The Boondocks: Has It Been Cancelled? Is Season Three the End?

BoondocksFans of the sometimes controversial Boondocks series are anxiously awaiting the May 2nd return of the animated Aaron McGruder TV show to Adult Swim. Unfortunately, their happiness may be short-lived.

The Boondocks revolves around a small family that’s moved from Chicago to the suburbs of Washington, DC. Young Huey Freeman (Regina King) is the voice of reason and is often mocked by his trouble-making eight-year-old brother Riley (King) and their “Granddad” (John Witherspoon). Others in the cast include Gary Anthony Williams, Cedric Yarbrough, Jill Talley, Gabby Soleil, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jim Meskimen, Carl Jones, DeRay Davis, Affion Crockett, and Corey Burton.

After a two year hiatus, it was announced back in December that the animated series would be returning soon. We now know that it’ll be kicking off season three on Sunday, May 2nd.

We recently spoke to Regina King and she told us that she recorded the season three episodes well over a year ago. She was amazed that, in spite of the long time away, that the audience continues to love the show so much.

When asked if there would be additional seasons, King said, “I know that, if Sony wants to do more, the audience will want to see more. But right now, I don’t have any idea. Sony doesn’t give us the impression that they like or dislike us so we” have to wait and see. But, the audience loves Boondocks and is constantly wanting more, more than any other project that I’ve done, and I’ve done a few, I get, more than anything ‘When is Boondocks coming back?'”

If a “leaked” trailer is to be believed then it’s sure to disappoint the show’s loyal followers. The extended trailer contains a line that indicates that season three will be the final season of the animated series. Take a look…

McGruder’s also been referring to season three as the final season and admitted that the end has more to do with him than Sony. He recently wrote, “Sony has officially asked me to STOP referring to it as the last season. Hilarious… I think it’s kinda too late, now…”

What do you think? Do you think the show is truly finished or that it could return somehow? Would you like to see the characters return in another form, like a feature film or direct-to-DVD movie?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. CANDII says

    Ok i no some of u not going to look at this but this show means a lot to me and if u cut this show off a LOT OF US will b said.I no yall coming up with ideas but don’t mean u just CUT them off like that they r FUNNY and family guy too but also this show is like real life situations not make belive like family guy a talking dog even thou it is funny u could at least make an annoucment saying u ppl will take a break then come out with new ones dont give up if u wanna idea how bout get one of the children to run away and rob and stuff and then some funny things happen DONT let the ppl down we lluvvv the show it means a lot to us i mean im black and others r and diff races we thnk its funny even if it is a black show its FUNNY u dnt really see a lot of kids cussin on a show IT FUNNY SO DONT TAKE IT OFF -CANDII

  2. says

    The US gov does not want us to watch the show bcos it talks abt real issues at times and creates social awareness about a lot of things and it challenges u to think and see things differently to what’s been shown or let to believe. Think abt it, e.I. South Park has 14/15 seasons
    And Boondocks only 3 bcos its Truth is too overwhelming

  3. IH8Zionists says

    I think they stoppin it cuz Boondocks brings about touchy subjects n it contains truth “they” dont want us learning such as the Katrina episode where the animators says that the levees were ” blown up” which is true but Fox news will never tell u that. Sony knows there is money behind boondocks but they dont want us to see it even if it means not making money.

    • Nathan says

      I can’t believe that you would actually conside that garbage as true. I bet there are black helicopters flying around your head 24/7.

      Getting back to reality; I presume you have never watched Fox news, yet continue to throw baseless accusations around because you’re a good little MSNBC parrot, huh?

      I for one am glad that the show was cancelled, and hope that it never comes back. It was the single most racist piece of drab garbage I had ever had the displeasure of watching. Unlike your ignorant comments, I give everything a fair chance before condemming it. And yes, I watched MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and all other statons before forming an opinion and issuing public lashings of it.

  4. lvalentine says

    When the show first came on, I didn’t care for it. I had only watch one show. After the Tyler Perry hype, I decided to give it another chance. The first time I saw the show again, I didn’t care for the young boys voices because they sounded too much like a girl, but I did like the realness about our culture. As I continued to watch it seems that Regina King improved on her voice over skills and made Huey and Riley sound different and more like boys. I now LOVE the show, but all I see is reruns and am afraid there will be no more new episodes. I really pray there will be. I think, if it is going off the air, many can show their love and bring it back like The Game. We spoke and they listened.

  5. Meka says

    Please don’t cancel Boondocks. This show is the perfect escape from life. I have never been disappointed by an episode. This show is hilarious and you can’t help but talk about each episode with your friends. My 52 year old father even watched Boondocks. He keeps asking me when the new season will start.

