Boston Legal: David Kelly Ending Series on His Own Terms

Boston LegalIn May, it seemed like Boston Legal creator David E. Kelley had to fight to get his show renewed for 13 final episodes. Now it appears that the decision was a mutual one.

Speaking about Boston Legal’s last minute renewal, ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson recently said, “We really felt like [Boston Legal] didn’t get its due on its way out this year and the opportunity to give it really a final 13, [David] was really excited about it. He committed to writing those, which, for us, was really important because he’s kind of transitioned his life a little bit. So it’s great to have the show back.”

As for the shortened season, McPherson says that was Kelley’s choice. “David felt like he had 13 episodes left in him. He really wanted to end it. He really wanted to do some things with our two core characters. It was really his decision.”

McPherson feels good about being able to set an end date for shows like Lost and Boston Legal, saying, “I really like being able to know when shows are going out… Let’s let these creators who have created unbelievably compelling characters and iconic pieces of television, let’s let them end it with dignity and integrity and, to me, compelling content. And we can market it as such. For us, it’s an advantage. We really appreciate David signing up and getting excited about these final 13. We’re talking about how to really sell them as the kind of final crescendo for what for us has been a terrific series.”

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The cast and crew have reportedly finished three episodes thus far with 10 left to go. Brenda Strong, best known as Desperate Housewives’ Mary Alice, is among the guest stars in the final episodes. She’s playing a tough but sexy judge.

Talking about filming the final season, series star William Shatner told the Vancouver Sun, “We’ve had a great time. It’s a great cast, you know. James Spader, Candice Bergen, John Larroquette… they’re not only great actors, but they are themselves wonderful human beings and I’m going to miss them terribly.” He continued, “I’m beginning already to have a sense of nostalgia… not doing a balcony scene every now and then will be bittersweet.”

How things will end for the staff of Crane, Poole and Schmidt is still under wraps but it sounds like the final episodes will be “must see TV” for sure. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Mike Smith says

    I live in the UK and many of us Brits love this show, there is a serious amount of junk being pushed out by the networks (UK and US) but this is one show that stands proud above them all, what pure gold it is, I cannot believe that its no longer viable ? Says who ? the networks seem to just want cheap to produce crap instead.

  2. Paula says

    What a sad night it was Monday to see the last episode of my favorite show in I don’t know how many years! It will be hugely missed, I never missed an episode. I only hope that something will spark from B.L. and once again we can be entertained in such an intelligent, humorous and touching way.

  3. glm says

    What a crock! To cancel this show is such a huge mistake. This was the best show for all to watch. You had drama, humor, tears…..had it all. The balcony scenes were the best. The way everything that was happening in the news of the day was always fitted into the storyline. Just like last week with the lawsuit against the networks for not having shows that are geared for older than the teens. All there are is reality shows, which I think have just ran their course. This is truly a sad day in my house.

  4. Boston Legal Fanatic says

    I can’t believe the last episode is tonight you guys (Monday, December 8th)..! :(

    Don’t forget the two hour series finale starts at 9-11pm on ABC.

  5. Reg and boys says

    I have watched this show from the very beginning. I enjoy the comedy and the dry humor of the actors and writer. This is a wonderful show. Please don’t cancel this show. I have gotten my family hooked as well. This show not only appeals to me (over 50) but also to my sons (26 – 18). We can’t wait to see this every week. Last nights episode is right on about shows for the older group of tv watchers. I love the current events, politics and moral values that this show portrays. David Kelley and ABC please reconsider!!!!!

  6. peter chacon says

    I have been watching this show since its beginning. The actors and writers and
    Creator David Kelly have never disappointed me and millions like me.
    Shame if you think we don’t care. Now they claim its a question of money. How could it be money when the rates are way high?

    Try hard to change the sponsor’s minds. They obviously have no clue that this series is watched internationally.

  7. Carol Patterson says

    The bozos that think we don’t care if shows we like are cancelled are clueless…they are hoping we’ll keep watching the junk they put out…bigotry can net you all a whole class of viewers that will take to reading more than we do now to fill in the void left by reality shows, poorly scripted shows, and actors that cost less…

  8. Susanne says

    Great show, great cast, with wonderful writers. Last night’s episode (12/1/08) was right on target with regard to lack of good shows for viewers over the age of 50. The firm won the round (with Betty White’s help). Boston Legal depicts the type of show for senior citizens. I’m hoping that there were will be at least two more years’ worth of new episodes.

  9. says

    Boston Legal’s season ending? Heaven forbid! Here, tv wants us to watch programs. Then, when a good thing comes along, it’s terminated! Why? If David Kelley (Or is it Kelly?) wants to end it, can’t ABC find another replacement? Then they poll people to determine if a show is failing or not. WE HAVE NEVER BEEN POLLED! Wouldn’t you think there are many viewers who enjoy this show? There’s not many shows on television today that’s worth sitting and watching. Boston Legal isn’t one of them. A fine hour of entertainment, such as great acting, laughable comedy, true to life court cases, with current events and politics thrown in! And believe it or not, many of the plots are not only educational, they’re true facts of life! Removing this show is a sad loss for television. Just what are you going to replace it with? Another “canned laughter” comedy? Please!

  10. says

    It is very rare this day and age that we find such supurbly written, as well as phenominal acting tv show. I feel that David Kelly and ABC is making a huge mistake in pulling the plog. Most tv shows now a days lack luster and are a dime a dozen. This show has the best to offer, humor, brillant acting and unbelviable story lines all wrapped up into one beautifully decorated package. Who ever writes the scripts for this show my hats off to you. It will truly be a sad day to remember, when this show ends. This is by far the best show ever written and the cast is outstanding, please, please,please reconsider.

  11. Katina Lee says

    The show is still great. ABC constantly abused this great program. I am appalled no other network like Fox has made a push to pick it up and “talk” Kelley into doing more episodes. Does anyone believe ABC’s lame excuse. If they wanted the show, it would remain on for more than half a season. They were going to cancel the show and Kelley found a way to save the show for a little while longer. At the very least, ABC could have indeed given it a full season. The season premiere was great.

  12. Dustin McDaniel says

    Boston Legal is the only series on network television that I still follow on a regular basis. ABC has never treated this show properly. It has often been preempted and poorly promoted despite having the best cast and storylines on television. I hope the ratings are extremely high and David Kelley and ABC decide to continue the show for another full season or two. I honestly believe the show has two or three years left in it.

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