Boss: Cancelled; No Season Three But…

Boss cancelled by StarzStarz has decided to cancel Boss after two seasons on the air. The Kelsey Grammer series won’t be returning for a third season but viewers may still get some resolution.

Boss revolves around Chicago Mayor Tom Kane (Grammer), a powerful man who struggles to stay on top while secretly battling a debilitating brain disease. Others in the cast include Karen Aldridge, Connie Nielsen, Kathleen Robertson, Martin Donovan, Jeff Hephner, and Hannah Ware.

The cable channel renewed the show for a second season a month before the series even premiered. Had they waited, they might have cancelled it instead. The ratings for the first season were underwhelming and the cast and crew knew that season two would have to do better for the show to survive.

It didn’t. The second season averaged 360,000 viewers and a 0.1 rating in the demo. The cancellation certainly doesn’t come as a surprise.

While there won’t be a third season of Boss, Lionsgate TV and Starz are having discussions about wrapping up the story with a two-hour movie.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Boss has been cancelled by Starz? Do you think they’ll really make a movie?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I thought the series was teriffic. Hopefully, another venue will pick it up as was done with ‘damages’. If not, a movie would be great!

  2. AEK says

    This definitely was politically motivated. I’m sad such a great portrayal of chicago’s mayor in this show will be cancelled. It shows the true corruption of chicago’s elite.

  3. says

    How devastating to hear that the show Boss has come to an end. I can’t believe the show is over. I actually ordered Starz for this very reason. This show really is art imitating life in the grand sense of the word. An American treasure. Of course, when a television shows features material with substance, thought provoking and real, it comes to an end. Will sorely miss this show. It was one of the few I watched on a regular basis. It’s like I have lost a friend. Perhaps, a miracle will happen!!!!

  4. Sharon says

    I thought Boss was fantastic, too! Kelsey Grammer is an exquisite dramatic actor as well as being terrific in comedies. What a talent! I liked everything about the show and am so sorry to hear that it won’t be renewed. This is simply a case of not enough people watching it … if they’d watched, they’d have loved it! Too bad more people didn’t get the chance to see Kelsey do his thing. I hope they can find a way of exposing this to more viewers. The story line is riveting and the actors are simply marvelous!

  5. Linda says

    I was really sorry to see this show cancelled. While it was quite dark, it was well written and very well acted. I hope there is at least a movie to wrap it up a bit.

  6. Shannon says

    I wish it wasn’t cancelled. The best show I have seen since Friends. This show was fantastic! I hope that they do make a movie, because I have to know what happens to everyone!

  7. Dave says

    Nasty people doing nasty things gets old fast…….Macbeth 2 was so bad Shakespeare never released it. And….Kelsey is hard to take when he’s playing a nice guy never mind this twisted prick. If anybody picks it up, they should make sure the writers find…..what do you call it again? Oh yeah…..A hero.

    • Sam says

      Thomas Kane was the show’s hero. He is the archetype of what is referred to as the “Shakespearean tragic hero”. He exhibits all the same stock qualities and character flaws of the great tragic heroes (Hamlet, Richard III, and especially King Lear). What I liked about this show was that there was a lot more depth than just “nasty people”. So much of the show is contemporary references to Classical characters. Tom & Emma are a masterful reimagining of King Lear’s madness leading to his ultimate downfall as he shuns the only daughter who actually cares for him. Both the writers/directors and great cast have done such a great job of creating dimensional characters who can commit unrighteousness acts, but still draw compassion from the audience. I especially will miss Darius & Emma’s star-crossed lovers story.

  8. Zas says

    Best written show on television. I didn’t know it existed until after the first season. HBO or Showtime would be foolish not to pick this show up. The network didn’t promote it.

  9. MsyoT says

    Ridiculous cancellation…tho, where can a powerful guy go with a brain disease…just a matter of time. Had they given him a ‘curable’ disease…perhaps. This cancellation is because of the city of “Chicago”…the city does not want the attention.

  10. dave says

    This really made me sad to hear. I think this show is really fresh and gives great insight into the complex moral dilemma’s that seems all too real in todays modern politics. If there isn’t gona be a pick up from another network, then I would def tune in for a 2 hour finale! Give us some closure!!! The problem wasn’t the show, it’s that nobody knows it exists! Its on the wrong network; HBO, Showtime or FX desperately needs to buy this up, syndicate 1st 2 seasons & let people have a chance to see this.

  11. Beth says

    Can’t believe this show was canceled. I hope HBO or some other channel picks it up and kicks a** with it. Great show!! I blame the network, not the show. We ordered Starz for this show alone, now I will cancel them!

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