  6. says

    ilove the boondocks, thats my show and my uncles. i hope that its not really the end for my 2 little gangstas! lol but really i dont wanna see them go that fast every time im mad or somthin i go watch them for at least 2 hours then i laugh so hard my stomach hurts uncle told my grandmother about it and me and her was watchin it and she was laughin all night. but i really dont wanna see them go if so make a movie for them they earned it! but if u cant make a movie put thm back on t.v. because we all love th show!

  7. says

    i would love a movie to come out that would be the ****! i wish Aaron McGruder would do a couple more seasons. has he even said why he doesn’t want to do it any longer? i just started the show this past summer. my mother sent me to my grandfathers house in the middle of nowhere and so i just watched TV, reruns got boring so i decided to stay up late and watch the boondocks, i couldn’t stop laughing. when i got back to Cali i went and bought season one and two… if the show does end it should end in a movie, a big one, in theaters everywhere… thats what im going to do :)

  8. Turneleius says

    After House, This is my favorite show on TV. If this is really the last season then I may not even have use for my TV anymore. Hopefully somebody at Sony is gonna see this post and suddenly be filled with the desire to produce one more season. I’d really like to see more.

    • DoG says

      I know exactly what you mean, House and Boondocks are perhaps the only two shows that I found on some level profound. There are a few other good ones (Burn Notice for example) but really Boondocks is the last good (perhaps only to some people) cartoon of this generation. It’s something that I can sit down and watch with the whole family because as a young african american growing up in a ghetto area and moving to an ‘uppity’ area I know many of these lessons first hand, and the ones that I don’t know teach me more about people. To hear that Boondocks is ‘done’ to me is like telling me that ‘Madea’ will never have a new play, or ‘House’ will never have another episode. The extremely small niche of ‘deep’ but ‘good’ entertainment is losing one it’s valuable players.

  9. Jasmin Bee says

    I’m kind of bummed. I can’t believe that was the final season. This is such a great show, and if “It’s Going Down” is really the last episode, than I’m disappointed. It wasn’t touching at all, and it left me wanting more. I really wanted to see one episode were Huey smiled. I guess I never will.

  10. sandra says

    I want it to return. Not to end. it is probably the only show me and my sister have in common. and it is the only way she’ll understand hard topics because she likes riley. but anyway ill be really disappointed if it’s the last season :[

  11. TheImmortalKing says

    Since I just started reading it’s comic the idea of this being the boondocks last season is harrowing. I would have liked to see Caesar in the cartoons format, and with the decline of Huey-centric episodes that started in season 2, another seasons would be another chance to reconcile the issue. I think I can understand why McGrudger would want this to be the end though, considering it might be painful for him as far as being a writer goes. There is enough of a difference between the cartoon and the comic for a person to like one but hate the other. More so while I’m still early in it’s serialization and while I’m skeptical of it happening (considering it’s a satirical comedy), I can see that there is a lot of potential character development with Jazmine coming to terms with her African features (i.e her afro, which, in the comic, she has as strong detest for) which doesn’t exist in the cartoon because she’s a minor character. Then again I’m just imagining it from my own position as an aspiring writer. I’d hate to be presented with a new opportunity but fail to take full advantage of it. That’s not to say that McGrudger didn’t take full advantage of it, after all, I don’t know his plans.

  12. Gamerecognizer says

    I believe that McGruder’s true intention is to build hype for a live action movie (maybe a 3D cross like Avatar), knowing full well that at its peak this show, when made into a movie would generate enormous revenue. Just look at it from the economic perspective. Make as much as you can, while you can, in the least amount of time possible with the least amount of overhead.

    With money generated from toys, clothing lines, shoes, spin-offs, McGruder has a vision to build an empire. Just look at how different the animation is between Season 1 and Season 2. Season 3 is just as advanced and amped. He planned this well. It will suck because the Seasons after the movie just won’t be the same, so enjoy what you are getting now before it gets commercialized……

  13. HueyIstheBest says

    I really love this show. Not only does it talk about real life situations, it entertains people. This is my favorite show and if this is the last season then I will be upset because the show is awesome. Please, do not let it end at Season 3. It would suck for the show to end now because it is one of the best shows out there. I heard rumors that they are making a live movie which would be good. I do not want to sound picky at all because I am not the creator, but I would prefer for the movie to be animated. I am just giving an opinion. Does anyone else agree with me about that??

    • TheImmortalKing says

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. There are things in this world that can be made into live action movies, but the boondocks is not one of them. I can’t imagine it in any other format than it’s already in and I’d rather not be plagued with images of a live action movie, even if it means a lost of roles for young black actors.

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