The Bonnie Hunt Show: Watch Video of the Last Episode

Bonnie Hunt ShowAfter two seasons on the air, The Bonnie Hunt Show has come to a close. The daytime talk show, featuring actress and comedienne Bonnie Hunt and sidekick and executive producer Don Lake, attracted a group of very devoted viewers but unfortunately there weren’t enough of them to keep the show on the air.

Original episodes of The Bonnie Hunt Show have been airing throughout May but the last episode actually taped was broadcast on Monday, May 10th. The guests on that show are actress Holly Robinson Peete (The Apprentice) and her husband, former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete, and Brody Jenner from The Hills.

The series finale is likely to be aired again before the show goes off the air but here are some clips of the fond farewell.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Mary Ellen says

    Mary Ellen

    Imiss the show and the laughs-her mother was great and I think I look like her. Please bring Bonnie back I need more laughs. All of us need more laugh. No, more new cop show and people being mean to one another.

  2. kate says

    I can’t believe this show was taken off the air. It was the only talk show I enjoyed watching. It was clean and bonnie was hilarious. I would run to the tv to turn it on whenever the show was starting. I can’t stand that a quality show like this is gone.

  3. Carolyn says

    I just had an old clip from the Bonnie Hunt show emailed to me. I’m so sad that her show was cancelled. She was light and sweet and genuine, and the humor was clean and appropriate for afternoon airing – guess that doesn’t go on TV talk shows. Everything on is dark and scandalous or mean and degrading – don’t watch any of it. Maybe Bonnie can get a webcast show. I’d watch!!

  4. Marie A. says

    I Am having Bonnie Hunt withdrawels! The show was not only funnyand original, she was warm and real. A refreshing change for daytime tv. Please, bring her back!!

  5. Barbara says

    I am very dissappointed that they took Bonnie Hunt off the air. I made sure I watched every morning. Now I either turn the TV off or watch another channel.
    Please bring Bonnie Hunt back. I loved seeing her mom on. So funny! We need more humor in this world. Bonnie & her mom were very sincere!

  6. Mary C says

    I hope with enough people commenting on how much they miss The Bonnie Hunt Show that someone will listen and bring it back. Unfortunately, I only started watching in Aug of 2009. The show brought laughter and with Bonnie’s mom a renewal of the old fashioned morals our country has lost.

  7. Janet F says

    I am not often home during the day & I don’t have cable or other, just a digital box.



    HELLO…..ARE YOU LISTENING?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Linn Taylor says

    Hi Bonnie:
    We sure do miss your show. ALL your shows have been REAL WINNERS over the years. Not sure why they have trouble sticking. The “suits” don’t give them enough time to find an audience is my guess.
    Loved waking up to The Bonnie Hunt Show. Really do miss it. Loved your guests, your pet connections, you Mom, the “pole” and all things in between. Hope you will keep the faith and try again. Don Lake is always a nice addition, too.
    Love ya, Bonnie.

  9. Emily says

    I didn’t get to watch the show much, but I equated it to taking a break with a really good friend who could make me laugh, hard! I’m sad that it’s over. Hopefully, she’ll be back if not with this show, then doing something else!

  10. kim says

    really wish bonnie were still on!!!!!couldn’t you air repeats while the show goes back into production to build a broader fanbase? she & family orientated material & staff (esp. mom) were the best. not the usual boring guests parading through the show promoting their latest, she also brings in her celebrity friends that you see a different side of when they know that they’ll be treated with respect-not mean spirited. love the chicago location also & her help with cancer research.

  11. Crystal Lynn says

    I can’t believe Bonnie was cancelled….I didn’t get her show because of the tv service I got didn’t show the chanel (I get Wendy Williams…blah) BUT I LOVE BONNIE and was checking to see what chanel it came on again to try and get it…….she is so funny and Don and the staff were great too!!!!!! OH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! BRING HER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is such a bummer….. :(

  12. Sharon says

    I miss Bonnie. Not really interested in Nate (who replaced her in my market) although I have tried to watch him. Really boring. Let’s start a facebook page to bring bonnie back!

  13. peg decker says

    Please bring Bonnie Back. Replacing Bonnie with Nate Berkhus and between Wayne Brady and Hoda & Kathie Lee, I can’t imagine that Bonnie did not dominate that market.
    She has such a nice way about her and was so much fun to watch.
    Even Conan is coming back and he’s a joke.

    Bonnie is great. Now that Bonnie is off, I turn the TV off and I am not alone.
    Please bring her back.

  14. Carol A~F says

    I too Googled the show, and I am saddened to see that the Bonnie Hunt Show has been taken off the air. It was such a well balanced show, humorous, clean for all ages…which these days is a big plus. She showed humanity towards others , be it humans or canines and exhibited how important family is. Light-hearted and just truly enjoyable.
    I don’t wish ill will on the Nate Burkus Show, but I can’t believe you think that that show will be more enjoyable and watched by more folks then BH.
    Hopefully we will have BH back soon…real soon.
    Wrong decision Mr. Executive,however it’s never to late to change your mind ..
    Thanks for your time!!

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