Bones: FOX Exec Expects 10th (Final) Season Renewal

Bones: season 10?Bones’ ratings have certainly been lower since the series moved to Fridays but that doesn’t mean that the show will be cancelled.

At today’s FOX session at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, FOX Chairman Kevin Reilly said that he expects the show to return for a 10th season.

He noted that a renewal deal is being worked out and that longtime executive producer Stephen Hanson would become Bones’ showrunner. Hart Hanson wis moving over to head up his new FOX procedural drama, Bakstrom, which will star Rainn Wilson.

UPDATE: After the FOX session, Reilly noted that he believed that season 10 would be the last season for the venerable series.

What do you think? Do you think Bones should be renewed? How long should this series run?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Yes. I love the show. Why do you take good shows. That have been on m but junk in their place. Keep bones on. It is a good show

  2. rose says

    PLEASE , do NOT cancel BONES, it’s funny, emotional and the cases are great.
    I love how they solve them and the interaction , especially Bones and Booth .

    His facial expressions are classic, (even when he was Angel) but with Bones they really grab you .

    NO CAncellation, please

  3. Suzanne Conklin says

    This is the only show I watch. I love the story line. It’s like watching a series of books, you just can’t wait till the next one comes out. I really hope it stays on for a much longer time. I know it must be hard to come up with new ideas but hey that’s what all those creative juices are for…aren’t they? Please if at all possible work those contracts out and start writing more story’s and don’t worry about us fans we’re out here and we’re watching. Personally I don’t know where or how you get those figures anyway, I’ve never been asked by anyone that matters, what I watch…

  4. BB Benbrook says

    I adore BONES…cannot imagine life without it. Also impressed with Backstrom…please don’t cancel either intelligent ‘dramedy’!

  5. Mary Fox says

    Please don’t cancel the show. I waited each week for a new show.
    If you do cancel, well I think that just sucks.

  6. Debi Robison says

    I love Bones, I think they should have more seasons, if Ncis, and Criminal minds can do more than 10 why not Bones? Besides now that Emily is going to have another baby I would like to see how they would top the birth of Christine and if Jack and Angie would also have another one.. they are family.. please don’t send them into reruns land.

    • cheryl says

      Please don’t cancel Bones. I live for new adventures every week. Steinbeck not so good.
      The characters are not engaging. I don’t care about them. But Bones is an ensemble one can get emotionally involved with.

    • rose says

      They could even jump ahead a couple of years and flashback to earlier( like the soaps and a few other shows ) . Have the kids be older and where on earth is Parker hiding ???

      It’s already rerun and I watch them over and over, but I want more!!!!

  7. shirley says

    it will be sad to see it end. it is the ONLY show that I watch on tv. HATE the so called reality shows, what a bore. the characters make me laugh and wonder whats happening next. cant wait for seson 10 .

  8. cindy-lee says

    I just watched S9 finale and literally sat open-mouthed at the ending! Cannot wait for Season 10! Always liked David B anyway and the whole thing is utterly brilliantly cast and acted. There is a chemistry rarely seen or felt on tv shows and I’m willing Booth, Brennan et al to bring the b******s down!!! Long may it continue!

  9. Candy Cash says

    No I don’t think bones should end with season 10 it is an incredible show and all the actors/actresses should return!!!! They make this show happen !!!

  10. Kate Fredericks says

    Honestly, I never thought Bones would get to five seasons let alone ten! I have to say, having read all of Kathy Reich’s books, I hated the first two seasons because they were so different from the books. I watched the third season at the insistence of a good friend, and now I can honestly say that I think the series is better than the books. Eventually, I went back and watched the first two seasons. Did not like the first season but somewhere in the third season fell in love with these new and very different characters. Emily Deschanel as Bones and David Boreanez as Booth did a masterful job of telling THEIR story. From FBI partners, to friends, to more than friends, to lovers, to parents and finally husband and wife. And embedded in all of this were many great stories of serial killers, and tracking down the name of a person with very little information to go on plus the many very funny scenes in the chemistry lab as Hodgins and various lab assistants are never happier than when they are blowing things up. This show tells many stories. It tells the stories of all supporting characters all of whom are just wonderful actors playing wonderful characters. While it will saddened me to see it will end next year, it has had a better run than 98% of other shows so there is nothing to mourn and much to rejoice. It will find new fans when it goes into syndication, a whole new set of people still have an A+ show to look forward to. And since my memory isn’t so good, I’ll go through it again, too!

    • rose says

      It’s been in syndication on TNT for years . My favorite episodes, when they first got together after The intern was killed and the next when she tells him.she’s,pregnant . Think I’ve watched a dozen times. There are,at least three,episodes,every afternoon, except Fridays .

      I hate for it to end!!!!!

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