The Boondocks: Has It Been Cancelled? Is Season Three the End?

BoondocksFans of the sometimes controversial Boondocks series are anxiously awaiting the May 2nd return of the animated Aaron McGruder TV show to Adult Swim. Unfortunately, their happiness may be short-lived.

The Boondocks revolves around a small family that’s moved from Chicago to the suburbs of Washington, DC. Young Huey Freeman (Regina King) is the voice of reason and is often mocked by his trouble-making eight-year-old brother Riley (King) and their “Granddad” (John Witherspoon). Others in the cast include Gary Anthony Williams, Cedric Yarbrough, Jill Talley, Gabby Soleil, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jim Meskimen, Carl Jones, DeRay Davis, Affion Crockett, and Corey Burton.

After a two year hiatus, it was announced back in December that the animated series would be returning soon. We now know that it’ll be kicking off season three on Sunday, May 2nd.

We recently spoke to Regina King and she told us that she recorded the season three episodes well over a year ago. She was amazed that, in spite of the long time away, that the audience continues to love the show so much.

When asked if there would be additional seasons, King said, “I know that, if Sony wants to do more, the audience will want to see more. But right now, I don’t have any idea. Sony doesn’t give us the impression that they like or dislike us so we” have to wait and see. But, the audience loves Boondocks and is constantly wanting more, more than any other project that I’ve done, and I’ve done a few, I get, more than anything ‘When is Boondocks coming back?'”

If a “leaked” trailer is to be believed then it’s sure to disappoint the show’s loyal followers. The extended trailer contains a line that indicates that season three will be the final season of the animated series. Take a look…

McGruder’s also been referring to season three as the final season and admitted that the end has more to do with him than Sony. He recently wrote, “Sony has officially asked me to STOP referring to it as the last season. Hilarious… I think it’s kinda too late, now…”

What do you think? Do you think the show is truly finished or that it could return somehow? Would you like to see the characters return in another form, like a feature film or direct-to-DVD movie?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. deslon says

    I recently found this show and boy was it fun! I’ve watched all four seasons and they all left me in stitches. Family guy was my favorite but since they decided to make stewie “good” i kinda don’t watch anymore. PLEASE sony, bring boomdocks back

  2. Boondocksfan101 says

    Man i hope thye didnt cancel it, that was a really funny show! I like it because they weren’t afraid to say what they wanted to say on it.My mom also loves the show. ( :

  3. Tashyra says

    I think they should countine with da boondocks series. I truly believe they shuld be more done with the series. Bring it back the people love it. The boondocks is my 2nd favorite anime. I luv it. Its hilarious.

  4. T.J Stevens says

    I personal love this show, it has a little bit of everything which makes it come together. It puts a funny twist on current events which makes you sit back and think things over. Huey brings dat Wisdom and make sense of it all while Riley brings dat Raw Sillyness which should be seeing who he’s a lil kid and all. I also like it pokes fun at backgrounds and makes it all funny without being to harsh. Its a all around good show if you ask me even though I gravitate towards it for a specific reason lol They should continue this Show and keep the lil funny moments in there but also Deliver great messages as well and open a few eye through its works. A few more season would be great (max out on 100 shows lol) wit 9 lost Eps and a Movie for the finish would be all I need. Dat way the can say they gave us 110% lol

  5. Cassandra says

    I hope they make more episodes of the boondocks or at least end it all with a movie. there’s so much more that can be done with the show.

  6. Mark Wharton says

    I think the boondocks is one of the funniest animation on tv today. Great job. I would love for you to keep them coming even if they go straight to DVD. or even a movie. Regardless of the negative comments if any keep doing your thing. An the cast you have is one of the best. Congrats on your success and my it continue. PEACE

  7. gwyllgi says

    Honestly, if mcgruder is done with the show i’m fine, it’s getting farther and farther away from the original work (which he can’t be too happy about) despite it’s relevance, I’d rather have it die because of the fact the artist no longer wants to do it than watch it go on a steady decline because it got too stale.

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