canceled. And they bring on all these stupid shows. It is not fair. Sometime I wonder why I pay for cable? When all there is, is crap

  8. jolita perez says

    am not happy body of proof got cancel all my favorite shows been cancel so sad please let one of those channel pick up body of proof its fun to watch and excited we want body of proof bak

  9. Isabella says

    I definitely wish that one of them would have picked it up especially TNT, they have a pretty good line up of shows.

  10. Kendra Drake says

    This is so frustrating! Body of Proof is an excellent show, that I looked forward to watching each week. Take away the stupid reality shows! There HAS to be another cable company that is willing to take Body of Proof and keep it going……shame on ABC for canceling a very good show and keeping the crappy reality shows!!

  11. sammy pam says

    My wife and I never missed an episode. Considering what shows made the cut it is simply amazing.

    My recommendation is that it should come back as a summer replacement show like another 10:00 Tuesday show is doing this summer, “Unforgettable”.

  12. M says

    Another excuse to remove a good tv series to make room for another mindless , useless reality tv show – what the #@%? is the tv world coming to?…

  13. misstorchie says

    I agree. The mouse is becoming a teeny bopper network for the inane and empty heads. The others are not far behind, either. Good , intelligent shows are quickly being replaced by reality “nightmares” for the feeble of head. Example: have you seen GMA lately? What passes for news is disgraceful! I don’t want to hear any more bull about the Kardashians or any other “entertainment news”. Please don’t insult us! No wonder people are flocking to cable shows in droves…

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